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Places in Canada that Americans are moving to

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People embarking on a plane to one of the places in Canada that Americans are moving to

Sometimes picking up the best place to move to is not that simple. Especially when you are moving to Canada, a country vast in its landscapes, cultures, and opportunities. There are many good cities you can move to that it can be really hard to choose the best ones for yourself. Each city brings its own unique charm, from lively urban centers to peaceful suburbs, from coastal beauty to mountainous terrains. Understanding the nuances of each place, the employment opportunities it offers, the cultural dynamics, and even the climate can be pivotal in making the right choice. That is why today you will learn what are the best places in Canada that Americans are moving to. In the meantime, as you ponder over these choices, you can call Number 1 Movers to ensure your move is easy and stress-free. Let’s find a perfect place for you!

Welcome to Canada!

Welcome to Canada, this vast country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific in the west. Home to over 37 million people, Canada is famous for its rich variety of cultures, lifestyles, and histories. Initially inhabited by Indigenous peoples, the nation’s story was later shaped by European settlers, particularly the French and the British. Today, Canadians enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, often drawing inspiration from nature’s beauty surrounding them.

Girl with Canadian flag, after moving to Canada
Canada is the welcome state for all those who love tradition, high living standards, and good fun.

From bustling city centers like Toronto to tranquil countryside destinations, there’s something for everyone here. Many residents love outdoor activities, from skiing in the Rocky Mountains to kayaking along coastal shores. Furthermore, Canada’s history has forged a national identity rooted in values of diversity and acceptance. So, whether you’re in Vancouver looking out to the Pacific, or in Halifax gazing at the Atlantic, you’ll feel the same warm, welcoming Canadian spirit. And in the continuation of this story, we will explore all that Canada has to offer!

What the American expects after moving to Canada?

After making the move from the USA to Canada, an American might expect several shifts in their day-to-day life. The way of life in Canada, while having many parallels to the US, is flavored with unique traditions and customs. From the celebratory Thanksgiving feasts in October to the winter’s love for hockey, Canadian customs might feel both familiar and new.

Business opportunities are abundant, especially in growing sectors like technology and health. While one might anticipate comparable living standards, it’s crucial to note that Canada has living costs that echo those of the USA. According to Meridian Overseas, a single person would typically spend around $1,245 per month excluding rent. A student, slightly less burdened, might spend about $880, while a family of two would have monthly expenses nearing $2,500, again excluding rent. Beyond the figures, an American might also observe subtle lifestyle differences: a stronger emphasis on community well-being, politeness, and an unmistakable Canadian pride.

What are the best places in Canada that Americans are moving to?

Canada, with its vast landscapes and diverse cultures, has become a top relocation destination for many Americans. Those seeking a change often find Canada’s promise of a balanced lifestyle, combined with its world-renowned healthcare and education systems, highly appealing. The northern nation offers a mix of bustling urban centers, serene suburbs, and untouched natural wonders. From regions known for their innovative tech hubs to those celebrated for their rich cultural tapestries and outdoor recreational activities, Canada provides a variety of locales that cater to diverse preferences. So, it’s no surprise that many of your compatriots are eyeing these attractive Canadian spots for a fresh start. But, what are the best places in Canada that Americans are moving to?

Americans searching for best places in Canada for moving to
Choosing the perfect place to live requires research, as well as making important decisions.

Here are 9 top places you can consider:

  • Hamilton
  • Brampton
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Victoria

Hamilton is one of the best places in Canada that Americans are moving to

Did you know that this mid-sized place is populated by around 535,000 people? It is considered the third-largest metropolitan area that is a part of Ontario. Over a quarter of people living here are naturalized citizens, with a growing number of newcomers. Throughout the years, this place has become more open to people from all around the world. It is important to note that it is very close to Toronto, while it also has low rents. Living in Hamilton is notably more affordable compared to some major global cities. A single person’s estimated monthly expenses in Hamilton are around $1,034.6, and this is without accounting for rent. When compared to a city like New York, Hamilton’s cost of living is approximately 33.9% less expensive.

Webster's Falls, in Hamilton, one of places in Canada where American moving to
Hamilton is a true natural oasis with its divine Webter’s Falls.

Preparing for the move can be really hard because people often don’t have enough moving experience. This is where you can talk with our movers Hamilton and prepare for your move with ease. When a skilled moving company is helping you move, you can focus on other things with ease. Also, Hamilton, often dubbed the “Waterfall Capital of the World,” offers nature enthusiasts numerous cascading waterfalls to explore, such as the picturesque Webster’s Falls. For history buffs, the city’s Dundurn Castle provides a glimpse into 19th-century Canadian life, set within a beautifully preserved mansion and grounds. Additionally, the vibrant arts scene in Hamilton can be experienced at James Street North, known for its monthly Art Crawl, where galleries open their doors to showcase local talent.

Thinking about moving to Brampton?

