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Best Canadian cities for families

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    Best Canadian cities for families

    You decided on moving to Canada but you do not know much about it. You can read thousands of blog posts and reviews online and still have many questions on this subject. It is understandable that you must perform thorough research before you choose a place you’ll relocate to. And today we will help you with a small “to the point” guide on the best Canadian cities for families. Our goal is to bring you further to your new home and a thriving family-friendly environment. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Best Canadian cities for families”

    Renting vs buying a home in Mississauga

    So you have decided to move to Mississauga, Canada? Many home movers wonder whether it is better to rent or own a home in this city. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. We will help you weigh the decision when it comes to renting vs buying a home in Mississauga. But, first, you need to find movers Mississauga and organize a successful relocation to this city.

    Moving to Mississauga

    The city of Mississauga is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is situated on the shore of Lake Ontario and has a population of about 722,000. This is an interesting, vibrant city that has a lot to offer. There are great public schools in Mississauga and the crime rate is low. In fact, this is one of Ontario’s safest cities. There are many great restaurants, shopping areas, clubs, and cultural activities. However, the housing market has become highly competitive. This is something to consider when thinking about renting vs buying a home in Mississauga.

    Calculating expenses
    Budget is the most important factor when decision whether to buy or rent an apartment

    Moving is a stressful and tiring process. It involves many activities and you need to be very organized in order to ensure a successful move. If you are an inexperienced mover, it is best to leave it to professionals. Number 1 Movers will provide quality service at affordable rates. Not only can they transport your belongings, but also help you pack and find a storage unit.

    Pros and cons of renting vs buying a home in Mississauga

    Choosing to rent or buy your home is a major decision that will affect your lifestyle. That is why it is important to consider the pros and cons before making such a decision and moving to Mississauga. Being a homeowner is the dream for most people and part of the cultural mindset. But, buying a home involves many procedures, mortgage approval, government incentive, etc. Of course, the main factor is your budget. Mississauga real estate is booming and prices have been increasing. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Mississauga is around $1,300 and for a two-bedroom apartment around $1,800. A detached house will cost you on average $900,000 and apartments around $400,000. Many tenants decide to save some money before they decide to venture into buying. Of course, if you can buy your own home, why waste money on rent.

    Carrying cardboard boxes
    Professional movers can help you pack and speed up the moving process

    Other factors to consider when choosing between renting and buying

    Location is one of the most important factors to consider when making this decision. In some situations, renting could be the only affordable option. Take into consideration the safety of your neighborhood, proximity to public transportation, and good schools. The style and condition of your new home are important as well. Consider all this before you start preparing for moving to Mississauga.

    There is a certain feeling of freedom associated with renting but being a home-owner is “the Canadian dream”. In any case, enjoy this new chapter in your life and the beautiful city of Mississauga.


    Pros and cons of having an office in Toronto

    Commercial relocation is the hardest type of moving. It is much more complicated than a regular residential move because there are many more tasks that you have to complete. You will have to be much more careful and take your time to make the right calls. When moving an office to Toronto, you will have to hire proper Toronto movers and take some stress off your shoulders. But, moving to Toronto is just a beginning. If you are still considering relocating an office here, be sure to see all pros and cons of having an office in Toronto. It should be enough for you to make the right call! Continue reading “Pros and cons of having an office in Toronto”

    Top Ontario sightseeing options to explore

    You decided on visiting Canada for the very first time! Or maybe you have already been there but missed out on the wonderful nature and the architecture? Whatever the case is, you are planning your trip and you must get familiar with Ontario sightseeing options to explore. We will help you with this one and point out a few places worth checking out. And in case you are moving, you should plan ahead, pack, and schedule Number 1 Movers for this occasion. Prepare everything nicely so you can enjoy Ontario sightseeing stress-free. Let’s go! Continue reading “Top Ontario sightseeing options to explore”

    Top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

    It is always easy to decide to move out. But, when you make such a step, you need to know where you can move. This means that you should do a little research about the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto you can visit. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so we need to know what are affordable places to move to. And if you know that, you can plan your move when you get a free estimate from your movers. This will definitely help you organize your moving and home budget.

