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Calgary movers
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If you’ve got an upcoming office move, confine mind that moving furniture isn’t a task for your employees. Even if an individual knows the way to safely lift and move heavy objects, attempting to maneuver your furniture could end in a strained muscle or back injury. Professional movers have the training and equipment needed to securely move heavy furniture without injuring themselves or others, and without damaging the furniture, offices, and entryways.

Moving to a replacement office space is simply as involved a process as moving to a replacement home. You’ve got big, bulky furniture, difficult to pack electronics, and multiple rooms worth of knick-knacks to urge packed up. And usually, there’s not a whole lot of time to get it all done (you can’t exactly shut down operations for a week to sort things out). Office relocation is a lot of work, regardless of the size of your company.

There’s no such thing as “winging it” when it involves moving to a replacement office space. You have to start out the design process early, divvying up who are going to be doing what, how they’ll be doing it, and when it’ll be getting done. Otherwise, you’ll end up scrambling at the eleventh hour, and no-one wants to be within the office all night throwing staplers during a box or trying to work out the way to get a dozen massive printers ready for transport. In addition to planning how you’ll get everything ready for moving day, you’ll also want to possess an idea in situ for where things will go once you arrive at your new office space. Use a blueprint to work out the office and customary space layouts and find out any new needs you would possibly have. Figure that you’ll probably have to set aside at least a few months to efficiently plan your office relocation, and a couple of months to actually get everything set up and ready to go. And don’t forget to plan ahead for your moving budget—it’s important to understand what proportion you’ve got to spend.

Even if you’re going to be dividing up the work, it’s still important to have a designated move manager who can facilitate and follow up on each step to ensure that things are progressing. Usually, the best person for this is an administrative assistant, but you may also choose to appoint someone who has past experience with commercial relocations.

The office movers also know the importance of careful planning in an office move. For instance, reconfiguration of cubicles and furniture systems will likely be required, counting on the space and layout of your current and new office also because of the location of existing electrical, network, and phone outlets.

Make safety a priority and avoid the danger of added costs and lost production by hiring professional furniture movers. Even when hiring professionals, you and your employees will still have lots to do in preparation for and after the move.

Your employees should remove all contents from their desks and pack them within the moving cartons, carefully wrapping any fragile items. If possible, they will consolidate office belongings with those of other employees being relocated within the immediate area at the new location to conserve carton space.

In most cases, upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact, but someone should remove the contents of lateral cabinets and pack in cartons designed for files. Unbolt any file cabinets that are gang bolted together.

Remove and pack all contents from supply cabinets. Lock, tape, or tie cabinet doors closed.

Remove all books from bookcases and pack the books during a carton, standing on their ends.

Complete all packing before moving day. Only personnel directly involved in the move should be present on moving day.

Professional movers in Calgary
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Cross country movers Calgary

If you’re looking for a dependable cross-country moving service, go Number1movers. We offer a solution that’s designed to make relocating simple — whether you’re moving just one room or an entire home. With a reputation for quality customer care and affordable service options,  Number1movers is the ideal solution for your cross-country move.


Residential movers Calgary

Number1movers can move your home to any preferred local or international location encompassing all your packing, reinstallation, and legal requirements. Number1movers is a Calgary based moving, storage, and relocation service provider. We have teams exclusively reserved for consultations, plans, and executions that help us provide a comprehensive package of highly personalized and the best moving services from and to any part of the globe.

Commercial movers Calgary

Moving your company is sort of a challenge especially with 20–2,000 employees. In this case, commercial movers are the simplest option since they’re going to efficiently plan the relocation of your business within the shortest possible time. As a rule, it takes several days to arrange your corporate move.

 Apartment movers Calgary

Apartment moving is now a very easy task in our hands. Number1movers provide you a very professional and stress-free apartment moving service around Calgary. Our quality of packing will protect your belongings safer. Local apartment moving is made simple with the professionals at Number1movers  in Calgary. We offer a range of services, both to individuals and businesses. So whether you are planning for moving house or apartment and need a hand, or you want to move antiques safely to a new apartment, we’ve got the expertise and experience to get the job done. You’ll find our team friendly, approachable, and passionate about exceeding your expectations. We provide sturdy packing materials.

Condo movers Calgary

When you are occupation or out of your condo, the foremost stressful part is brooding about all those knickknacks and possessions that you simply own. The thought of getting to close up everything and move across the country, city, or maybe down the road can cause you to hyperventilate. Lucky for you, you don’t need to be stress about your upcoming relocation. With Number1movers in Calgary, we will make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. You will no longer have to search for any other moving services in Calgary anymore because we are the ones available to serve you.

 Local movers Calgary

Number1movers has been instrumental in providing local moving services in Calgary that are carefully crafted to meet your moving needs and effective way. Our local moving services in Calgary contain everything that you’d need along the way when planning to move from one apartment to another. When others remain within a certain limit while providing local moving services, we go beyond the conventional practices and help you sort your moving challenges in an effective and efficient way. Our local moving services in Calgary are designed to meet the needs of individuals that are planning to change their address and also extend a working solution to organizations that are in the process of removal.

 Office furniture movers Calgary

Office movers and corporate moving can be quite a sticky affair. From storing critical business documents to carrying extremely heavy furniture, all types of things must be considered to form the transfer of a smashing success. What’s more, companies would love to keep downtime as low as possible as prolonged delays have the potential to hurt any company’s bottom line. This is where a knowledgeable moving service can help immensely. For those looking for a legitimate office / corporate moving service, Number1movers has what it takes to provide exactly what you need.

Long distance movers Calgary

Planning a long-distance move? Number1movers has you covered! One of the most things people tend to stress about is where they will store their items during a move. This is why Number1movers offers long-distance storage for an extended, or short period of time – and don’t worry, your items are completely safe with us. Our long-distance moving facilities are specifically designed to accommodate storage for every kind of need. Whether you have a small number of boxes or need to store an entire apartment, we have the space to take care of the job.

 Movers Calgary

When you’re moving the things that mean the most to you, Number1movers Moving is the moving company you can trust. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure efficient, trouble-free moving. Number1movers provides packing, moving, and on-site storage services for residential, commercial, and corporate moves throughout Calgary. Whether you are moving out of Calgary and need long distance movers, or are within the Calgary area and need a local moving company.

 Moving company Calgary

Number1movers is a company that believes in the power of teamwork. We are united by one thought -‘Deliver Excellence’ and this philosophy reflects altogether our actions. Being in the industry for over nineteen years, we have gained thorough experience and by embracing international quality standards, we have defined our name in the region – renowned for quality, care, and cost-efficiency.