Are you looking for a place where you can live an ordinary life? Because Brampton is just that! It is one of the fastest-growing places in Canada, where the population is around 600,000. The most interesting thing to know is that over 50% of people living in Brampton aren’t born there. There are many from Europe, Africa, and Asia. This means that many people from all around the World see Brampton as their final destination where they can enjoy life to the fullest. With a lot of jobs to look out for out there, you will certainly find something good here.

Brampton city, at night
People from all over the world live in Brampton, which proves that it is one of the places in Canada that Americans are moving to.

Living in Brampton combines suburban charm with urban conveniences. According to WOWA, home prices in the area saw a decrease of 9% from June to August 2023, making it an appealing choice for some families. With estimated monthly costs of $3,290, residents benefit from a range of quality education options, as the city boasts several reputable schools. As you can see, Brampton can be a good choice for moving to. But, if you really wish to focus more on that and not stress over your relocation, then you need to hire Brampton movers CA. They are experienced and know how to handle any move properly. 

What about life in Calgary?

This city is very attractive to Americans who are looking to find a new life in Canada. It is considered one of the warmest and youngest places here. This also makes it one of the most livable places in the world. And if you are looking for some breathtaking views in nature, then this is just where you should be. Did you know that there are over 12,000 Americans currently living here? They are working in engineering, construction work, and mining. These are the three top employers in Calgary. So, if you are looking for a career in these fields, then this is where you need to move.

people holding piece of paper
Moving to Calgary if you are looking for job opportunities can be a smart choice!

As you can see, Calgary can offer you a lot of opportunities. Not to mention very affordable places to rent. And rent prices range from $1407 to $2901, according to Now, if you are preparing to find a job, then you need to be able to focus on your job search.  Calgary is home to a diverse range of industries and offers numerous employment opportunities. Some of the best and most recognized places to work in Calgary are Suncor Energy, Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), ATCO Ltd., University of Calgary, Shaw Communications, etc. So, leave everything to the hands of Calgary Movers CA while you focus on other, more important things! They will make your job hunt easier.

Ottawa is also one of the best places in Canada that Americans are moving to

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. And home to many Americans who are looking for a place to move to in Canada. As one of the most multicultural places, it offers a lot of opportunities to many people from all around the world. And the prices of property are fine too. You can find some affordable places to rent with ease. So, while you contact your Ottawa Movers CA, make sure to make a plan on how to hunt for a new apartment. It will make your move easier.

Ottawa, as one of the top places in Canada American moving to
Ottawa is a favorite choice for Americans who are looking for better job opportunities.

In Canada’s capital, Ottawa, the average salary stands at approximately $59,943 annually, which breaks down to about $30.74 per hour. This figure reflects the city’s economic landscape and provides insight into the earning potential of its residents. Canada has seen substantial growth in its technology, healthcare, and finance sectors, reflecting its evolving and dynamic industrial presence on the world stage. While you are preparing to find a job here, it doesn’t hurt to know how to properly update your CV.


Toronto, as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, presents a dynamic fusion of cultures, making it a magnet for global seekers, including many Americans. Its rich tapestry of lifestyles is reflected in its diverse neighborhoods, from the artsy vibes of Kensington Market to the upscale allure of Yorkville. Many Americans are drawn to Toronto for its world-class education institutions like the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. Moreover, its healthcare system, known for excellence and accessibility, provides peace of mind for those making the city their home.

Toronto city
Toronto can be a great choice for Americans for its urban way of life.

Fun in Toronto is as varied as its populace. Whether it’s catching a play in the Entertainment District, exploring the vastness of the Royal Ontario Museum, or losing oneself in the bustle of the Toronto Islands during summer, there’s always something to do. Sports enthusiasts often flock to the Scotiabank Arena for a Raptors game or to the Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays in action. Are you interested in moving here? Trustworthy services like Toronto movers can make the transition smooth, allowing newcomers to quickly dive into all the excitement and opportunities the city offers.

Victoria – One of the favorite places Americans moving to

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is becoming a favorite place for Americans to move to. It has nice weather, beautiful ocean views, and both old and new buildings. People love the peaceful life here, with many outdoor things to do, like walking by the harbor or hiking in parks. The city also has many theaters, art galleries, and events. The Royal BC Museum, Butchart Gardens, Inner Harbour, Beacon Hill Park, and Craigdarroch Castle are must-visit attractions in Victoria. If someone decides to move here, Victoria Movers can help make it easy. Living in Victoria is relaxed but also has everything a city offers. A family of four might spend about $4,253 a month here. But many think it’s worth it because of the good schools, hospitals, and the strong sense of community.

Enjoy your new life chapter!

The locations mentioned are among the top Canadian destinations that Americans are choosing for relocation. We trust that this article has addressed any uncertainties you may have had. We warmly invite you to explore our blog, filled with insightful articles, guidelines, and practical tips to aid your moving journey. If you seek further assistance or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here and can provide you with a lot of long distance moving options. So, choose your new place to live and enjoy your new life chapter!