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Kitchener Movers

Kitchener Movers

Kitchener Movers

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    Moving is oftentimes a stressful endeavor, full of unexpected issues. You might be thinking that local moves are easier, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Every type of move is going to have its own set of problems, tasks, and surprises. To experience a streamlined, stress-free move you need professional movers on your side. A team you can rely on for advice and guidance, through the entire process. Number 1 Movers aim to provide just that. We’re proud to say we’re one of the best movers Kitchener, with years of experience in the industry. We would love to assist you in your relocation, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to receive your free moving quote.

    visit Lake Ontario after moving with movers Kitchener
    Welcome to Southern Ontario – rich with amazing people, nature, and sights.

    Hire professional movers Kitchener to take the stress out of your next move

    As you surely know, moving can be quite difficult. There are many things you need to keep track of. From planning for the weather on the moving date to having to figure out which routes to take and the modes of transportation. There are many more tasks that go into moving, and it can get overwhelming. But if you choose to work with one of the best Kitchener moving companies, all of this becomes easy. Experienced movers will know exactly how to handle your relocation, down to the finest detail.

    a squeezed wallet
    Hiring trustworthy movers Kitchener will save you money in the long run.

    It’s important to note, we provide a full-service experience. Meaning, you get the full package – our trained movers will do everything for you. This includes everything from packing services to loading and unloading. With our help, your furniture and items will arrive safely at their destination. Rest assured that there will be no nasty surprises once you open the boxes.

    As one of the premier movers in Kitchener, we offer a great variety of services

    At Number 1 Movers, we have always strived to leave our clients with the best possible moving experience. To ensure that, our movers are trained in many types of specialized moving services. We want to be able to solve all your moving problems. Instead of hiring multiple different businesses, work with us and simplify your relocation.

    Our clients can choose from a variety of moving services:

    All of our services are optional, meaning you can opt out of what you don’t need. Working with your budget is what we’re good at. When you contact our customer service team, they’ll draw up a customized moving plan based on the information you provide. Once everything is in place, all you need to do is relax and let one of the best moving companies in Kitchener do the hard work. Request a free quote today to get started.

    With our storage solutions, you never have to worry about your items again

    Are you downsizing or getting rid of clutter before a big move and don’t have any place to keep your items? Clutter is one of the biggest issues people report when moving. Noticing this, we’ve prepared extensive storage options for clients. Whether you need to store furniture for a short amount of time or put things away long-term, we’ve got you covered. Our storage facilities are safe and act as an optimal environment to store your belongings.

    You can choose between different storage options, best suited for the nature and size of your items. Each one of our facilities is up to safety standards, making it a great option for storing valuables. The staff is specifically trained to ensure your items stay safe and in the same condition you left them in. If you have any questions on how to store specific items and what option is best for you, don’t be afraid to contact us. 

    Kitchener moving companies can speed up your relocation with packing services

    One of the biggest issues people talk about when moving is the lack of time. No matter how much you prepare and organize, it always seems like you’re running behind schedule. Not to mention the chances of things going awry rise when you’re doing everything on your own. No one wants to arrive at their new home, only to find their items broken or damaged. This is where hiring the help of professional movers is the most crucial.

    a man holding a box
    Our trained packing experts use the best materials and techniques.

    Our movers are trained to pack items professionally and efficiently. We use high-quality moving materials, boxes, and other sorts of customized containers. Employing the safest packing techniques, we ensure your belongings will arrive safe and sound at their destination. Whether it’s your dishes, chairs, gadgets, or artwork that you need packed, our professional packers will do the job.

    Get in touch with movers who know how to handle commercial moves

    Moving is an essential part of the lifecycle of many companies. Over time companies expand or shrink, and at some point, your establishment will inevitably need a change of scenery. When that time comes, our trained movers are here to help you out on the journey. Our local commercial division specializes in the relocation of small to medium size businesses originating in Kitchener.

    At Number 1 movers, we know that every business has unique needs. We are pleased to supply a customized moving plan for every one of our commercial customers. When you express interest in our commercial movers, one of our Certified Commercial Move Coordinators will visit your current office to get a better understanding of your priorities and when and how you’d like your move to be executed and inventory the items that are to be moved.

    Get ready to explore the diverse city of Kitchener

    Kitchener is located in Southern Ontario. The area is often called the “Kitchener-Waterloo” (K-W) area. However, they have separate municipal governments. Along with Cambridge, the three cities carry the name “the Tri-Cities”. The City of Kitchener covers 136.86 km2 and has a population of 240,000 people. It is the tenth-largest city in Canada, as well as the fourth-largest city in the Ontario province.

    Toronto skyline
    Toronto is only 62 miles away from the city of Kitchener.

    The city is a fun and lively place to live. Kitchener has deep Germanic roots, which is why it is home to the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. It is also home to many music festivals, art galleries, restaurants, and more. If you enjoy living in a unique city full of life and cultural diversity, you’ll definitely love Kitchener. There is always something new to explore in Kitchener, whether it’s an interesting art exhibition, a new cafe, or a theater play.

    Hire licensed movers with experience for your next relocation

    If you’re searching for movers Kitchener you can depend on, look no further than Number 1 Movers. With our team of trained professionals, no move is too complicated. We’re proud to say that many Kitchener area residents have put their trust in us through the years. Our goal has always been to put our clients’ wishes, wants, and needs first. You can see our hard work has paid off, reflected in our glowing reviews and reputation. It’s time to stop losing sleep over moving-related tasks. Contact us either by phone or our website and experience the bliss of stress-free moving for yourself.