    North Toronto is one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

    There are not that many places that can peak your interest as well as North Toronto. It is one of those neighborhoods that has it all. A wholesome place with good nightlife, parks, restaurants, schools, and many other places. As for rents, you can count on this affordable place that you can live here with ease. The cost of rent here is average and the most impressive thing is, that you can find a very nice place, renovated with all the important items in it. This is important to know if you are planning to move soon either by yourself or your family.

    Toronto with North Toronto as one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto
    North Toronto is one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

    Moving is never an easy process. Especially when you need to focus on your moving budget and finding a good and affordable place. You will have to balance between your moving budget and your home budget. And this can be very hard to accomplish. The best way you can save yourself the trouble is to contact Number 1 Movers and get their professional help. Because professionals will never scam you out of your money.

    Moving to Leslieville

    Leslieville is very popular among young professionals. This trendy and nice neighborhood will provide you with the best places you can visit and apartments to rent. The cafes are excellent, there are many sport centers and other interesting shops. What’s more important is that the art and movie culture is thriving here. So get ready to meet a lot of new people from this industry.

    a girl drinking coffee
    You can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee here

    As we said, Leslieville will be the perfect place for you, if you are planning to move somewhere affordable. As a young professional you would want to move somewhere where you can find a job fast. And to focus on your job search better, think about hiring Toronto movers. When pro’s are organizing your move, you can focus on what is more important. And that is your CV and job search.

    Deer Park is wonderful

    Do you plan to move with your family? Have young kids? Then Deer Park is just the place you need to be. This Toronto gem has a lot to offer to a family moving in. With all the great schools, and other activities your kids can enjoy, you can rest assured that they will grow up in a healthy environment. Not to mention all the parks that are in. Rent here is lower than average in the city so you will have a perfect opportunity to get yourself a place to move in with your family.

    family holding a daughter
    Deer Park is the right place for families

    Deer Park offers your kids a lot of opportunities to learn and developed. And if you are moving your talented kids here to widen their education then you are in the right place. Especially if they are future pianists. The community here is filled with artists. All you have to do is organize your move with piano moving services CA and you will be off. This is very important because pianos have to be moved safely.

    What about Dufferin Groove

    This neighborhood is famous for its more liberal stance. Dufferin Groove is enjoyed by all of its citizens. This community offers a lot of nice old school homes, schools, a very low crime rate, and many more things you will find useful. What puts this neighborhood ahead of others is that it has a lot of beautiful community gardens. The nightlife is very nice, and the neighborhood itself is well connected with the downtown. You will be able to find a good place for as much as $1,500. Making Dufferin Groove one of the best places you can move to.

    One thing is for certain, you will have to organize your move first before finding a good place in Dufferin Groove. And if you have a lot of furniture to move to Toronto, then it is for the best if you know how to do it properly.  Staying safe while moving big items is very important to avoid any kind of moving mistakes or injuries.

    Davisville Village

    If you are a person who loves nightlife then you will have to move to Davisville Village. Here you can enjoy a lot of interesting clubs and restaurants. As far as renting goes, you will find an affordable place with ease. Although the rent is affordable, other costs can be a bit high. So, before you decide you can move here, you should know how to organize your home budget. Because you will most likely need it before you move to this family-friendly neighborhood.

    it is not always easy to move when you don’t have a plan. Especially when you are searching for an affordable place to live. Now, Toronto has a lot of interesting neighborhoods you can move to. And we are certain that our top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto helped you choose the best one for you. These neighborhoods will offer you all that you need, starting with education, work, and social life. Make sure to visit our blog and read many other articles that you can find useful before moving out. (FEATURED)

    Guide to buying your first home in Brampton

    When you are buying your first real estate, you need to make sure to follow the proper steps. To avoid potential scams, there are some pieces of information that can help you do it. Once you find your perfect home and buy it, you can move with the Number 1 movers. Nothing is better than moving without stress. So, let us tell you more about what you need to do. Continue reading “Guide to buying your first home in Brampton”

