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We love to volunteer

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People who love to volunteer

Although known for our professional, diligent and experienced work in the moving industry, Number 1 Movers likes to help people with more than just relocation. The month of June has brought an activity that made us remember how much we love to volunteer. Namely, with an altruistic approach and our passion for sports, we did some volunteer work for Art Aggregate Hamilton and gave life to their design of a handmade mini putt course. This undertaking has enriched the whole RBC Canadian Open experience. Having that the outcome turned out to be truly wonderful, we would like to share the experience with you.

Why do we love to volunteer?

With our knowledge and expertise, we started aiding individuals to relocate their belongings, and thus better their personal and business lives. We salute everyone’s efforts towards progress, and always strive to help. Art Aggregate captured our attention with their innovative and creative approach to bold and fresh ideas. Supporting people who are not afraid to dream big, and helping them realize those thoughts is just one of the aspects in which we, Number 1 Movers and Art Aggregate correlate. However, we tend not to support solely by words of recognition. Rather, we love to volunteer and help in whatever way we can. After all, helping people has been the main principle around which this company came to be.

A man extending a helping hand to a woman
We love to volunteer and help in whatever way we can. It is our top priority to make people’s lives better.

Extending a helping hand

Besides the obvious assistance that we offer in terms of our services, we also extend a helping hand that is not seen until you meet our staff. Our customers can attest to our means of aiding in terms of honest and valuable advice. As a matter of fact, our assistance rarely ends just with the moving service. Whether you need a free moving quote to better asses your expenses or a thorough conversation that will clear things up, we are there to help. You can always turn to Number 1 Movers for:

1. Helping you prepare for and cope with your move

Whether it is long distance or local, relocation is always followed by emotions, especially if it’s a residential one. While we do our contractual job conscientiously and diligently, we are not deaf, nor blind for your emotional well-being. Having said that, know that our staff is there to help you in any way possible.

2. Giving you packing advice and moving tips

The process of moving can sometimes exclude the need for professional movers. However, not needing our physical assistance does not mean that you cannot ask for relocation advice. Whether you have issues with packing or the loading of your truck is giving you much trouble, feel free to call and ask. We will be glad to help and turn your move into a success.

A woman making a phone call
Never restrain from asking us anything that is even remotely moving-related.

3. Helping you adjust to your new surroundings

Moving to another town brings many unknowns. With this in mind, feel free to ask your movers even the simplest things. What’s transportation in Hamilton like? Where should you take your dog for a walk? Is there neighborhood you ought to steer clear from? All of those and many others will be answered the moment you ask.

4. Giving you suggestions regarding your new town

To truly settle in your new town, you should know all the best restaurants, bars, shops and getaway spots. Number 1 Movers have a vast knowledge on all Hamilton locations worth visiting, so be sure to inquire if interested.

Why is volunteering good?

In a time where people find it hard to make ends meet, where the economy is unstable and worries are not hard to come by, it is crucial that we are there for each other. That is why we love to volunteer. We believe that is a paramount component of a successful, prosperous and happy community. We also believe that everyone should do as much as they can to make this place better for everyone. Having that the city of Hamilton is pretty keen on sports, this time around, we’ve decided to support an interesting physical activity that is golf on a national scale.

How have we benefited from volunteering

When you strive towards perfection, no knowledge is surplus. At the very least, it can help you understand people better, and provide you with otherwise unobtainable experience. However, this valuable understanding that this action brought us is not the only benefit of volunteering. In all honesty, it has made us even better people. And that is on an individual and group level. It has been proven many times that the sole act of a selfless deed enriches a person, and makes them feel better. Working together on a creative project for a noble cause has made us even closer as a team and a company. We have earned additional respect for each other, and come to realize how talents come in many shapes and forms.

People doing construction.
Volunteering means doing all kinds of fun activities. You can always do something to help and even learn in the process.

Volunteering envokes creativity, compassion, and diligence. Projects like these make you learn how to think outside of the box, and truly praise ingenuity. Even if you are not the crafting expert, using this opportunity to learn makes the whole process even better. This versatility in virtues is the reason we love to volunteer. Besides making your community a better place, and thus enriching the lives of all residents, you are also bettering yourself as a person, a college, a parent, a partner, a child and anything and everything else you might be. By helping others, we are also helping ourselves!