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The 7 must visit art galleries in Hamilton

The 7 must visit art galleries in Hamilton

If you just finished your relocation in Hamilton, then there are just a few things left to do. After a long unpacking and settling in the best thing to do is to get to know Hamilton. And what is the best way to do it? By taking a stroll through town and see what kind of art galleries you can find. Along with other magnificent places, Hamilton hides within itself, you can enjoy the art the most! Here are the 7 must visit art galleries in Hamilton you can go to after you are done with your move! Continue reading “The 7 must visit art galleries in Hamilton”

Top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals

Being a young person with many talents and a good educational background is a great thing nowadays. As long as you are a hard-work and knowledgeable person, you’ll have no problems thriving in today’s world. Due to its many advantages, Canada is known as a country that has a high standard of living and that is welcoming for people of all ages and professions. While there are many cities in our beautiful country that are just perfect for youth in search of a good job, not a lot of them have to offer the same things as Hamilton. The top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals will make your life, and job, a true joy. After reading this article, we are sure you’ll quickly start calculating all the moving costs Ontario you are about to have and will be anxious to relocate to any one of these places from our list. Continue reading “Top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals”

Top outdoor activities in Hamilton

Be it summer, winter, spring or fall, those who love being in nature will always find a place that can facilitate all of their needs. And Hamilton is one of those places which seem to be tailored to the needs of those who love breathing in the fresh air while still living in an urban area. If you are just visiting Hamilton and will be in the area for a limited amount of time, we have chosen four places we think are a must for a fun day in nature. After spending a leisurely day while admiring their beauty, we are sure the thought of calling the best moving companies Hamilton will at least cross your mind. And why not? You have nothing to lose – only gain! And with these outdoor activities in Hamilton, everyone ends up as a winner! Continue reading “Top outdoor activities in Hamilton”

Gift ideas for move-in party

Going to a move-in party means that the host has his wonderful new home to celebrate about. This further indicates that the occasion you are preparing your gift for is a joyous one. With this in mind, we suggest that you go all out and be creative with your pick. In order to help, we have some gift ideas for the move-in party that may just hit the nail on the head.

Continue reading “Gift ideas for move-in party”

Moving from Toronto to Hamilton

There are a lot of people moving from Toronto to Hamilton. Now that we think about it, there are a lot of people moving to Hamilton in the first place. This is a place to be. But why though? Why are people drawn to this city on the west end of  Lake Ontario? What is it about the city of Hamilton that demands attention and get people to move there and call it home? Continue reading “Moving from Toronto to Hamilton”

How to throw a move-in party

Moving is a daunting undertaking, and it is perfectly understandable why people choose to postpone the process as much as possible. There is an abundance of chores to take care of, whilst being super organized and productive. Even with the help of movers Brantford Ontario, there is still the emotional side of relocation that wears people out. And, after the whole relocation ordeal is successfully finished, you really ought to celebrate the outcome. What better way to do it than to throw a move-in party? This text will give you some ideas on how to pull it off.

Continue reading “How to throw a move-in party”

Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax guide

If you have a wish to leave Hamilton, Ontario and move somewhere else. Maybe little bit fewer people, but still urbanized. Or possibly a little bit more of a sea culture and more sunny days and milder winters? Maybe you simply want to go East. Nova Scotia awaits, and of course, its pearl, city of Hailfax. If you wish to leave the Electric city, moving to a place where from the sea comes wealth (motto of Halifax), in other words moving from Hamilton to Hailfax, we have a guide just for you! Continue reading “Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax guide”

Movie Theaters in Hamilton you should visit

You need to be very careful about where do you want to move. Every person has different reasons for moving. Many people move because of the job, many people move because of family and many people just want a change in their life and city with various interesting things to offer to them. If you are moving to Hamilton and you want to have fun and to relax in this beautiful city, we present to you movie theaters in Hamilton you should see! Continue reading “Movie Theaters in Hamilton you should visit”

We love to volunteer

Although known for our professional, diligent and experienced work in the moving industry, Number 1 Movers likes to help people with more than just relocation. The month of June has brought an activity that made us remember how much we love to volunteer. Namely, with an altruistic approach and our passion for sports, we did some volunteer work for Art Aggregate Hamilton and gave life to their design of a handmade mini putt course. This undertaking has enriched the whole RBC Canadian Open experience. Having that the outcome turned out to be truly wonderful, we would like to share the experience with you. Continue reading “We love to volunteer”

Popular Part Time Jobs in Hamilton

Are you looking for a part-time job? If you do, you came to the right place! If you are looking for a part time jobs in Hamilton that is. Here we will try and go through some of the most popular part time jobs in Hamilton so that you can make an informed decision when in pursuit of a job. It is never easy to find a full-time job, but do not be fooled, it is not easy to find any job. But at the end of the day, it is worth it, because it brings you what you need in life – extra cash. Continue reading “Popular Part Time Jobs in Hamilton”