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How to Efficiently Move a King Size Bed Long Distance from Waterdown

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    How to Efficiently Move a King Size Bed Long Distance from Waterdown

    Furniture is an essential part of every household. It is functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also bulky and very difficult to move. But a house or apartment is not a home without furniture pieces, so you have two decisions. Either move it or leave it behind. Our skilled, strong furniture movers Hamilton are at your disposal if you happen to decide to do it. If you decide to move your furniture, the bed is one of the pieces that you cannot live comfortably without, and you will need it as soon as you move. So, if you want to move a king size bed long distance from Waterdown, you are in the right place to expand your moving knowledge.

    What are some things you should know about Waterdown before moving?

    Waterdown is a small serene village in Canada, which has been a part of Hamilton since 2001. 19,500 people call this place home, and it has seen significant population growth in the past few years. A considerable part of its population are families that enjoy the spacious area, friendly community, and safe streets. And since it’s mostly families living here, it’s no surprise that those are the people that usually own king sized beds. With many people moving to and from this village, one of the best moving companies Waterdown can assist you when you want to move a king size bed long distance.

    What is a king size bed and what is considered a long distance move?

    A king size bed is the largest bed size, measuring 76 x 80 inches. A long distance move is a move over 1000 miles in distance, and these are the ones that usually cost from $2,200 to $5,700. That might be the bulkiest piece of furniture you have to move and the longest distance to cover, and luckily, Number 1 Movers Van Lines can help. But if you want to try your skill and luck, you can move a king size bed long distance by yourself.

    Picture of a room before moving a king size bed long distance
    King size bed are the biggest kind of bed

    Consider whether it is worth it

    A king size bed is amazing, but it needs to be replaced after some time. If you wake up sore, tired and it has been more than 7 years, it might be time to get a new one. It weighs between 130 and 180 pounds, which is not a small weight to lift. So think about it well before you decide to put in all the effort. If it is fairly new, then get at least one strong helper or our long distance movers Canada to assist you in the process of moving this $1000 piece of furniture.

    Protect the mattress and take the bedframe apart

    The mattress is the most important part of the bed, so you will have to protect it from getting dirty since it is difficult to damage. A mattress box is the best option, with the second best being a mattress bag. Either will do the job of keeping it clean. When trying to wiggle the mattress inside the box or bag, don’t lift it by its handles, because this is made for positioning the mattress in the bed, and is one of the few ways that you can damage it.

    Picture of a screwdriver on a wooden surface
    When you move a king size bed long distance, you need to take apart the bed frame

    The last step is to take apart the bedframe, which you should start by removing any drawers from underneath. You will need a screwdriver for the next steps, which will be – taking off the headboard and sides. From there, you can take it apart into as small pieces as you like, but just remember to keep the crews safe.

    If you want to move a king size bed long distance, our team can help

    Our skilled team has completed a fair share of moves and moving a king size bed long distance is no challenge for them. Loading the moving truck the right way is also important, as you will need to secure your mattress in place. It is floppy and can easily fall over boxes during transport and damage something. But you won’t have to worry about any of these if you give our movers a call today and let them relocate you long distance without any stress!

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