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Most popular bars in Hamilton

Most popular bars in Hamilton

Hamilton is a city situated on the west shore of Lake Ontario. This ninth largest city in the whole of Canada is truly a place to be. It is home to Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Bruce Trail, McMaster University, Redeemer University College. Howbeit, we believe that there is more to life than culture and schools. One should also know how to have fun and loosen up a bit. So, if you intend on moving to Hamilton, you should also be aware of the most popular bars in Hamilton. They are bound to better your mood and help you celebrate any occasion whatsoever. So, put on your party shoes and let’s go. Continue reading “Most popular bars in Hamilton”

Dog-Friendly Activities in Hamilton

So, you and your pouch are relocating to Hamilton? That may be the best decision for both of you because this city is notoriously famous for its love of pets. This pet-friendly town has many amenities specially designed for your furry partner. Big or small, every dog is welcomed in this area with open arms. There are many dog-friendly activities in Hamilton that you can enjoy with your best friend. Continue reading “Dog-Friendly Activities in Hamilton”

Great ways to spend family time in Hamilton

Even though a moving process can take a lot of time and gives you a headache, it is something that has to be done. However, if you decide to move to Hamilton with your family, there will be plenty of activities that you can do. After the exhausting move, most of the people want to go out, explore their new area, meet neighbors but also, to spend some good family time in Hamilton. Continue reading “Great ways to spend family time in Hamilton”

Best Hamilton neighborhoods for low-income apartments

You are considering if you should move to Hamilton? Before you do, browse your options carefully. There are many high esteemed neighborhoods. And they all share the vast green and white landscape of Canada. But your specific needs will decide in which one you will settle. One of the key factors is affordability. Therefore, we are bringing a list of best Hamilton neighborhoods for low-income apartments. You might find appealing one of the handpicked neighborhoods in the text below. The only thing left will be to contact your professional realtor and start home inspecting. Hamilton awaits! Continue reading “Best Hamilton neighborhoods for low-income apartments”

10 Dishes to eat in Hamilton

There are many reasons why moving to Hamilton is a great idea. Besides being a truly mesmerizing city with a safe environment and a great educational system, Hamilton has amazing food. An abundance of reputable restaurants provides plenty of options. Having that we know how loud stomach growling can be, we will shorten your search. Here are 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Continue reading “10 Dishes to eat in Hamilton”

Tasty Restaurants You Must visit in Hamilton

Looking for reasons for moving to Hamilton? Thinking about good housing, welcoming community, good schools and an abundance of opportunities for any aspiring professional? Nah, we know you are well familiar with those. What Hamilton has to offer is something more than other picture perfect towns. Something that warms your heart, hugs your insides and caresses your pallets. Something that will remind you of those blissful Sundays when you were a little kid, with no other worries than what’s mum making for lunch. A perfect meal. Now, as the proverb says, tastes differ. Thus, this city has choices aplenty. The following lines will be dedicated to our favorite pick of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton. Continue reading “Tasty Restaurants You Must visit in Hamilton”

What’s to know about Hamilton transportation

Life in Hamilton is convenient in many ways. Brantford movers have surely mentioned this when driving you to your new home. One of the factors that greatly affect this claim are the benefits if Hamilton transportation. Once you’ve settled and decided to go around town or somewhere abroad, you will see why this system is often praised. However, seeing that you allocated a certain amount of time to find and most likely ready this text in its entirety, you probably want to be prepared before venturing into the wild, and avoid any surprises. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the Hamilton transportation and all of its intricacies. Continue reading “What’s to know about Hamilton transportation”

Age-friendly activities in Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is full of delights. Abundant with content to capture and hold the attention of any individual, it never fails to amaze. Anything but dull, life in Hamilton was one of the main reasons for people moving here. Opportunities are plentiful, whether you are an aspiring professional or a young parent. However, seeing that the title refers to age-friendly activities in Hamilton, you are most probably a senior looking for a good time. We salute your quest and will do our best to provide you with some quality material. Continue reading “Age-friendly activities in Hamilton”

Popular sports in Hamilton

To say that Hamiltonians love their sports is an understatement. To understand this claim, and how important are popular sports in Hamilton, you will first need to learn a bit about the city’s history. 1930 was the year in which Hamilton hosted the very first Commonwealth Games, in those times called the British Empire Games. Hamilton was also home to many prominent runners. Most notable ones include Robert Kerr, won the gold medal in the 200 meters at the 1908 Summer Olympics. He also proceeded to win the bronze medal in the 100 meters at the very same games. Many Olympians since then have made their city proud. Hamilton has also hosted the Canadian men’s curling championship, know as the Brier, a total of 3 times, in 1949, 1991 and 2007. Continue reading “Popular sports in Hamilton”

Christmas events in Hamilton

It is that time of a year again when the streets are filled with people rushing to get their last-minute gifts for their family and friends. You cannot help but be joyful for seeing so many of them as the Christmas spirit is being spread all around. And no matter how old you are, we are sure that the sight of friendly Santa and his helpers will bring the smile to your face. If you happen to be moving to Hamilton for holidays, be sure to check out some of the must-see Christmas events in Hamilton and make sure to bring your children, or your loved ones and friends to enjoy together. Do you already hear jingle bells?

