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St. Catharines Movers

St. Catharines Movers

St. Catharines Movers

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    If you are looking for reliable movers St. Catharines, our company offers relocation services regardless of whether you are moving your home or a business. Forget about broken items, unexpected delays, or hidden fees. Here, at Number 1 Movers, we care about your relocation and we strive to provide you with the moving service you deserve. So contact us now, get your free moving quote, and we will handle your relocation from start to finish.

    Have a pleasant moving experience with movers St. Catharines
    By hiring Number 1 Movers, you’re going to be securing yourself with one of the best movers St. Catharines

    Welcome to St. Catharines

    The city of St. Catharines is the most dominant in size as far as Canada’s Niagara Region goes. This beautiful place lies 51 kilometers (32 mi) south of Toronto across the mesmerizing Lake Ontario. But that’s not the only place St. Catharines gets its looks from. This city carries the official nickname “The Garden City”. This is due to its 1,000 acres (4 km2) of gardens, parks, and trails. Besides breathtaking nature, quality moving companies are something this city can boast about. If you are in need of reliable St. Catharines moving companies, today is your day, since Number 1 Movers never fail to deliver. Call us now and ensure that you get the moving service you deserve.

    Enjoy a stress-free move with trusted and reliable movers St. Catharines

    Our moving services in St. Catharines have one primary goal – to be the best a moving company can offer. We are well familiar with the difficulties any move can introduce. Fifteen years of experience have introduced us to all the challenges of the business, and we have successfully overcome each and every one of them. Still, we do not claim to know it all, and we always welcome your input. Every move that we are asked to handle is seen as a chance. As an opportunity, if you will, to show our best skills and surpass the customer’s expectations. Everyone at Number 1 Movers, including our St Catharines movers, work diligently to make the venture of relocation a memorable experience. Whether you are moving to Ontario or somewhere else, our company will do the best job at helping you.

    Number 1 Movers will answer all of your moving needs

    Our moving services in St. Catharines have been carefully crafted and picked so that they match your every requirement. After being in the business for so long, we have come to realize what people need the most. Every relocation, be it local or long-distance, has its arduous chores. People tend to lack, time, nerves, or knowledge to handle every instance of relocation. That is where we come into play. Some of our most requested moving services are:

    Couple high-fiving
    Having a stress-free moving process is something a lot of people desire, and that’s why we urge you to give us a call

    A virtue that sets us apart

    It is our honest opinion that the staff we have makes the biggest difference. We come forth with personnel that is highly trained for every occasion that the job may bring. There is virtually no situation they are unable to handle. We know the importance of investing in your people. And it’s not just the time we are referring to. It is the passing of useful knowledge, acquiring the very best equipment, and providing only experienced and professional teachers. We believe that this is the reason why our employees present our biggest virtue.

    Our core principles are well known, respected, and shared throughout the company. Working with us means that you will be met and treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. Our men are hardworking individuals, who are, above all, understanding. They know what a move means to any individual. Further meaning that they will truly and utterly devote all their time and efforts to making it as pleasant as possible.

    Knowing our customers

    Those valuable years of experience have presented us with many different occasions. Besides understanding what our customers need in terms of service, we have also come to know the difficulties that bother them. When working with people, one must understand that no case is the same. It is of paramount importance that we both adjust. That is why our whole team, including our reputable moving company St. Catharines, implore you to be honest and open about your needs, desires, and possibilities.

    If finances trouble you, know that your Ontario moving costs, or any other for that matter, will be minimal, when working with us. In conjoined efforts, we can work together towards providing you with the best solution and service. Yours is only to be vocal about your necessities, and we will take care of the rest. It is the responsibility and efficiency that we are best known for. You can rest assured that we will handle your relocation in a manner that best suits your preferences.

