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Movie Theaters in Hamilton you should visit

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See which movie theaters in Hamilton you should visit

You need to be very careful about where do you want to move. Every person has different reasons for moving. Many people move because of the job, many people move because of family and many people just want a change in their life and city with various interesting things to offer to them. If you are moving to Hamilton and you want to have fun and to relax in this beautiful city, we present to you movie theaters in Hamilton you should see!

Movie theaters in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton represents a city with around 500.000 residents. As you can see, the city is not that big, but it has more cinemas than cities that have much more residents. Some of them are:

  • Landmark Cinemas
  • Cineplex Cinemas
  • Westdale Theatre
  • Playhouse Cinema
  • The Staircase
  • The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company
  • Starlite Drive-In Theatre
There are many movie theaters in Hamilton where you can enjoy
Go to the cinema and have fun!

Landmark Cinemas

Landmark cinemas represent the companies that have the most cinemas opened across the country. They have 45 locations with more than 2500 people working. Since its opening in 1965, it has more and more audience over the years and many pleased customers. It has very good reviews from its customers so you should definitely find your tickets and go to have some fun. One of the things that makes this cinema a little different from others, is that there are many viewing rooms with leather seats that will grant you the best experience in a cinema. You will feel just like home!

Cineplex Cinemas

We are all aware of the presence of cineplex cinemas. They are one of the movie theaters in Hamilton you should definitely visit. As Landmark cinemas, it consists of many cinemas all across the country. This particular cinema is located on Stoney Creek. It is one of the best ways to spend family time in Hamilton. It offers the newest titles from the movie industry so there is no chance that you will not have the possibility to watch the movie that you are expecting to see in the month prior to its release.

Westdale Theatre

Westdale Theatre is one of the most visited movie theaters is Hamilton. The interesting thing about it is the exterior of the cinema. It is very old school. The look is kind of retro so that can also be the reason why this cinema is that much visited. It offers the newest titles so you should not have a problem watching your favorite title on the big screen. The cinema is quite new, it was opened this year so everything inside should be in the perfect place. All of this should make you enjoy the cinema and make you go home satisfied.

The retro look makes you feel a little older
We think that this is enough to to make you buy tickets for Westdale Theatre

Playhouse Cinema

Another very interesting cinema in Hamilton. This is due to its looks from the outside. It looks like a normal house, you would not know that it is a cinema. Playhouse cinema is very visited, and the children like it very much. It is certainly of the best activities for children in Hamilton and the best way to keep them out of their phones. It is better to watch a movie of a cartoon than to watch all day on the phone, right?

The Staircase

The Staircase is the cinema that offers the most from almost all movie theaters in Hamilton. This is due to its many purposes. Well, this cinema is not just a cinema. It also has a restaurant and a bar. You might think that it is very expensive but it really is not. The prices are in the golden middle so you should not have any problems with that. As the name suggests, there are staircases that look very interesting and strange. The only bad thing about this moving theatre that we could come up with is that its parking is limited so there is a chance that you will not have where to park. The nearest free parking spots are around a block away so you should take this into consideration when going to watch the show.

Be ready to have something to eat when you sit in your seat
Buy popcorn and enjoy the movie

The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company

This little theatre is one of the oldest cinemas in Hamilton. It was found in 1895. The interesting thing is that is was originally a hotel. In the 1930s it became a moving theatre so since then there are many movies played there. There are two ways of watching shows there as a name suggests, both as a cinema and as performing arts. You will definitely be satisfied with the service of this movie theatre.

Starlite Drive-In Theatre

This represents one of the most interesting cinemas in Hamilton. This is not a movie theatre in classic sense where you go into a building, buy tickets and beverages and go sit and watch a movie. This movie theater is different because it is located outside. There is a screen where all people that want to enjoy this kind of experience come with their cars, park by others and watch a movie. We would like to advise you one thing. The problem is that many people do not have the sense for others so they would park like there is nobody else there. We are all people and we all like to watch a good movie so be considerate and make room for others to enjoy too.


As you can see, there are many excellent movie theaters in Hamilton, Ontario. If you are moving to Hamilton and have some thought whether it is smart to move there, we can just say you, do it! You just call and hire local movers Ontario and enjoy the life in Hamilton.

We all love to go out and see a good movie. The movie theaters are one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself alone or with your better half. Or if you have a family, every one of these movie theaters has also options for some family time so you will not be disappointed. Even though its population is not that high as multimillion cities, it has a great number of cinemas in Hamilton that you could and should see. All of them have something that other movie theaters do not have so you have a variety to choose from. All that is left for you to do, is to choose which movie theater you want to go to and enjoy yourself for a change!