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Which are the most expensive cities in Canada?

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    Which are the most expensive cities in Canada?

    Canada is a country that is often on the top of the list when talking about the best countries in the world. The inclusivity, diversity, and the melting pot the country represents are just some of the reasons people love this country. Hence, moving into Canada will surely be a good choice for you. In addition, the overall stance of the Canadian community will make it easier for you to settle in. Now, moving into Canada means doing proper research. Today, we talk about the most expensive cities in Canada, to help you make your choice and understand where you are moving to. By knowing which cities are more, or less expensive, you can have a much more positive relocation experience. Additionally, a positive relocation experience can also be ensured by hiring professional movers, like Number 1 Movers. If you are moving to Canada, this article is for you. Continue reading “Which are the most expensive cities in Canada?”

    What is the most popular time to move to Toronto?

    Moving may be a difficult experience, but moving at the proper time of year might make the process less stressful. When it comes to determining the best time to relocate, there are several aspects to consider. So, when is the most advantageous moment to relocate? When is the best time of the year to relocate? What is the best day? Why should you even move to Canada? And what is the most popular time to move to Toronto? These are all questions we at Number 1 Movers will try to answer in today’s post. Continue reading “What is the most popular time to move to Toronto?”

    Short Toronto guide for newcomers

    If you are moving to a different state of the city, there are some obstacles that you need to pass so that you will feel like you are at home at last. There are a few tips and tricks on how to make your relocation to the new city more easily. And if you take those seriously, you may end up with some of the strongest friendships ever. So, after you have hired Number 1 Movers to help you with the relocation, you can start exploring the city. And here you can find some tips and a short Toronto guide for newcomers. Continue reading “Short Toronto guide for newcomers”

    Best locations to buy a house in Oshawa

    Oshawa is a beautiful city located right on Lake Ontario. With a population of around 150.000 people, Oshawa is the ideal size for a bit of a more casual lifestyle. Still, it’s rich in entertainment and houses around 50 restaurants and cafes. Its close proximity to Toronto is another selling point of this wonderful city. We at Number 1 Movers have created a list of the best locations to buy a house in Oshawa. So, let’s see what Oshawa has to offer! Continue reading “Best locations to buy a house in Oshawa”

    Top Toronto neighborhoods for rental investment

    If you’re looking for some kind of investment, investing in real estate is always a good decision. But the first thing you need to do is research the market and the best neighborhoods for this kind of investment. Number 1 Movers is a company that will be glad to help you relocate without any additional stress. Of course, there can be some disruptions. But if you do your homework and research the market, you can find some of the best Toronto neighborhoods for rental investment. Continue reading “Top Toronto neighborhoods for rental investment”

    Cost of living in Brampton

    Knowing how you will be financially stable after moving to a new city is very important. Logically, money allows us to rent homes, purchase them, as well as purchase other things that we find essential to our lifestyle. However, it might not be smart to move just anywhere. Every city, every country will have a different economical situation. This situation determines how much money people receive and spend on average. Furthermore, judging by these two factors, we can determine what the cost of living in Brampton is, which is our goal today. More importantly, everything from using Number 1 Movers services to going out to have fun after moving will cost. This is where you need to step up and calculate a budget for your relocation. After that, you will be able to have a much clearer insight into how much money you have left and the overall financial status. Continue reading “Cost of living in Brampton”

    Real estate trends in Hamilton, Ontario – 2022 predictions

    So, you are thinking about moving to Hamilton, Ontario? And yet you are unsure if you can afford to move here? No need to worry, our team at Number 1 Movers came up with predictions regarding the housing market. Read this brief article to find out what are some real estate trends in Hamilton for the upcoming year. Continue reading “Real estate trends in Hamilton, Ontario – 2022 predictions”

    Why So Many People are Moving to Toronto

    Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in real estate or rent a home to pursue other passions, Toronto seems to have a little bit of something for everyone. Being one of the most populous cities in Canada, the city of Toronto is a central hub for many things. However, aside from being the central hub of Canada, there are many other reasons that make this city the “go-to” place when it comes to relocations. So, if you were ever wondering why so many people are moving to Toronto, we are here to answer that question. Furthermore, we will be going through some of the main reasons why people choose this city in particular and what charms it has that attract so many people. On the other hand, if you are to move to the city, you should consider hiring a professional moving company, like Number 1 Movers. Continue reading “Why So Many People are Moving to Toronto”

    Tips for finding a dream home in Mississauga

    You’ve decided to move to Mississauga. A wonderful choice on your end but now it’s time to get down to finding a dream home in Mississauga. Things might be easier than you imagine and we. at Number 1 Movers, are here to help you out in success! So let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Continue reading “Tips for finding a dream home in Mississauga”

    The Best Canadian Cities for Millennials

    Did you know that Canada is on the top of the list as a millennial’s country of choice? Canada is very diverse hence, everyone can find a city that suits them the most. If you are looking to move to Canada as a millennial, the first thing you should do is: research the cities and find a reliable moving company. Number 1 Movers can handle your move since they are an experienced company that is familiar with all the Canadian cities. On the other hand, to help you with your research we have made a list of the best Canadian cities for millennials, so keep on reading. Continue reading “The Best Canadian Cities for Millennials”