Christmas presents
Everyone is looking forward to Christmas presents

Share the happiness of Christmas with others

For most people, Christmas is one of the happiest times of a year. Somehow, there is truly something divine in that day. And, it seems that no matter what problem you have, it is much easier to go through it than in any other day. People are friendlier to each other, and the need to help others is even more expressed. Although we do agree that helping others shouldn’t depend on a day of a year, it all gets even greater value during holidays. So, be one of them, join the rest of people who are willing to share a smile with a random passenger on the street. Share all the love you have with the ones you love the most. Reconnect with old friends. There are so many beautiful things you can do before and during Christmas events in Hamilton.

It is time to enjoy with Santa

No Christmas can go without the familiar face of Santa Claus. Everyone loves that joyous, friendly Mr. Christmas, and it seems that with that warm smile he projects all the wishes can really do come true. So, if you are one of those who still believe in his magic or you want to make a day even more special for your children, bring them to Royal Botanical Gardens to join Santa’s Signature Experience tour, where you can meet Santa, his little helpers who you can help craft some interesting Christmas presents

Santa Claus with the presents
Is there anyone who doesn’t like Santa?

The whole tour is something truly magical. And, if you get tired, you take a rest, drink some hot chocolate, and take a bite of delicious Christmas cookies. We are sure that this will be among favorite activities in Hamilton for your children. Moreover, something tells us, you won’t resist the charms of this event as well.

The spark of magical Christmas lights

Together with Christmas tree, Christmas lights are unavoidable at this time of a year. And since you’re already in Royal Botanical Gardens, use this opportunity to take a one-kilometre long walk in the Garden where you can marvel the Winter lights, have a drink and have a good bite. Just, note that the ticket sale goes fast, so make sure to book your spot and be part of this pleasant event among other Christmas events in Hamilton.

Fun Christmas Train ride

Perhaps you’re not a big fan of train rides, but you’ll love this one. Escarpment Train Exhibit, held at Rock Gardens will guide you through a long history of railroad where you will have a chance to learn more about steam engines that operated through these areas during the late 1800s, all the way to 1930s and with powerful modernized trains that were put in business in 1930s and which have been transporting the passengers up to this day. While on the ride, you are free to be astonished by a wonderful Canadian landscape. So, bring your cameras and be ready to take a lot of photos. Enjoy the ride!

Train ride
One of the numerous Christmas events in Hamilton is Escarpment Train Exhibit

Christmas events in Hamilton include Christmas shopping

If you are still short with several presents for your loved ones, STUFFED! Is the perfect event for you. This is the event inside a local brewery where the local crafts vendors join and display their hand-made stuff. The offer is so diverse that there’s not a chance you won’t find something you for each of your friends or family members you want to surprise on this special day. It’s just, you might like all you see, so if you’re moving here during the holidays, find a way to cut the moving costs and save some money for the wonderful crafts you’ll see in the sales bazaar. One thing’s for sure, your loved ones will have unique and original gifts they can really enjoy.

Wrapped Christmas presents
Use the opportunity to buy some interesting Christmas presents

Experience the spirit of old Christmas in the house of McQuesten family

In case you are new in Hamilton, then you are yet to get familiar with the existence of McQuesten family who lived in the Late Classical house which is now known as Whitehern Historic House and which is turned into a historic house museum. This famous family lived there from 1850s to 1968 when the last member of this family died. The story of this family has withstood the test of time and it still attracts a great number of people from many parts of Canada, especially those from the area of Ontario. So even if you are moving to neighbouring towns, such as Burlington, you are still close enough to spend a lovely afternoon in this historical house and see how this family used to celebrate Christmas. Inside you’ll see the original China set they used, as well as the Christmas ornaments from the 1880s.

You’ll also testify how different generations celebrated this holiday so you can make a comparison and see how much things have changed throughout the years. This is definitely one of the Christmas events in Hamilton you should not miss.

Well, no matter which of these Christmas events, or some other you choose, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful time. Together with your family and friends, you will have a chance to spend one of the most joyful Christmas ever and do not hesitate to contact Number 1 Movers Hamilton to help you relocate in a fast and efficient way so that you will have plenty of free time to join the fun. Ho ho ho everyone!