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What to Pack First and What Last When Moving Long Distance

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    What to Pack First and What Last When Moving Long Distance

    Moving and packing are things that cause anxiety and stress. People move all the time for various reasons and sometimes more than once. They look for a better job, better opportunities for kids and family, a better environment… Leaving the place where you were born is not easy. A lot of memories stay in your heart with you when you leave. If you want to move without stress and ease yourself, the best way is to hire movers for the job. If you are from Canada, or you are coming here, Number 1 Movers can help you with everything you need. Packing is also another thing that a lot of people do on their own, and sometimes they make a mistake. You need to know how to pack and what to pack first and what last when moving long distance.

    Continue reading “What to Pack First and What Last When Moving Long Distance”

    A last minute Move to Hamilton

    There is nothing quite as exciting as experiencing something new. While moving to Hamilton is exciting, packing for the move is less so. Life is difficult enough on its own without having to constantly stress about the big moving day. But sometimes things happen and now you are only one week away from moving day. In this guide, we will share with you some last minute move to Hamilton tips. Not everything is lost, keep in mind that Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario can help you in a pinch. Continue reading “A last minute Move to Hamilton”

    Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Moving Disasters When Moving to Hamilton

    When it comes to moving, the place that most people dread is the kitchen. It is no small feat to get a kitchen ready for a move. Finding the right movers Ontario can make this task a lot easier. But even whit professional backing you there still is the monumental task of packing up everything. Not only that you need to pack up everything but you have to pack it the right way. On average packing up a kitchen is the place where the most mistakes are made. Therefore, in this guide, we will share whit you some tips for avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving to Hamilton. Continue reading “Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Moving Disasters When Moving to Hamilton”

    How to pack antique items when moving?

    Moving antique items can be really tricky. Not only most of these items are very valuable, but also irreplaceable. You can’t just go to the nearest store and buy a new antique item. For this reason, you must be very careful when you need to pack antique items when moving. When you have these types of valuable items in your collection, you must hire Number 1 Movers for your relocation. You will need someone with experience to pack and move antique belongings as they can be easily damaged during transport. Continue reading “How to pack antique items when moving?”

    10 tips on how to store your Christmas decorations

    By packing fast, you may fail to consider the specific requirements of different Christmas items. Your aim is to put them in storage as fast as possible. So, you can focus on other things. Yes, you can store your Christmas decorations in a rush. But you will probably regret it the next Christmas season. Most of them are fragile and sensitive. By improper packing, you are increasing the chances to break or damage them. So, when you are already paying storage in Canada to preserve your Christmas decor, pack them properly. And use a few simple tricks to keep your decor in a good shape. Continue reading “10 tips on how to store your Christmas decorations”

    How to pack Christmas decorations for a move

    It is that wonderful time of the year. People are feeling the holiday spirit and there is nothing that can erase the smile and the happiness they are feeling. But there are some situations in which you might not enjoy it so much and that is when you have to pack Christmas decorations for a move. Too many things can be damaged during the relocation of the Christmas decor. That is why you need to pack them properly and hire the most reliable moving company such as Number 1 Movers. Let’s get started. Continue reading “How to pack Christmas decorations for a move”

    How to choose the best storage for your valuables

    Each item you possess probably has a form of value to you. In that manner, each item you relocate is valuable. However, there are items with extended value, that are mostly sentimental. Granted, most of them can have financial value. These items require special care and conditions when being moved. So, if you are moving with professional movers, like Number 1 Movers, or by yourself, we help you choose the best storage for your valuables. As we were saying, most of these items have a higher sentimental value than a financial one. Although one does not exclude the other. Storage units have many different advantages and providing adequate conditions for various items is one of them. When moving, you want to ensure that each of your items is safe. Sometimes this might seem overwhelming and renting a storage unit for those items can be quite useful. Continue reading “How to choose the best storage for your valuables”

    Moving from Toronto to St Catharines

    You can find a lot of great places for living. Where will you live depends on so many things. Such as whether you are moving with your family or looking for a great job opportunity. Whichever the reason for our relocation is, you will need a lot of help. One sort of help is the one your family is giving to you. The other sort of help is in finding a reliable moving company that can offer you moving and packing services. When your decision is made and you are moving from Toronto to St Catharines, Number 1 Movers are the help that you are searching for. Continue reading “Moving from Toronto to St Catharines”

    How to stay healthy during a move

    The moving process can cause a lot of health issues. Mainly accumulated stress. But, today, you will learn how you can stay healthy during a move. With the help of the Number 1 Movers guide, you will be able to keep your good health and prepare for your upcoming relocation. Here is what you need to do. Continue reading “How to stay healthy during a move”

    Belongings you should personally transport

    When moving, you might think you’re set for all of your items and that your movers will take care of them. But the truth of the matter is that some of your items are safer in a car with you! At Number 1 Movers we’d like to present a list of belongings you should personally transport. This is all in the interest that your items stay safe, be they in your car with you or in the moving trucks. Continue reading “Belongings you should personally transport”