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Commercial movers Toronto

Commercial movers Toronto

Commercial movers Toronto

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Every move is exhausting for everyone involved in the process. Residential relocations are tough in their own way, and the same goes for corporate moves. There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to an office move. There are so many questions, and luckily, office movers Toronto have the answers. If you’re looking for skilled and reliable corporate movers in the Toronto area, Number 1 Movers are your saving grace! Our capable crew will move your entire office space stress-free and with maximum effort. Needless to say, the whole move will be affordable and flawlessly executed. So if you’re looking for the best commercial movers Toronto has to offer, just give us a call!

a brightly lit office space
With reliable Toronto office movers by your side, life is easy

With our trusted Toronto commercial movers, everything is possible

Your business is something that you love deeply, and you want to be successful and thrive in it. And when it comes to commercial moving companies Toronto has to offer, we try to be the absolute best. We do this by making sure you receive the best service we can provide. If you want to move and take your business with you, we will help you out. If you’re moving home with your work, we have local movers in Ontario, ready to meet your every demand. Our services are the best choice you can make if you want your business to get back on track as soon as possible. The reasons why you should choose us are too many to count, so here are just a few of them:

  • We have enough experience to solve any type of problem the move may throw at us.
  • Every single one of our movers is highly skilled and has years of experience in the field.
  • We can provide you with various kinds of moving services, even the unique kind, such as senior moving.
  • We have every necessary piece of equipment and vehicles needed to effortlessly perform your move.
office movers Toronto on the road
Our movers have the right tools and vehicles for the job
  • Once our movers start their work, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • Number 1 Movers is a reliable, BBB Certified company.
  • By hiring us, you’re not just purchasing a service, but a delightful and affordable experience

To summarize, it’s not about what you can do for your business, but what we can do for you.  We are one of the best office moving companies Toronto has to offer, and we will move you and your precious business quickly and stress-free.

Our aim is to be the best movers in Toronto, and we strive toward that goal every day

We understand that being reliable is what every client looks for in a company, and we try out hardest to deliver that. With every day that passes, and with every move successfully completed, we try to be a bit better than we were. We have the utmost respect for you, your business, and your family, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with us. That is why we always make sure that every task we execute is seen through to the very end. Regardless if you need local or long distance movers, you will find a reliable partner in us. Aside from being reliable, we also aim to be affordable. What we can offer you is a free moving quote, so you can see that you will receive nothing short of perfect service for the best possible price.

office movers toronto planning a relocation
We will take care of every step of the move for your convenience

Your experience matters to us more than anything

It’s not easy starting over after a move and readjusting, but we will do our best to make sure you enjoy it as much as possible. We are all about being the best commercial and residential movers in Ontario. Your equipment is the essence of your work and we will take care of it with great care and dedication. We understand that your family memories and your livelihood are equally important, and we respect that fact deeply.

Because of this, we make sure that every single piece of your home and office is moved without a single issue. All you have to do is let one of the most trusted office moving companies Toronto based do their thing, while you relax. If you don’t have time to prepare for the move, we will provide you with the best packing services. Each and every item will be perfectly safe in the hands of our professional movers.

Our Toronto office movers are the gateway to your successful move

One of the best things about hiring us as your next business movers is the fact that you can leave everything to us. And when we say that, we really mean it. Once you get in touch with us, we will make it our duty to take care of everything for you. From planning and packing, through loading and unloading the truck, to unpacking everything. Whatever idea or wish you have for the move, consider it done! Once our packing crew finishes boxing and wrapping everything, our skilled movers step in. With countless moves under their belt and years of experience, they will load and unload all of your items in a flash. Every business has some type of fragile equipment, so our office movers Toronto will take extra steps to make sure nothing is damaged.

two men shaking hands
We are here for you, and our goal is to make your relocation a dream

Number 1 Movers is one of the most versatile commercial moving companies Toronto has to offer

We understand that every relocation is unique. You could be moving an office, an entire corporation, or a factory. Maybe you have a  few desks and some IT equipment that needs to be relocated or you could be transporting heavy and oversized machines to a new location. That new location could be just a few blocks away or it could be all the way across the country. Because we never know what our next job might require we have created a set of different services that are enough to handle any type of move, regardless of the conditions and situation.  this makes us one of the most versatile commercial movers Toronto has to offer right now. We handle small office moves as well as large industrial relocations with the same quality and persistence. Here are some of the specialized moving services that we offer.

  • School and university equipment moving
  • IT equipment and computer moving
  • Medical and health equipment moving
  • A trade show or exhibit shipping
  • Museum and gallery moving and fine art moving
  • Library and archive moving
  • Gaming and collectible equipment moving
  • Industrial moving
  • Film and theater production moving
  • Hospitality moving services

Move your educational institution with the help of true professionals

If you are running an educational institution that needs to be relocated, we are one of the rare office movers Toronto has to offer that can handle it. Regardless of the type of your institution, whether you are relocating a preschool, academy, university, etc, we have the skills and means to do it properly. We have dealt with these kinds of relocations successfully in the past. If you want to ensure a smooth and professional relocation of your educational institution, give us a call.