    Fun winter activities in Oakville

    When temperatures get low, we can’t say anything other than the real winter has arrived. If you want to move somewhere where you can see the white blanket of snow every year, you should think about Oakville. Here are some tips for some fun winter activities in Oakville so you can get the know this picturesque town even better. And don’t worry, Number 1 Movers will make the move a breeze. Continue reading “Fun winter activities in Oakville”

    Toronto guide for newcomers

    Are you are just exploring the opportunity of moving to Canada’s largest city? Even if you are already one step ahead of the planning phase and on the hunt, for a place to stay you will certainly appreciate a quick Toronto guide for newcomers. Depending on the moving stage you are in, your search may take you through learning more about the city or finding tips on how to organize your visas or other documents for travel. You may spend your time finding a place to call your own or perhaps preparing for employment. As experts in the moving business, we can certainly help with answers to at least some of your questions. Continue reading “Toronto guide for newcomers”

    Is St Catharines a good place to live in 2021?

    Moving to a new city is exciting but you can also feel fear of the unknown and also be stressed because you need to prepare for the move. Before you start with preparations you need to be sure you want to move. Do the research to find out if St Catharines a good place to live. Then you can start with packing preparations. Search for the best St Catharines movers to help you to have a smooth relocation. Check out these tips about preparing for the relocation but also some useful details about your new city. Continue reading “Is St Catharines a good place to live in 2021?”

    Tips for moving in winter to Lincoln

    Is your move getting closer, but you’re not sure what to expect? Moving in Winter to Lincoln isn’t an ideal situation, but it’s not a big problem either. When you move during the winter, there can be a lot of delays and unexpected problems. That’s why hiring experienced and reliable movers are one of the first things that you should do. The company that you should look for has the latest tools and equipment, as well as a good reputation like Lincoln Moving Company. If you’re ready to get down to moving in winter to Lincoln, keep on reading! 

    professional movers
    Experienced professional movers are a must when you’re moving during the winter.

    Moving in Winter to Lincoln requires reliable movers

    Take your time to find reliable movers, like Number 1 Movers, who will be able to execute the move that you want even in the winter. Number 1 Movers are an experienced company that has dealt with many moves over the years. We can help you realize your move to Lincoln and foresee all the problems that come with the winter move! Hiring quality movers means directly investing in the safety of your move. Quality movers will also be able to give you advice on when you should be moving and they should be up-to-date with forecasts and regulations. Don’t settle for movers that won’t give you peace of mind, but only make your stressful moving situation even harder.

    Secure the furniture

    If it rains or snows during the moving day, you will have to cover the furniture. Have the plastic tarps and blankets available. This will prevent from the rain getting to the furniture during the time that the movers are transporting them from the house to the truck. It will also prevent the water buildup in the dents of the furniture, and the water won’t sit in it until the drive to your new place is over. If you have cardboard boxes, you should put them in plastic bags or secure them with plastic wrap or a tarp as well. Many have found that the simple garbage bags did the job if the movers treated boxes carefully.

    moving in winter to Lincoln
    Moving in winter to Lincoln requires that you stack up on protective tarps and blankets.

    Place the cardboard sheets on the floor

    Movers will be going in and out of your house constantly. They will definitely bring in the snow, mud, or the rain. Whatever the case, you want to protect both the movers and the floor.

    What can you do to make moving in winter to Lincoln easier?

    • The easiest way to secure the floors is to use cardboard sheets. They will soak in the water, and protect the floor at the same time.
    • Have additional cardboard sheets ready in case that the ones you have initially placed aren’t enough. All in all, be prepared with the additional materials whether they are cardboard sheets or the plastic tarps
    • Ask your moving company for advice concerning winter moves

    What to expect on a moving day if you’re moving in Winter to Lincoln

    Moving during the winter means that during the time of your move, the temperature will be low. Prepare hot beverages for you and the movers. Wear warm clothes and have an emergency moving day bag ready. Place the documents in the plastic folders to protect them in case your bag gets wet and make sure you wear waterproof shoes. In the end, all that’s left for you to do is to sit in the vehicle and reach your new forever home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Don’t settle for a mediocre move – you too can have a stress-free move, even in the middle of the winter. Book the move of your dreams today!