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    Moving most often entails packing your whole life in one place and unpacking it in another. This process can take a long time and a lot of energy. Often times your new home or office is simply not ready for your furniture and other belongings to arrive and be unpacked. When that happens, it’s all about finding good storage services for storing your possessions until your home or office is ready. We, at Number 1 Van Lines, offer one of the best storage services Ontario has to offer. Call us today and store your furniture and other belongings safely!

    Storage units
    Store your belongings safely with the best storage Ontario has to offer!

    Why store with us?

    Wherever or whatever that you’re moving, safety, care, and cost-efficiency should be high on your priority list. This also applies to storage services. When moving, you’re more often than not swamped with various moving-related tasks. These tasks can easily get overwhelming. Some of these tasks only you can take care of. However, when it comes to storing your belongings, a reliable storage service can be of great help. We approach our storage services as seriously as our other moving services. For that reason, our moving services in conjunction with our storage services, are a great combination for a stressless move.

    Not all moving companies offer storage services and even less offer good storage services. This is due to not all companies having resources, facilities, or workforce to upkeep the quality storage services. We, however, work very hard to train our employees well in the art of proper moving and storing. We believe that training and experience work well together to create top-notch workers that care about their clients. For that reason, we take just as good of care of our employees, so that they can take good care of you.

    Storing facilities perhaps play the biggest role when it comes to preserving property in mint condition during storing. That means that all the storage must be in optimal condition. A dry environment is a must when it comes to storing, and we work hard to keep our facilities dry for your belongings’ safety. Other than that, our storages have a great capacity that can suit all your storing needs. Be it business or home related, we’ve got your covered!

    Ontario storage services to suit all your needs

    Whether you’re moving your home or your business, your possessions deserve the best possible care. We believe that it’s not what you’re handling or storing, but how. For that reason, we train our staff to handle all the personal possessions of our clients with the utmost care. Not only that, but we also make sure that the storage environment at the facilities where we store our clients’ belongings is in optimal condition. All this is so you can feel safe in our hands, and feel like your belongings are safe and well-cared for as well. However, not all customers and not all personal possessions have the same needs. Even if we approach all clients and belongings with the same care, we are well aware of obvious differences that exist between home and business furniture and appliances. We recognize these differences, and we are here to fulfill all your storage needs.

    A man standing by his moving boxes not being able to unpack them since is home is not ready yet.
    Your home or office might not be ready to receive all the boxes yet. Store your property safely until your home is ready for unpacking!

    Storing your business furnishing and equipment

    Keeping a business running and in pristine condition can be costly. When running a business, you don’t only have to pay the rent and your employees but also finance the equipment necessary to run a business. The cost of this equipment can quickly add up and prices can reach tens of thousands of dollars even for small businesses. For that reason, it’s in your interest for your work equipment to stay intact after your move. This requires high expertise and skill that are built with gentle handling of business appliances in mind. Because of that, It’s always best to hire expert movers when relocating your business. Our commercial moving services are geared towards satisfying our clients with high expectations when it comes to moving their businesses.

    Storing your expensive work equipment is just the same. Redoing or moving your offices requires you to evacuate your office space. As a consequence of this, you’ll need a storage space to safely dispose of your work equipment for the time being. Offering some of the best storage Ontario has to offer, we believe we make the perfect choice for your business furnishing and prized appliances.

    Keeping your personal possessions safe during home relocation

    When moving, oftentimes your home won’t be ready in time to receive all your furniture and belongings. Be it due to unfinished renovations, or any other reason, it all leads to you having to store your belongings someplace else until your house is ready. On top of that, moving homes can be very emotional and stressful. The last thing you need is to be worrying about your movers being incapable of handling your move and your possessions well. Having all of this in mind, we’ve created our residential moving services to suit all your home moving needs. And with that come our storage services that will ensure the security of all your property, until it’s ready to be delivered to its new destination.

    Storage hamilton ontario
    When storing your property during a move, it’s important to choose storage with optimal conditions!

    Best Ontario storage no matter how long your journey may be

    Whether you’re moving down the street or all the way across the city, there are many benefits to choosing the best local movers in Ontario, since the best means quality. Improper handling and storing of your goods can occur when working with incapable and inexperienced moving companies that lack proper facilities for safe storing. This can have serious consequences such as damaged property, and an overall unpleasant moving experience. The need for the best of the best also applies to long-distance moves, and perhaps even more so. Both short and long-term storing require proper care, with long-term storing pulling ahead since more time of improper storing might mean more damage over time. This is not to say that sudden mistakes of improper handling can’t cause detrimental damages. All of this points to professionalism being the only viable choice when it comes to moving and storing.

    You’re one call away from Number 1 storages in Ontario

    When moving, it’s possible to make many mistakes. The biggest one perhaps is hiring unreliable and inexperienced movers that can at best worsen your moving experience. A close second, however, is storing your property in nonoptimal conditions. Offering some of the best and versatile storage in Ontario in conjunction with various other moving services, we believe we make the perfect choice for your next move. At Number 1 Van Lines, our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we are happy to help you move and store. Contact us now, and start your moving journey today!