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Milton Movers

Milton Movers

Milton Movers

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    Once you start to relocate, it may happen that you will face many challenges when moving. That is why picking our movers Milton ON is a great choice to be on the safe side. Of course, Number 1 Movers are always open to your questions because we understand how stressful the relocation can be. As an experienced moving company, we are constantly improving to deliver the best moving experience possible. So contact us today, ask us any questions, or simply ask for your free moving estimate!

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    Milton is the perfect place to relocate to with the help of our movers!

    Hire our movers Milton ON for your upcoming relocation

    Experience and knowledge are two of the main things that everybody should take into consideration when picking the right Milton moving company. And hiring our company means that besides getting the best-equipped movers Milton ON, you will get the most professional movers too. Every suggestion is welcome and we are here to discuss it, no matter whether you are having a local move or a long-distance one. And our local movers in Ontario are here to make your relocation much more pleasurable.

    Stress-free relocation from start to finish

    We know that searching for the perfect moving company can be exhausting. So many choices, so many things you have to consider before making a decision… We are here to tell you that no matter what kind of moving you are having, we are here to make your relocation as comfortable as possible. Most of our workers have years behind them in the moving industry. You can rely on their expertise and not worry about anything.

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    Number 1 Movers are the perfect choice for your move

    Reasonable price – but excellent service

    Money and time are valuable assets – that’s why we provide the best service for a reasonable and affordable price. The goal is to have a nice relationship and you still be able to spend your money on other important items. Do not believe us? Get a free estimate for your relocation and the numbers will speak for themselves. After all, we do not want you to pay in advance. You will have the chance to pay in full once the move is done. 

    Do you have any special requests? We are here to fulfill all your needs!

    Every customer is different. Everyone has some needs that they would like to be fulfilled. Well, you can be sure that we will try our best to fulfill them all. What are some of the extra services that we provide?

    • Disassembling the furniture – It is natural that people avoid doing this since it can consume a lot of time and nerves. Why should you do it when we are here? Our trained personnel has all the necessary tools to disassemble any type of furniture that you would like to relocate. With no extra costs, of course!
    • Providing moving supplies – You can’t relocate without them and moving company Milton ON is here to deliver them to you. You can be sure that they are in great shape since they are new and fresh! Do not worry about getting used ones, we are not that kind of company. After all, if there is any problem, you can be sure that it will be resolved in no time!
    • Helping with the storage – Some relocations can be big and hard to pull off. Sometimes it is just better to be safe, get a storage unit, and move everything there until we come to pick your stuff. We understand the increasing need for the storages and we are here to help you pick the best one according to your needs. Be free to ask anything and we will always try to find the best solution possible!

    All your items are 100% safe with us

    One thing about the Number 1 movers is that we find the safety of our customers and their belongings very important. No one would want to hire someone just to see their belonging get wrecked. With our help, this though will not even enter your mind. If you have fragile and expensive stuff that you would not want to get damaged, be sure to call us since our packing services are among the best. There are a lot of very safe techniques to pack your belongings and we sure know them all. Feel free to take the risk and you will not regret it with us!

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    Safety is the most important thing to us!

    Why is moving to Milton the perfect choice for you?

    Milton has become very popular in the last couple of years. It has become the fastest-growing municipality in the whole Canada. That says a lot when we take into consideration that the city of Milton is not usually referred to as a megacity. On the other hand, sport is one of the most important things in the city so we understand your urge to get here and enjoy the matches in almost all sports.

    On the other hand, if you strive towards nature, you will have no problems here. Milton is full of it and you will need a lot of time to visit everything that you want to. It is a perfect city for people that want to have a dynamic lifestyle but also a quiet one when you need to relax and regenerate!

    Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

    Our experience, professionalism, and knowledge are certainly enough for you to contact us right away and book your moving date! Last-minute relocation? No worries! Just contact us and we are here to make your life a lot easier. It is very important to pick a good moving company where you will feel safe and that’s why our Movers Milton ON are the right choice for you.


    Milton Movers
    Find the best Milton movers in your town .

    Tips to Make Moving Easier?

    The 2 things you ask yourself as you stare at all your stuff are:


    • When do I absolutely, positively have to start this?
    • Where oh where do I actually start?