We handle IT equipment professionally regardless of the number of computers you have to relocate

Most commercial relocations these days involve IT equipment and computer moving. Whether you are running a financial company or a manufacturing business, there will be some IT equipment involved in the moving process. The only difference will be in the number of computers that need to be handled. We have moved countless computers over the years with utmost precision and care. That is why we are one of the best office movers Toronto can offer you right now.

IT equipment
We can handle your computers and other IT equipment

We move hospitals, laboratories, as well as private practices

When it comes to medical equipment relocation, there won’t be many commercial moving companies Toronto can offer you that can handle that properly. There are so many different pieces of equipment and machines that might be involved in the process. And the value of that equipment, as well as its delicacy simply requires experienced, knowledgeable, and well equipment movers on the job. If you are relocating your small practice, laboratory, a private hospital, or similar, moving with the most skilled commercial movers Toronto has to offer is the only smart choice you can make.

Present your business on a trade show exhibit with our help

If your company has a habit of participating in trade shows and exhibits we can help you as well. We handle anything from large displays, screens, LED advertisements to your goods and produce. We handle the packing, wrapping, and crating as well as transportation. Everything to make your exhibit preparation easy and smooth, which leaves you enough room to concentrate on displaying your business to new markets.

Do not risk your valuable pieces of art or priceless ancient artifacts by moving them improperly – let us handle them instead

Relocating an art gallery or a museum is something that requires skills and experience more than any other type of move. In any other type of move, damage can be compensated and fixed, which is not the case when you are relocating expensive works of art or ancient relics. If you are moving something that falls into that category, do not risk one bit. Call one of the most experienced commercial moving companies Toronto has to offer in the field of museum relocations – Number 1 Movers.

We move private as well as public archives, libraries, or handle office documentation

If you are moving a library or your relocation includes transportation of valuable books, documents, or manuscripts, give us a call as well. We are well versed in relocating these types of items, which also makes us reliable for relocating your regular business documentation and paperwork. We handle library and archive relocations professionally. This also makes us one of the best office moving companies Toronto has on its grounds.

a public archive waiting for commercial movers Toronto to handle it
Relocate public, as well as private archives, libraries, or commercial documentation with the help of the best office movers Toronto, has to offer

It is hard to find professionals that know how to handle pinball machines properly these days – that is why we are of great value to these types of businesses

Even though pinball arcades are slowly becoming a thing of the past, there are still some businesses that operate in this field. Because of their rarity, you won’t find many commercial moving professionals in Toronto that can handle their relocations properly. Luckily for you, we have teams of experts that handle everything from pinball machines to pool tables.

We move all sorts of industrial equipment regardless of its size or weight

If you own a manufacturing business or your business works with any kind of industrial machinery and equipment, and you are planning to relocate it, you will have to find well-equipped movers that can handle it. Of course, in that case, you will have to find more than just simple office movers Toronto can offer. And that is exactly what we are – more than just simple office movers. Cranes, forklifts, heavy-duty trucks with specialized trailers – we have it all. Moreover, we have experienced and well-trained riggers that will be able to handle even the most complicated types of machines regardless of the distance you plant o transfer them to. Also, our equipment and experienced professionals allow us to provide some of the most superior freight and cargo delivery services Toronto offers you right now.

Relocate your production company or get your equipment to your next set quickly and effortlessly

If you own a theater, or your production company needs to transport your filming equipment on your next set, give us a call. We handle these types of transportations with utmost care and precision. Moreover, you will never find yourself waiting for your equipment to arrive because it failed to be delivered on time.

Moving your restaurant or a hotel? Give us a call today

It is not rare that a restaurant or a hotel wants to relocate. Especially in this day and age. Of course, these types of relocation may involve a variety of different items and equipment, which is why you need to find the best and most skilled commercial movers Toronto has to offer. Luckily, you found us already.

hotel kitchen
Relocate your restaurant with our professional assistance

Keep your excess items in one of the best storage facilities in Toronto

There are many reasons why one business might need storage. It might be for the reasons of keeping excess equipment. It might be for the reason of keeping goods. Or it simply might want to keep outdated paperwork and documents out of the office. Whatever your reasons for renting storage as a business is, know that we offer some of the finest storage services Toronto and the surrounding area can offer. Our climate-controlled, clean, dry, pest-free, and secure storage will provide your commercial assets with better conditions than any other commercial movers in Toronto can offer you, regardless of whether you are using it long-term or short-term.

Get high-quality relocation services at reasonable prices

We know that most businesses move because of financial reasons. And in those situations, it is not easy to spend your six-month budget on relocation. That is why we try to make our services as reasonable as possible. To check our rates, simply get our free moving estimate. If you like what you see, contact our office movers in Toronto and we will start planning your relocation today.

Contact us today to ensure a safe and efficient relocation of your business

Knowing that you had the best possible moving experience makes us proud and happy, and that drives us forward. With us as your choice, your business will be up and running in no time. In the business world, time is money, as the saying goes. So, waste no time and contact us! Get a free moving quote from office movers Toronto-based, and let’s start planning your next office relocation. There may be some things you will have to worry about after the move, but with Number 1 Movers by your side, the relocation itself will not be one of those things.