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How to stay in touch after moving to Toronto

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    How to stay in touch after moving to Toronto

    Everybody moves at some point. Even if that is not you, someone you know will do it. And then you will ask yourself how to stay in touch after moving to Toronto. In the past, this might have been close to impossible. Nowadays we have so many means of communication thanks to technology that it can be difficult to choose one. But one thing we do not have is time. If you don’t have time to get ready for moving, let Number 1 Movers Van Lines take care of it. In this guide, we will give you ideas on how to stay in touch with your loved ones that are far away. Continue reading “How to stay in touch after moving to Toronto”

    How to recharge after a long distance move

    Deciding to move is a big step in your life. The process before the actual move itself is a very stressful one. In order for the whole moving process to go well, you need great organizational skills. Plus you always need to have a plan and organize your time and resources in accordance with that plan. After the whole process of moving is finished and you are finally inside the new place that you call home, you can experience a feeling of weariness. Believe it or not, it is actually very common to feel exhausted after a long distance move. Even when you move with a good and reputable company like Number 1 Movers, you can still feel tired. So how can you recharge after a long distance move? Do not worry,  you are in the right place to find the answers that will help with these feelings.

    Continue reading “How to recharge after a long distance move”

    How to adjust as an expat in Canada?

    Are you ready to start your life someplace new in a foreign country? If the answer to the previous question is yes then this article is for you. In recent years many people have chosen to move to Canada and start a new chapter of their life. If you are looking to move to Canada as well you are probably wondering how to adjust as an expat in Canada? No worries, this blog can answer your concerns and questions and even help you adapt to your new life much easier. If you plan and organize your move in advance you should not encounter any problems. Plus, hiring Number 1 Movers will definitely make your move go smoothly. With a great moving company, you will be at your new place in no time! Continue reading “How to adjust as an expat in Canada?”

    The Best Canadian Cities for Renters

    The country of Canada is one of the largest migration destinations in the world. Universal and public healthcare, high quality of life, and overall acceptance and inclusivity are some of the main things that attract people to the country. However, Canada is, without a doubt, an expensive country to live in. So, those moving to the country, need to be aware of all the ins and outs of the Canadian lifestyle. Moreover, today, we are discussing the best Canadian cities for renters. Moving safely is also a big thing to think about. The safer you move, the fewer expenses you are going to have during this period. To ensure you can handle all of the obligations, hiring a professional moving company, like Number 1 Movers, is the right thing to do. Although professional movers cannot help you decide where to move to, they can help you focus on it more. Continue reading “The Best Canadian Cities for Renters”

    Fun winter activities in Milton

    Who says that there is nothing to do for fun in winter? It can be very cold sometimes, but the best thing in winter is snow. Canada is known for very cold winters with many snowy days. For this reason, many fun winter activities in Milton are located outside and have something to do with snow. So, after you finish your relocation with Number 1 Movers and settle down in your new home, you should prepare your winter gear. You will need it when going to all the fun places in Milton. Continue reading “Fun winter activities in Milton”

    Fun family activities to do in Mississauga

    Moving is not exactly a fun family activity. It can be actually very hard for the kids. Also, preparing for a move is not the most enjoyable thing to do. However, relocation doesn’t have to be hard and stressful. For this reason, you should hire Number 1 Movers for your relocation to Mississauga. After you have successfully moved to a new city, you should now start searching for fun activities. Your kids would love to go and try some new fun family activities to do in Mississauga. Continue reading “Fun family activities to do in Mississauga”

    The upsides of moving to Brampton

    Finding the right place to move to is not that hard. That is if you do enough research and make sure to fully understand where you are moving to. Today, we discuss the upsides of moving to Brampton and what you should know before moving to the city. Because relocations are an overwhelming process, hiring professional movers, like Number 1 Movers, will make the process a lot easier for you. Furthermore, it will allow you to focus more on the process and ensure you do everything correctly. Choosing a city to live in is one thing, but ensuring you arrive there stress-free and without damage will be a good foundation for your new life. Ideally, the research you do prior to moving should give you an insight into what you should expect once you relocate to a city. Today, we talk about some of the most important aspects of Brampton. Continue reading “The upsides of moving to Brampton”

    Ideal places for family time in St Catharines

    Moving during the winter months has its advantages. The first one is the lower cost of professional movers and more available moving dates. You will have more chances to pick your desired moving date and an easier time hiring Number 1 Movers. The benefits of moving during winter are not only related to moving preparation. As kids are on school break, you will have an opportunity to visit ideal places for family time in St Catharines. For this reason, while you are preparing for your move, you can also prepare family trips at the same time. Continue reading “Ideal places for family time in St Catharines”

    What to Expect as a Newcomer Moving to Post-COVID Canada?

    People all around the globe are struggling to move due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Canadian authorities imposed a number of limitations and recommendations in an effort to stop the spread of the disease. People who recently migrated to Canada and those who are hoping to move in the near future are having trouble doing so. The shutdown of companies and people staying at home almost makes moving to post-COVID Canada almost impossible. After nine months, the economy and companies in Canada are beginning to reopen, and life is returning to normal in many areas. In this article, we at Number 1 Movers hope to provide a consolidated overview of all the information, resources, and tips that will help you understand what to expect once you arrive in Canada and hence, be better prepared for your move. Continue reading “What to Expect as a Newcomer Moving to Post-COVID Canada?”

    Best Outdoor winter activities in Mississauga

    The winter period is more than just a holiday season. During the winter, the child in us comes to life the most. Furthermore, most people want to spend this period with the ones that are closest to them. Two of the main ways are mostly staying at home and having fun in the snow or going away to a winter resort for a couple of days. Furthermore, moving into an area that is great for snow activities can combine the two. If that is the case, you should consider hiring professional moving companies, like Number 1 Movers, to help you safely relocate. Today, we help you find the best outdoor winter activities in Mississauga that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. From ice skating and snowman building to hiking trails and various park visits, there are plenty of things you can do in this city in Ontario. Continue reading “Best Outdoor winter activities in Mississauga”