    Well, the early packer gets way less stress and the satisfaction that procrastination didn’t win this time.

    For the typical 3-bedroom home, you’ll spend 3-4 full days packing. That’s assuming there are no delays and you have all your packing tools.

    Most people have no idea it’ll take that long – and then they run into problems.

    The earlier you begin packing, the higher it’ll be. You can actually start months before if you would like.

    How to Start Packing?


    1. Have a Designated Packing Zone

    Having all of your packing materials spread everywhere the home is getting to waste some time and make it super frustrating once you actually need the tape. Whenever, wherever, and whatever you’re packing, have an area where you’ll grab what you would like and not need to shop around.

    1. Label Your Boxes

    This isn’t Deal or No Deal. You want to know what’s in each and every box. Get a batch of markers – good ones – and label every box on each side with the subsequent information.


    • What room it belongs in
    • The exact contents
    • Whether or not it’s fragile
    • What side needs to be up


    1. Get Boxes – Really, Really Good Ones

    You might be tempted to scour the neighborhood for cheap – or free – cardboard boxes. But those flimsy cartons will collapse on you, and your belongings. Invest in boxes that are literally designed for residential moving. They’re basically custom made to handle anything homeowner can put in them.


    1. Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

    If you don’t need it, there’s really no sense in packing it. So take a good, hard look at all your belongings. 


    1. Resist the Reminiscing

    It’s incredibly easy to find an old toy or photo album and get lost down Memory Lane. We’ve been there – and that’s why we know you shouldn’t. Taking the time to reminisce over every item you own is going to eat up your time.


    1. Make a Do NOT Pack List

    Everyone needs a moving day survival kit.

    You know, the things you need to have easy access to and feel like a put-together human being. This includes your toothbrush, toiletries, changes of clothes… toilet paper.


    1. Create Your Very Own Set Up Kit

    Similar to your moving day survival kit, or Batman’s toolbelt, you’ll want a kit of tools that will help you set up your new home. This includes:


    • Hammer
    • Nails
    • Screwdriver
    • Screws
    • A drill
    • A drill battery pack and plug
    • Allen keys


    1. Go Room by Room

    Go room by room, and pack the maximum amount as you’ll. And check everywhere for belongings you may have left behind. The backs of closets, under bed frames, within the cabinet above the fridge you never open. Absolutely everywhere.


    1. Assemble the Team

    The team is your bubble wrap, boxes, packing tape, crushed paper, packing peanuts, scissors, markers – anything you need to make packing a success.

     10.Only Use Packing Containers That Can Be Sealed

    It’s tempting to use laundry hampers and trash bags as makeshift moving materials, but it’s really not a good idea.


    Bags that will easily split or containers without lids can easily leave you with an enormous mess on moving day. And the last item you would like on moving day is to possess to prevent and… re-pack.


    1. Don’t Undress Your Dresser

    Your clothes are already half-packed, thanks to your dresser! Go on, take a moment: do the happy dance. This way one person can easily move them.


    1. Heavy Stuff Goes On the Bottom

    Packing is an art. There are a process and proper order. Heavy stuff on rock bottom, light items on top. It’s exactly like bagging your groceries. 


    1. Set a 50 lbs. Limit Per Box

    The last thing you want to do on moving day is hurt yourself. Or hurt your friend who graciously volunteered to help. Each box should weigh no quite 50 lbs. This is a safety issue, one we take very seriously.

    If you’ve got extremely heavy items like gym equipment, they ought to be packed alone and in small boxes to limit the load. If anything looks like it’s going to be too heavy to lift on your own, ask for help.


    1. Have a Stack of Newsprint On Hand

    Newsprint is great for wrapping around your breakables. It adds an additional barrier, and when including the proper packing materials, it’s super handy. When you get your newsprint, confirm it’s easily accessible in your packing zone.


    1. Bundle Long Items Together

    If you’re taking your curtain rods, otherwise you have rakes, brooms, and long-handled dusters, these should be bundled alongside tape.


    Cross country movers Milton

    The Cross Country move may be a stressful situation with almost any professional mover. Unlike the other moving companies, Number1movers will provide you with a necessarily affordable cross country moving quote and price estimate based on your inventory, and will answer all your questions to help guide you through the moving process. We guarantee no hidden costs and no surprises when you move.


