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Long Distance Movers Oshawa

Long Distance Movers Oshawa

Long Distance Movers Oshawa

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    Long Distance Moving Company Oshawa

    Number1Movers has been providing customers with reliable and professional long-distance moving services for over decades. After close to a century of perfecting Long Distance Moving Company Oshawa, we understand what customers need in order to have a great moving experience. We strive hard to provide customers everything they need for a successful moving company, including allowing you to build your own move plan, complete with customizable service options that meet your needs, budget and flexible schedule. We also include our basic Full Value Protection option in every relocation that we make. We have earned the reputation of Canada’s Most Trusted Moving Company with the flexibility we offer to our lovely customers.

    Long Distance moving company oshawa
    Long Distance moving company oshawa

    To make the move easier and more comfortable for our clients we give additional services including:

    PackingandUnpacking Service: We save yourprecious time and hassle with our full and partial packing options. We can even unpack up on your request. Apart from that, we have Electronics Packing & Installation, Custom Crating Services and many more.

    House CleaningServices: Number1Movers our debris and debris removal service can help you clean your new home. All you need is to make a quote. We will return the empty box and packaging-related material waste as soon as possible after delivery to collect it.

    Car transportation service: Not only does Number1Movers offer professional moving services customized to fit your unique needs, but we also provide helpful auto transport solutions. If you want to move and need to get your vehicle to your new destination Number1Movers can assist with your car shipping needs, whether you’re moving across the state line or cross country, we’ve got you covered.

    Storage Service: If you need flexibility with your move, Number1Movers offers storage solutions to fit your unique moving situation. Whether you need to store your items while you sell your current home or store your items while you wait on your new home or office to become available, we are here to help with your storage service needs.

    Contact us now and book your moving date, time and destination with a free quote from us.

    Long Distance Movers Oshawa

    Experience and expertise really matter when it comes to long-distance moves. We Number1Movers is the best Long Distance Movers Oshawa by assembling an expert team with extensive training in long-distance and cross-country movers. The most important member of this team for you will be your dedicated Oshawa move coordinator, who will constantly focus on coordinating every detail, so you are able to focus more on settling into your new home or your business. Our move coordinators are industry veterans who are highly well-versed in move management and will be helping to channel you through the entire process. This starts from move planning and date of schedulingincluding minding your budget and providing you with solutions for any issues or concerns you have along the way to the moving. While you are focused on getting to your new living town, our experts will be carefully tracking your shipment and staying in connection with the crew to facilitate a smooth and easy transport.

    long distance moving oshawa
    long distance moving oshawa

    At Number1Movers, the credentials and training of our crew are the top priority. Every team member is extensively trained in the moving process with respect to safety, logistics and customer service and emergency situation management skills. They dedicate hundreds of hours to training with the senior team members, where they learn the exact procedures to be followed for packing, transport, home protection and more.

    We focus more on reducing the stress of moving by choosing a professional for our moving company. The reasons, locations and distances may vary, but each one requires proper planning and management and execution in order for it to go relocation process smoothly. At Number1Movers, our target is to simplify the moving process by giving a free quote and you can plan your movement accordingly. If you still want to know more about our service feel free to call to our office and talk to our team.

    Cross Country Moving Company Oshawa

    Preparing to move abroad is not just about packing up your luggage or hiring a Cross Country Moving Company Oshawa. The most successful and least stressful movements can be achieved by planning and performing the following steps:

    1. Get ready with your trash. Everything you move costs money. Therefore, weeks before you plan to move, check your clothes, books, and other items to determine if you can sell or donate. The furniture you do not want can be listed on a second-hand selling website, with the added bonus that someone pays you for what you don’t need and carries it away on top of it. The money you earn can help cover your moving costs.
    2. Disassemble and organize. Stock what can be packed for cross-country travel some necessary small kitchen appliances, small items, etc. Clearly label each box with its location and content. It’s also a good idea to shoot valuables. This is also enough opportunity to order additional packaging boxes and materials that may be needed.
    3. Get ready for your new home or office. Approximately four weeks before your move date, you can arrange to turn off utility lines and cables in your old home and turn them on in your new home or office. If you rent your current home, clean it as you pack your luggage to maximize your chances of getting your security deposit back in full.
    4. Close, cancel and transfer. Please fill out the address change form at the post office weeks before your move date. If you want to drive to a new home nationwide, ask for a car repair. You can also cancel your local membership.
    5. Keep valuables and necessary items nearby. As safe and conscientious as our movers and drivers you probably want to pack your car with valuables such as jewellery, fragile items, and small antiques for your long-distance


    Travelling abroad is a big job and it’s easy to forget some things you need to accomplish. Therefore, if your need any moving checklists, guides, and other valuable information to make moving easier feel free to communicate with Number1Movers.