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How to pack and move your antique furniture

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    How to pack and move your antique furniture

    It is not always simple to move your antique furniture without having any issues.  Old furniture can be very hard and heavy, thus making it almost impossible to move without damaging it.  That is why we have decided to help you with your relocation.  After reading this article and know how to pack and move your antique furniture with these.  Not only that but with the help of Number 1 Movers, you will increase the safety of your items.  Because properly packed furniture is best moved by professionals.

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    How to protect your high-value items when moving?

    There are a lot of things you think about when you move. Money, time, change of environment, adaptation, etc. In order for everything to go well, you have to plan the move down to the smallest detail. One of the more important things is how to protect your high-value items when moving.

    Preparing to move can be a real hassle. Lots of boxes, labels, and scattered things. And besides that chaos, there is very likely chaos in your head as well. One of the better solutions for you may be to hire a good moving company. Moving companies have proven to be a successful form of assistance in terms of organization, physical work, but also speed and advice about moving.

    Protect your things, be stressfree

    In order to protect your high-value items when moving, your things should be neatly arranged and marked. Only then will you be calm and without nervousness. Things of great importance should be given special attention. When you move prepare a large number of boxes. For things of high value, prepare sponges with which you will line the box and wrap the things themselves in foam. You can mark the boxes where these things are with a red sticker, for example.

    Man sealing box with tape
    Seal your boxes with high-quality tape!

    Why it is important to protect your high-value items when moving?

    Of course, only you know what you think is important and what is not. Before you start you can make a list of your essentials and in what order they should be packed. However, you need to pay attention to these things:

    • Personal documents
    • Diplomas
    • Business documents
    • Jewelry
    • Dear memories
    • Antiques
    • Paintings

    It is very important that these things greet you in your new home in the same condition as when you packed them. Label “Fragile” on the boxes or “Handle carefully” if there is anything inside that could break or be damaged.

    We also recommend that you prepare solid binders or folders for important documents. Sort them into the first and then put them in a box. It would not be bad to put each recorder in a bag. That will protect them from possible moisture when moving. Close all boxes tightly and check several times for damage before moving them.

    Packing Breakable Items

    When we talk about how to protect your high-value items when moving important things are breakable items. Breakable items include glass, crystal, decors, porcelain, dishes, and many types of collectibles. In most cases, each item will have to be wrapped individually using paper, such as old newspapers, kraft, or newsprint paper. For very delicate items, use bubble wrap for each piece and tape the ends to keep it secure. If packing several pieces of stemware and glasses, use a carton divider with the box.

    Men and woman head busts
    Protect your fragile items like sculptures

    How to protect your high-value items when moving if they are big?

    You may run into a problem when moving slightly larger items. When it comes to computers and TVs, it is best to pack them in their original boxes. However, if you have a huge desk that you like, a piano or a pool table, that is already a problem. You will need a reliable moving company for this. Moving companies will very carefully and professionally the first pack and then safely transport whatever you want.

    It is very important that you know how to protect your high-value items when moving. If you do everything right, the rest of the moving will be pretty easy for you. Just listen to the advice, be careful, organized, and enjoy your new home with your old things.



    How to store your antique furniture safely

    It is not always easy to move and store expensive wooden furniture.  If you’re not skilled you may risk damaging it beyond any repair.  This is why we’re here to help you learn how you can pack and store your antique furniture safely like a professional.  One of the very first steps you can make is to consult Number 1 Movers about the upcoming transportation. Continue reading to learn how you can do with ease. 

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    How to pack fragile items for storage

    Packing your belongings for storage is something you would want to do properly and without any stress. Not only that but when you have expensive items you would like to store you have to be extra careful when doing it. That is why you should know how to pack fragile items for storage. Once you do this, you can organize their transportation with Number 1 Movers. Until then, follow our guide. Continue reading “How to pack fragile items for storage”

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    If there is anything better than moving to your dream home, it’s moving to a dream home that is even bigger than the home you live in right now. There are many more possibilities when it comes to interior design, and we, as humans, tend to feel better if we have a large place to live in. So, if you found your new home and you now have even more space than before, you should go ahead and hire some of the best movers Brantford residents recommend. This way, you will easily get everything done in no time, and without any issues. Moving to a bigger home in Brantford this way is easy, fast, and stress-free, and that is certainly everything you can ask for.

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    Moving furniture to Toronto guide

    If you are preparing for your Toronto move but don’t know how to properly move your furniture, then you are in luck. We offer you a perfect and good solution for your situation. We thought about all the issues people have when moving furniture to Toronto and decided to write a guide you can follow. In the following text, you will learn what you need to do before moving and how to properly pack your furniture. And if this sounds too hard, you can always count on furniture movers Toronto. It is OK to get help from professionals when dealing with heavy items. Continue reading “Moving furniture to Toronto guide”

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    The moving process includes a lot of planning ahead and good organization. The main question you should ask yourself is can you do it on your own or you will need professional help? If you are still debating between hiring professional local movers vs DIY move, this is the perfect article for you. Moreover, this is one of the most important decisions to make during moving preparations. Choose wisely because this decision will determine your moving experience. However, if you are still indecisive we advise you to read our article and learn more about how can Number 1 Movers help you with your relocation. Without any further ado, let us get started. Continue reading “Hiring Professional Local Movers vs DIY Move”

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    Benefits of storing your furniture during a move

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