    Residential movers Milton

    Number1movers is a renowned Milton mover, performing countless student moves, commercial and residential moves in Milton, and across the city of Toronto. Our aim is to provide a stress-free service without you having to lift a finger, meaning you can concentrate on settling into your new property, or even your new home town. We have the knowledge and experience to carry out big or small moves in Milton so whether you are a corporate company, a family, or an individual, you can make use of our unparalleled Milton move services.


    Commercial movers Milton

    Our professional moving company, Number1movers, is based in Milton and does Commercial moves all throughout Milton and beyond. We have spent a few years cultivating an excellent reputation in Milton for our moving services. As a Milton mover, we are dedicated to providing professional, experienced service to the people of Milton. With many years in the business, we are trained professionals who excel in commercial moving. Whether you reside in an apartment house, college dorm, condo, or home, we have the right equipment and training to securely load and transport your furniture, boxes, and belongings to your new home.


    Apartment movers Milton

    Not all Milton apartment moving companies offer the same services. Besides lifting heavy furniture, Number1movers can handle other aspects of the move for you. We will begin by providing you with a free estimate. From there you will have the option of what type of service you want. If you would like our Milton apartment movers to provide a full-service move, including packing and unpacking, we can. However, you may want to pack the boxes yourself and have us simply move your belongings and transport them to your new location. If you do not want to worry about getting the packing supplies, we can provide those as well. Whatever the case may be our movers can provide the service you request.


    Condo movers Milton

    Number1movers are famous for international, local, condo, and long-distance moving. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we deal with each project with utmost care and attention. Our qualified team members give you an accurate estimate without starting your work. We make sure to handle your all goods with respect and care. The Milton movers are proud of being the oldest service provider. We have numerous satisfied customers who always refer us to safely move to a new location.


    Local movers Milton

    Number1movers Moving Company to hire one of the most recommended Milton movers. We offer one the foremost trusted and affordable moving services in Milton, ON. We are a locally operated moving company with a reputation for friendly, polite, and responsive service. Our main goal is to provide clients with an exceptional moving service that ticks all their boxes and is free of the stress, inconvenience, and hassle associated with moving. We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your moving process is well planned, coordinated, and managed.


    Office furniture movers Milton

    Whether you are moving the entire office or just a few items, Number1movers has a solution for you. We are certified office furniture movers in Toronto! Our team of movers in Toronto has experienced professionals in moving office furniture, computers, networking equipment, and more. We offer reliable and on-schedule commercial moving services at a price that is highly competitive. And we’ll work our hardest to assist your company to relocate smoothly and as quickly as possible.


    Long distance movers Milton

    We don’t just call ourselves the best Milton Long-distance movers for no reason. Our moving company is devoted to providing an efficient, clean, and stress-free experience. That’s why we have no rookie movers, no hidden fees, or misleading quotes. Our movers will transport your items from door to door. No matter if you’re moving to subsequent building or the opposite side of town, you’ll believe our hardworking and dedicated movers. And we’ll do that packing for you. Don’t worry about packing boxes, labeling, and so on. Our Milton movers have the proper equipment to form sure even the bulkiest or most fragile belongings are adequately packed. 


    Movers Milton

    Number1movers do their best to keep costs down and Milton movers are no different. The company offers a spread of deals, from choosing a selected day for the move to using Milton storage units alongside moving truck rentals. Home and office mover won’t allow you to blow your budget and can work with you to work out what you would like on moving day. Milton movers are those to beat when trying to find a fairly priced, passionate, and professional home and office mover.


    Moving Companies Milton

    Being specific and offering complete information about your needs while booking your move is extremely helpful both to you and therefore the mover. This way, we are able to give you a very exact estimation of the cost of your move. Besides, we can handle everything more efficiently. You will be surprised to see Number1movers offers what are probably the best prices in Milton when it comes to moving services.


    Moving company Milton

    Any move can be overwhelming and frustrating, no matter how small or short it is, so our professionals are prepared to give you the best in quality moving services no matter what. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you can count on our Milton Moving Services to keep the entire process running as smoothly as possible, and to take the workload out of your hands. We’ll handle every single aspect of the job, from packing to unpacking.