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Moving an office is always a challenge, especially because you don’t want your business to suffer. In the business world, time is money, and you are probably looking for a way to relocate your business with maximum efficiency and minimum business interruption. Well, you do not have to look any further. We are Number 1 Movers Ontario, we have been in moving business 15 years now and we are here to provide you with a stress-free moving experience. Having expertise in commercial moving, and years of experience, we are able to cover the entire relocation process and deliver premium services at affordable prices. Our commercial movers Hamilton are well trained, skilled and armed with the latest technology equipment. Hence, you can just sit back and deal with more important things, and leave the technical things to us.

Our commercial movers Hamilton are there to make your relocation fast and stress-free

Hamilton is an industrial center and an important port city in Ontario. And as such there’s a lot of economic activity. Offices are being moved, production lines upgraded and goods need to go in and out of it on a daily bases. That makes for a challenging moving market. And you need to be able to find reliable commercial movers Hamilton to help you move your office equipment when needed.

Commercial relocation is a delicate process that needs to be done with careful planning and a lot of precision. That’s why you need to carefully consider who you are hiring to take care of your belongings and equipment. In some cases, unexpected downtime can cost you much more than the price of relocation. And you will want to avoid it whenever possible. And our commercial movers Hamilton understand that. We are experienced and equipped to handle almost any situation that might arise.

View through airplane - commercial movers Hamilton
Long-distance moving is a complex process, you will need professionals by your side

We know how important your business is

We are passionate about our job, and that is why we are good at it. The reason we have so many years of experience in moving business at commercial movers Hamilton is that every customer is important to us, and we treat every single one with special attention. Each company is unique and each customer has different requirements, and we are doing our best to find and provide you with services that suit best your needs. Therefore, we would like to know as much as possible about your company and your desires, so we could fulfill them in the best possible way. When picking us, you can be sure you have picked the best Hamilton moving services available, and we would like to prove it.

Whether you are moving around the corner or across the country, we got you covered

There’s a lot of planning involved no matter how far away you are moving. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few blocks away or to another part of the country. You need to have reliable support. And commercial movers Hamilton are there to offer that support. Be it relocating your entire production facility to another town or moving to your new Ontario office. You need everything to go according to plan. And we are experienced and equipped to handle even the most difficult of relocations.

Commercial movers Hamilton are experts at local relocation

Our office movers Hamilton are the best choice for your commercial moving because they know every corner of the area like the back of their hand. Although moving locally seems less complicated than long-distance relocation, keep in mind that you still need to pack and move your entire office. Besides, you need movers who know the best and the fastest route to your new location, so your business continuity plan goes smoothly. And if you are moving locally in Hamilton, our commercial movers Hamilton knows the shortcuts with less traffic.

Long-distance relocation is not a problem with our commercial movers Hamilton

Long-distance moving really is a complex process that requires knowledge of the local regulations as well as regulations of the state or country you are moving too. That is why most people seek professional moving services when moving across the country. We have many successful long-distance moves to witness our skills, reliability, and proficiency. And it doesn’t matter if you are moving a single room, a floor or entire building,  our long-distance office movers Hamilton are up to the challenge.

Commercial packing is delicate, and we are doing it professionally

Hands holding a cell phone - commercial movers Hamilton
Your business shouldn’t suffer because of the relocation

People often underestimate packing, thinking that they only need some moving boxes and that they can do it easily on their own. The fact is that they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, packing is a crucial part of the relocation process. Because only properly packed and protected items are going to be safe during the transfer. And proper packing requires a lot of packing supplies, time and a good technique.  Are you sure you want to spend this much time packing your office and still not be sure if you have done it right? If you want to save your time, money and be on the safe side, leave the packing to us. Our office movers Hamilton, have all the right equipment and knowledge to pack your office furniture, documents, and devices in the best possible way.

This way, you won’t have to worry about purchasing packing materials, we are happy to bring our own high-quality materials. With the right tools, techniques, and experience, we will make sure your things are ready for the move. By choosing professional packing services you are choosing peace of mind.

You don’t have to break a bank when hiring commercial movers Hamilton

commercial movers Hamilton are moving your office with tables, chairs and computers
We are here to pack and move your office furniture, devices, and documents

Most importantly, we offer high-quality services at affordable prices. And when you hire us, you can be sure you will get the best possible service for the price you are paying. Also, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises. By choosing us you are choosing commercial movers Hamilton who believe in transparent business. And that is why we deserve a chance to gain your trust.

With Number 1 Movers Ontario, what you see is what you get. You can be sure that you will get the exact services we agreed on, on date and time we agreed no. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or extra costs. In order to be able to plan your moving budget, we are happy to provide you with a free moving estimate. That way you will be able to organize your expenses with much more information. Or if you prefer, you can give us a call or visit us, so we can discuss your relocation in person.

Tell us what you expect from your relocation, and we will do our best to meet your expectations

We are happy to hear all about your wishes, expectations and special requirements. Because the more we know about your business and desires, the better plan and organization we can make. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us for all information, questions, and concerns you may have. Commercial movers Hamilton is waiting for you!

If you need to store your business documents we offer the solution

No matter whether you need to store your items for a day, or several months we offer you safe storing. There is absolutely no need to worry about the security of your business documents, as only you have access to the storage facilities. Our staff carefully packs the boxes placing them in order in our storage so that you know where everything is at any given moment.