    Why Number 1 Movers freight and cargo delivery services are great

    When we’re talking about quality moving service, all of our movers St. Catharines know how to transport your cargo safely. Our freight & cargo services have been deemed as one of the best in the area. We are fully aware of how important it is for all of your belongings to arrive safely at your desired destination. A good moving company will ensure that the safety of their customers’ items is at the top of their priority. Our trucks are of the highest quality and they are equipped with all of the gear that’s necessary to keep your cargo safe. The drivers that transport your items are filled with experience. They are knowledgeable of every road and they know how to transport the goods safely. Challenges across long distances are bigger in comparison to local moves, and that’s why it’s pivotal that you have a driver that knows what he’s doing. 

    Our special services will make sure that we fulfill all of your moving wishes

    And that is not all. Our company is specialized in other kinds of relocation services as well. If you need some special task to be handled take a look at our specialized services.  We are sure that we have a solution to your problem. Here is what we can handle:

    • School and university equipment moving
    • IT equipment relocation
    • Tradeshow or exhibit shipping
    • Library and archive moving
    • Gaming equipment and collectible moving

      A piano
      Our piano moving services have been deemed as one of the best on the market

    Consult with our movers for the best museum and artwork moving services

    If you are moving to a museum in St. Catharines or you simply have a lot of valuable artwork to move, we have a team of experts that can help you in with anything related to your move. They are specially trained to handle valuable and sensitive artwork. It takes a special hand that has had a lot of experience with antique moving services to successfully relocate a museum. We are more than confident that we’ll be able to transport everything without a single scratch.

    Piano relocations with St. Catharines moving experts

    Number 1 Movers can also offer you our excellent services of piano moving.  There is a certain process when it comes to moving a piano that our St Catharines movers know how to handle. Pianos are big and bulky and require special attention when you wish to relocate them. They can easily get damaged if a person isn’t experienced in piano moves. Our movers have been handling pianos for years now, and they are fully aware of all the hardships this kind of move can induce. They will be able to load and unload your instrument with no risk being taken for its safety.

    Turn to us when in need of excellent storage solutions

    Sometimes we can’t relocate all of our belongings to a new address. That’s where storage solutions come into play. Number 1 Movers offers exemplary storage solutions for all of your storing needs. Our storage spaces are regarded as one of the best in the Ontario area. We are going to keep all of your belongings safe and sound while you take your time to decide what you’re going to do with them. We can store all of your office equipment and business furniture, as well as all of your household items. You’re going to feel a lot more relaxed once you know your belongings are at a secure location. Our movers in St. Catharines can hold whatever belongs to you for as long as you’d like. Whether that’s for a couple of days or months is totally up to you. 

    Our customers are always happy

    If we’re talking about the credibility of a moving company, customer testimonials are the perfect representation of a businesses’ quality. With over 65 perfect scores, Number 1 Movers customers have always been happy with our services. That’s why we strive to provide you with the absolute best moving services that you can imagine. We always try to better ourselves, and we are always open to feedback. We value your opinion and we always want to hear what you have to say. St Catharines movers will always place their customers at the top of their priorities.

    a street in st catharines
    If you are looking for St. Catharines movers, we are a company to call!

    Number 1 Movers offer free moving estimates for all of our customers

    When a relationship between a business and a customer is in question, free moving quotes are what determines the intentions of a moving company. Number 1 Movers can provide you with a free moving estimate if that’s what you’re looking for. It was always important for us to have transparency, and that’s what we’ll always strive for. We want to have a very good connection with our dear customers. Our  St Catharines movers want to be someone who you can rely on, without any doubts.

    All we need in order to give you your free moving estimate is the information about your move. We will need to know what you wish for us to transport, as well as the pick-up and delivery destinations. By giving us that, we will be able to calculate exactly how much it’s going to cost you. There are going to be absolutely no hidden fees. We want our customers to know exactly what they are going to be paying and how much.

    Call Number 1 Movers and experience a smooth moving experience

    Remember, whenever you need skilled and reliable movers St. Catharines, we are the company to call. We are experienced and well-equipped movers, specialized in all types of relocations. There is no task that your Number 1 Movers cannot handle. So contact us now, and we will make sure that you get the service you deserve.