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Cost of Living in Hamilton

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A woman calculating the cost of living in Hamilton
Moving to another place does not only mean a change of scenery. It will change your community, your daily routes, your commute, and many other smaller, or bigger things that you cannot prepare for. However, one of the things that you can prepare for is the cost of living in your new home. Or, to be more specific, the cost of living in Hamilton. So, before you give your Cambridge movers a call, take a look at the following text, so as to ensure that you can live in accordance with your standards.

Welcome to Hamilton

Hamilton is a lively port city on the western coast of Lake Ontario. Famous for its stunning natural appeal, “The Ambitious City” is evolving into one of the leading real estate markets in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. As of now, the city acts as one of the area’s economic, artistic, and entertainment hubs second only to Toronto.

Woman looking at the cost of living in Hamilton
The cost of living in Hamilton has changed over the years, but is always easy to calculate!

Many households decide to move to the city of Hamilton since if offers them a small-town feel, but has all of the big-city luxuries. Of course, this has led to many people contacting movers and coming here, which has urbanized the city even more. With high demand came price increases and a higher cost of lthe amenities in Hamilton. And as of late, the price differences can be seen. especially when it comes to real estate.

Cost of living in Hamilton when it comes to food

If you’ve hired commercial movers Hamilton for your relocation, chances are you are moving for the job. With this in mind, we inform you that in the business district your basic lunchtime menu, drinks included, is $18. If you are interested in a combo meal in fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, be prepared to spend around 12 bucks. Now, if you are more into a homemade breakfast, you will have to pay C$2.19 for a liter of milk, C$4.05 for dozen eggs, and $3.41 for a small loaf of fresh bread.

breakfast in a restorant
Food prices will vary depending on your preferences.
When it comes to lunch, the prices are as follows: 1 lb of boneless chicken breast is C$18.06, a kilo of tomatoes is C$5.05, while a kilo of potatoes amounts to are $2.27. As for romantic evenings on the terrace, you will need C$7.35 for 500g of local cheese, and C$15 for a bottle of good quality red table wine. Actually, the average amount a person here spends on food is around $462 per month!

Housing expenses

One of the most expensive factors when moving is finding the perfect home. How can you contact Number 1 Movers Van Lines and move, if you dont have where to move into? This city has many beautiful areas with different prices as well. But in general, only after deciding if you will rent or buy a home can you truly look through the market. People mostly rent here. As the average home price is around $750,529! Making it a lot cheaper to rent an apartment than buy a home. So what can you expect when it comes to renting prices?

If you are renting, depending on the location of your home, be prepared to spend:

  • $2,575 for monthly rent for 900 Sqft furnished accommodation in an expensive area
  • $1,849 for monthly rent for 900 Sqft furnished accommodation in a normal area
  • $1,482 for monthly rent for a 480 Sqft furnished studio in an expensive area
  • $1,239 for monthly rent for a 480 Sqft furnished studio in a normal area
A new apartment
Homes are always the most expensive cost we need to pay for if renting!

Other costs of living in Hamilton

Keep in mind that usually, everything goes hand in hand. Meaning that if there is a big demand for something the prices will follow. And if we learned anything by now, it’s that if one thing becomes more expensive, others will sure to follow. And that’s exactly what is happening here! With the rise of food prices, as well as rents, there are other things that are also changing. But do keep in mind that before hiring the best movers in Hamilton Ontario you need to make a budget!

When it comes to utilities, get ready to allocate:

  • $250 for 1-month utilities (heating, electricity, gas …) for 2 people in a 900 Sqft flat
  • $164 for 1-month utilities (heating, electricity, gas …) for 1 person in 480 Sqft studio
A woman cleaning her home
Of course, you can take care of cleaning on your own, but it can cost you more than paying someone to do it sometimes.

As for the other expenses, you will need:

  • 83.08 dollars per month for a good internet
  • 535 CAD for a 40” flat-screen TV. If you plan on packing and bringing along your old one, you can exclude this price.
  • 137 CAD for a microwave of 800/900 Watt. Such are Bosch, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, and other equivalent brands.
  • 22 CAD for laundry detergent (3 l. ~ 100 oz.)
  • 28 CAD for an hour of cleaning help

Transportation in Hamilton

If you were having a DIY move, chances are you already have a car. The cost of living in Hamilton, in terms of driving comes down to $144.6 cents for 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas. If you don’t have a car, but wish for that to change, you can add to the list $34,932 for a new Volkswagen Golf GTI with no extras (or equivalent). Still, if you are a pedestrian interested in Hamilton transportation, the monthly ticket for public transport will cost you 114,40 dollars.

People at times forget the importance of transportation, especially in big cities. Some even forget to calculate it in the cost of living in Hamilton. But over time it will show its importance. Bad transportation means traffic jams, as well as crowds. And that’s annoying for both you, and your furniture movers Hamilton residents recommended.

Entertainment and other cost of living in Hamilton

Time for some fun and Hamilton surely has a lot to offer. Take your significant other to a cozy, and lovely dinner for two in a neighborhood pub for merely 58 bucks. You can then proceed to the cinema, and get two tickets to the movies for 31 dollars. If you are leaning towards something fancier, something like a dinner for two at an Italian restaurant in the ex-pat area including appetizers, a main course, wine, and dessert, be prepared to pay $90. The lovely meal can be followed by a play in a theater, where the two  available seats are around $360. After the show, you can have a cup of cappuccino and reflect on the performance and your overall impression, for approximately 4,75 CAD.

A bar at night
Get comfortable in your new city by treating yourself every once in a while, with a nice meal or drink.
Perhaps you are in for a more lively night of fun and dancing. Start the evening by having a cocktail drink in a downtown club for about 10 bucks. You can continue to spice up the night with a pint of beer in a neighborhood pub for around 10 dollars. When it comes time to hit the sack, simply call a cab and have about 23 bucks in your pocket for an 8 km ride on a business day.

The morning after

Hangovers can be quite bad, and sometimes even the coffee cannot help. Cold medicine for 6 days (Tylenol, Frenadol, Coldrex, or equivalent brands) will cost you around $8. If you are carrying a cough or a cold for a few days and it doesn’t seem to go away, a box of antibiotics (12 doses) will help for 16 bucks. However, we do suggest that you pay a visit to the doctor beforehand, and have a 15-minute checkup in a private clinic for $64.

To get back to that morning, you will certainly need some toothpaste (2.44 a tube), some hair shampoo (7 dollars for 12 oz), and a deodorant (&5.87 for a roll on, 1.5 oz). Now that you’ve had a shower, and got the chance to reminisce on the previous evening, you come to realize that your bad hairdo might have had something to do with that girl rejecting your drink. The time couldn’t be better to stop by a local men’s hairdresser and get the haircut of your dreams for $22.

While you’re at it

A new haircut simply calls for some additions to your appearance. A pair of Levi’s jeans will cost you about 70 bucks. If you are looking for a summer dress in a High Street Store, something that can be found in H&M or Zara, have around 56 CAN on hand. For a pair of Nike or Adidas sports shoes, $124 will do, while a pair of men’s leather business shoes is around 161 dollars.

We hope we’ve given you a decent and somewhat clear picture of what your life might look like, all through the cost of living in Hamilton. These prices are current as of February 2023 and can change in the upcoming months. Still, this text ought to be a proper guide for the new chapter in your life. Have a safe trip and enjoy your new city!