You can enter the storage any time you need something and you can easily find what you have been searching for. There are plenty of tips on how often should you check on your storage unit. For years we have protected our customers` items, so it is with great pride and certainty that we invite you to store items at our warehouses. Commercial movers Hamilton are the answer you have been searching for.

storage units with green doors
Your business equipment can be stored in climate-controlled storages to prevent any damage to your items

You can also count on our commercial movers Oakville

We are proud to tell you that you can also count on us to help you relocate in and out of Oakville as well. It doesn’t matter if you need local movers Oakville to help you move an office to another location. Or if you need someone to organize your entire relocation to another town. We are here to help. Commercial movers Oakville will pack, load into the truck and deliver your office devices carefully and with care. Packing and moving large furniture requires a lot of effort, so better leave the heavy lifting to us. You probably have a lot of important documents too, and we can assure you they will be handled with attention and care.

We will move your office no matter how big it is

People are often worried about the size of the items they need to move. Do not worry about this, as we excel in moving both small companies as well as large ones. We have top-notch equipment which helps us move your items with precision. The moving boxes we use are of the highest quality. Our experienced staff is well-trained to move large quantities of items in no time. Speed and efficiency are two characteristics that you will recognize immediately once you hire us. Number 1 Movers and our commercial movers Oakville know how to handle every situation that might arise and we do it fast.

Fast and precise relocation is key to low downtime for your business

Just like in Hamilton, our commercial movers Oakville know how important the uptime of your business is. And we will do everything in our power to make your relocation as fast and as precise as possible. It’s important to have reliable moving partners. And we are here to provide you with just that. Our previous clients tell this story much better than us. Every relocation is done with great care. We won’t misplace or forget your items. And we will invest extra effort into making sure that every single piece arrives undamaged and on time.

two people shaking hands
Together we make for a perfect team. Commercial movers Oakville is looking forward to working for you.

You can count on commercial movers Oakville to arrive on time

Once you hire us, you will see the true meaning of the word punctuality. Commercial movers Oakville pride at being right on time at any time. The agreement that you make with us is respected down to every single detail. We will be in front of your office at the agreed hour. All the services that you ordered will be done in a timely matter, or even faster. We respect your time, and being late is something that we strongly disapprove of. Running a business is stressful, and relocating your business can be even more stressful. However, if you choose us, you will be able to continue with your work as soon as the professional relocation finishes.

We carefully plan and execute every relocation

Planning is very important, especially when relocating large offices. There will be a lot of furniture, equipment, documents and decorations that will need to be relocated. And that’s why you need experienced commercial movers Oakville that know how to properly plan every detail. Some items might need to be moved first. And some can be saved for last. No matter what the case is, we will plan accordingly and execute your relocation with pinpoint accuracy. With efficient strategy and good coordination come great results. And you will get everything you need for your office relocation with Number 1 Movers.

commercial movers Oakville moving strategy
A good moving strategy is key to a fast and stress-free relocation

A personal move coordinator will be at your disposal

Moving your business is not something that we take lightly. It is with a complete dedication that we approach and make the plan for your move. You will be able to discuss the plan and strategy of the move with a personal move coordinator. The coordinator will be at your disposal all the time. Your office move will be planned with minimal disruption. You should not be afraid of business relocation, you have the goods while we have the experts and years of experience.

For 15 years we have successfully accomplished all the tasks set ahead of us. Your suggestions are taken seriously. We respect your needs. We can recommend a solution to every problem that may arise during the move. Communication has always been at the core of our success. You are with us every step of the way, as your wishes are our commands.

What is the key to our success at commercial movers Oakville?

The key to our success has always been a good organization. The way we approach every new task and overcome obstacles has made us the best ones in the field. At Number 1 Movers we believe in the following features:

  • Focus – When we get a task to relocate your business, we focus on overcoming any potential issues. We can predict any issue that may arise. Commercial movers Oakville focus on every single detail, no matter how small it is. This gives us the edge which makes us better than any other commercial movers.
  • Discipline – We leave nothing to luck. In our company, we rely solely on the great work of our employees. We do not take chances and hope for the best. This is why it is with absolute certainty that we guarantee a successful move of your business. There are no small or large tasks, your satisfaction is our main goal.
  • Training – Your business relocation will not be executed by people who are not trained, or not trained enough. We provide excellent training conditions for our employees so that they are completely prepared to relocate your business.
  • The power of one – We will consider every member of our staff, equally important. We pride at having the best crew ever. Each and every person involved in your relocation is a person that you can trust with the move. The power of one means that no one’s work is smaller than the other person’s. There are no small or big roles, only a job well done.
archive of documents on the shelves
Your business documents will be carefully relocated to whatever location you choose safely and efficiently

We are here for you

Number 1 Movers exist only because of you. You are the only reason why we are as successful as we are. Your needs have shaped us to be the best commercial movers Hamilton. We have grown next to you, and we serve you with all that we have. And we have a lot. Starting from top-notch equipment, excellent employees, unprecedented organizational skills and the desire to overcome any challenge for you. Nothing is too small or too large, too demanding or insignificant to us. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for help in Hamilton or for commercial movers Oakville. We are up to the task. And there to help you. Our customers know that our goal has always been to provide premium service for you. There is no reason why you should risk such a huge task a commercial moving is to be handled by unreliable companies. Contact us today and get a free moving estimate. You will not regret it.