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Tasty Restaurants You Must visit in Hamilton

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A fancy looking mean in one of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton

Looking for reasons for moving to Hamilton? Thinking about good housing, welcoming community, good schools and an abundance of opportunities for any aspiring professional? Nah, we know you are well familiar with those. What Hamilton has to offer is something more than other picture perfect towns. Something that warms your heart, hugs your insides and caresses your pallets. Something that will remind you of those blissful Sundays when you were a little kid, with no other worries than what’s mum making for lunch. A perfect meal. Now, as the proverb says, tastes differ. Thus, this city has choices aplenty. The following lines will be dedicated to our favorite pick of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton.

People enjoying themselves in one of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton
Restaurants you must visit in Hamilton are aplenty, and these picks make just the tip of the iceberg.

500 pounds of meat

We’ll start this delicious guide with one of the Hamiltonians’ favorites – Memphis Fire BBQ. This place falls in the group of restaurants you must visit in Hamilton for the amount of comfort food it offers. Buttermilk fried chicken, smoked wings and award-winning baby back ribs are just some of the tasty goodness you can try. And for those of you attracted by the subtitle, know that smoked meat is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See, this wonderful Southern-style barbecue joint owns a smoker that can hold 500 pounds of meat at one time. What’s more, the prices are great, and you can even hire them for catering services. And don’t feel bad about consuming so many calories, since the city of Hamilton offers various ways that can aid in burning off your big lunch.

Guillermo del Tongue

Like soup? Well, even if you don’t, one visit to the place of The Burnt Tongue will have you craving for one in no time. Both locations in Hamilton offer a rather creative menu. The dishes come with a grilled cheese to dip in them or an order of fries. You can check the day’s menu on social media, and find something for everyone’s taste. They have options for:

  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • celiac-friendly
  • dairy-free soup

Not to mention the mouth-watering burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Oh, yeah, let’s not forget that this restaurant happens to be endorsed by Guillermo del Toro. And, for all of you who have recently moved here and don’t have much of a budget to splurge, know that prices in The Burnt Tongue are a true bargain.

One of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton is also the city’s first of the kind

If you’ve had a long distance move all the way from Hawaii, know that your new city has a piece of your former home to soothe a nostalgic heart. Namely, the wonderful couple Salar Madadi and Jeannie Crawford opened Canada’s first poke bar – Pokeh. With a twenty different toppings to choose from, people are more than willing to line up and wait for their turn and taste of this delicious Hawaiian dish. And, for those of you who feel indecisive, know that the owners made a classic order, which includes soy sauce/sesame oil ahi tuna, onions, cucumbers, sesame seeds and macadamia nuts on a bed of rice or cucumber noodles. You can stumble upon this wonderful meal on two locations in town: the Concession Street and the Hamilton farmers’ market. Prices are a bargain and the taste is divine.

Colorful surfboards neatly stacked, reminding one of Hawaii
Feeling nostalgic about Hawaii? Hamilton has a cure for that sore wound.

Prepare your stretchy pants

A rather casual Italian restaurant, not showing much promise from the outside. However, every resident, frequent city visitor, and even the Hamilton moving services know how good this Chicago Style Pizza is. Although it takes no reservations, this place is always packed and busy. And it’s no wonder. Being one of the restaurants you must visit in Hamilton, this place’s offer extends to all of the Italian’s fine cuisine. Besides their delicious pizza, you can order huge, Italian-style portions of meatballs, cannelloni, and the famous chicken red and white (tomato and Alfredo sauce). Thus, stretchy pants are a smart prerequisite.

Serious passion for beef patties

Like your burger to be fine and extravagant. Well, we bet that HAMBRGR is the place for you. Local farmers provide the meat, while the magicians behind the grill make this symphony of tastes. Three locations in town (49 King William St L8R 1A2 in Downtown Hamilton, 207 Ottawa St N L8H 3Z4 in Crown Point Hamilton, and 235 St Paul St L2R 3M6 in Downtown St. Catharines) offer interesting combinations. Some of these are a Maui Wowi, pulled pork and pineapple jam, as well as the ‘Weekly Chef Smash‘, which is basically the catch-of-the-day equivalent for a burger. However crazy the combinations may be, the owners never lost track of people who avoid red meat, and thus have chicken and vegetarian options on the menu as well.

A ridiculosly packed burger with a side of salad and potatoes.
Like what you see? Why not give it a try in one of the best restaurants you must visit in Hamilton?

Reserved for special occasions

Named after the owner’s mother, The Heather is a truly special place. Absolute intimacy is guaranteed, having that one of the most elegant restaurants you must visit in Hamilton has only 12 seats. Here, you can enjoy a course of seven exquisite meals and feel like royalty. However, you will also have to pay royally. The catch about this amazing place is that the meal will cost you a pretty penny. $85 for food, $55 wine pairing, $35 per bottle BYOB, to be exact. But, if we are honest, it is worth it. So, give this restaurant a visit on a special occasion. Perhaps you want to propose to your significant other or have just had a successful local move that deserves a toast. Whatever the case may be, put on your formal attire and feel free to splurge, you’ve deserved it.