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    Before starting your relocation process, you need to plan your time and of course, budget. In order to make a proper moving budget, you need to know what moving costs will be like and prepare yourself accordingly. This is why moving estimates are so important part of the relocation. The more accurate the estimate is, the better plan you will be able to make. And most importantly, by hiring reliable local movers Ontario, you won’t have to worry about surprises. Number 1 Van Lines are pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation moving quote that matches our premium Ontario moving services at highly competitive rates. We have prepared all the information needed for you to get your quote for free, today!

    Business transparency and reliability are our biggest advantages

    Just like in any other industry, there are scammers in the moving industry as well. Many times, people agree on moving services at a certain price, but then they get a bill of lading full of additional fees nobody mentioned before. Well, you don’t have to worry about this when hiring us. We at Number 1 Van Lines believe in business transparency and reliability. Our mission is to make and keep our customers happy. This way, these same customers will call us for their next relocation. Therefore, there are no unpleasant surprises, just high-quality services, and skilled movers that deliver them at prices we agreed on previously.

    Get a moving quote and enjoy your new home at Toronto
    Our movers know Ontario as the back of their hand

    Step-by-step guide for getting the moving quote

    We have done our best to make the process of getting a moving quote as simple as possible. Hence, there are two ways to get your estimate, and they are very fast, efficient and easy. The first way is by filling the form for getting a quote on our website and provide us with the information needed for estimating your move. Remember, the more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. The main information we need is:

    Your contact information

    • Your first and last name
    • E-mail address
    • A phone number at which we can reach you

    Pickup details

    • Type of move (corporate, residential, piano, long-distance or other)
    • Moving date
    • Place type (condo, house, office, storage or studio)
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Street address
    • A suite or unit number
    • City
    • Postal code

    Your new location details

    • Street address of your new home
    • A suite or unit number
    • City
    • Postal code
    • Any special requirements, notes, comments or questions

    By filling out this basic form, you are providing some main information about the location, date and other details of the relocation you are about to schedule. Once you have filled the entire form, you should just click submit and wait. Once our agents get your form, they will review it and contact you at the phone number you have provided for all additional information.

    The second way for getting the moving quote is to simply give us a call at 877-270-3202. This way, our agents will collect all the necessary information from you via home and provide you with a moving quote.

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    Get a moving quote in the comfort of your home

    Number 1 Van Lines got you covered

    Just because a service you may require is not listed in our moving quote form, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. On the contrary, we would like to hear all about your needs and expectations in order to meet them in the best way. So, don’t hesitate to call us for all additional information, we are happy to hear from you!

    Having expertise in both commercial and residential moving, we will be glad to cover every step of your moving process. Whether you are moving a single item, a house, floor or entire building, Number 1 Van Lines are up to the challenge. We don’t see moves as big or small projects, we only make them successful ones. Hence, you can sit back and deal with more important things, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

    Save your time and money by using our packing services

    People often underestimate the packing process, thinking that they will be able to pack their items fast and easy. But in fact, this is the most time-consuming part of any relocation. Also, by getting wrong packing supplies, or using them in a wrong way, you are risking your belongings getting damaged. Therefore, if you want to be on a safe side, just say a word and we will include packing in your moving quote. Additionally, our movers can provide you with the best moving boxes Ontario can offer. This way, you can be sure your items will be properly packed and protected, using the best techniques and materials.

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    Your new home is just a click away

    Our crew of skilled and experienced movers will be by your side every step of the way

    Our employees are careful, friendly and have all the knowledge and skills and needed for the smooth move. Years of experience in moving businesses have made them real experts in both house and office relocation. Most importantly, they know Ontario as the back of their hand. So, you can be sure they will choose the best route for a fast, efficient and stress-free relocation.

    Get your free moving quote today and start planning a new chapter of your life

    Every move brings a huge change to our lives. But in the end, we always realize that change was exactly what we needed. Relocation doesn’t just bring you a new home and neighbors, it also brings a fresh perspective. If you can’t wait for a new chapter of your life to begin, it’s time to get your estimate and choose the date. Once you got your moving quote, you will be ready to schedule your move.

    Simply give us a call at tel:877-270-3202 and one of our moving specialists will go over all the details with you and schedule your moving date. Soon after that, you will receive confirmation of your appointment details and you are ready to go! The future is exciting, book your move today!