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How to organize a last minute office move?

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    The organization is an important aspect of everyday life. It makes every task easier and less stressful to accomplish. Doing things in a hurry throws many people off balance, which results in even more time being needed to complete something. Moving an office is never a breeze, but doing it at the last minute makes it even worse. Therefore, a top-class organization skills, like the one that some movers Ontario offer, is what you need during this challenging time. Meanwhile, our tips for last minute office move will make your hurried move a success.

    What options do you have for a last minute office move?

    A last-minute move means that you need to leave your current premises without much notice. You usually get the news as late as one week before your estimated moving date, which makes an already difficult process even more laborious. However, there are some ways to make your moving to Hamilton Ontario less stressful for everyone involved. Here you have two choices: doing it yourself or paying movers to do it for you.

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    A last-minute office move can only be tackled in two ways

    Preparing your whole office for a move on your own would normally take at least one month, while the cost of moving can range anywhere from 1400 to 7000 Canadian dollars for a standard-sized office. If you don’t have that much time, you need to choose which is more convenient for you, and hire some professional movers. But whatever you choose, the following tips can help you facilitate the organization of a last minute office move.

    Don’t hide the news about moving

    Moving will cause stress for your whole team, no matter if you hire the best Hamilton movers to help you with the moving process. For you, as their leader, it would be easier to keep the news to yourself. But this way, all the burden that comes with it will be yours to bear. You are a team, after all, so you should share both the good and the bad. Relocation is a significant change, and your employees need to know about it.

    Since it is a last-minute notice, you don’t have time to wait. Choose how you want to announce it: via email, a meeting, or a bulletin board. Check for feedback, suggestions, and, most importantly, the feelings that it will cause for your team. Only once your whole team is up to date can you start to plan the next steps.

    Include everyone in the preparation process

    If you decide to hire office movers Hamilton, you can expect to pay up to 40,000 Canadian dollars for a huge office move. A big office always has a lot of employees, which are extra sets of helping hands. Some tasks that your employees can complete are:

    • Packing up their workspace
    • Preparing rest areas for the move
    • Cleaning once everything is done
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    You are a team, so you have to stick together

    Even though cleaning can take time, if your whole team helps, you can finish in one afternoon. Just store away everything that is packed in one room so that you can clean as much as possible. Professional cleaning services might cost only 0.70 Canadian dollars per square foot, but they will turn out to be a hefty expense for big offices. And there are times when you simply cannot find available professionals for your desired date.

    Organizing a last minute office move doesn’t have to take a lot of time after all

    Organizing is important and good, but when you don’t have time, you need to put every minute to good use. If you devote as little as a few hours to planning, the general guidelines will have to suffice. The rest can be figured out on the go, so get to packing and skip the procrastination. Every minute you use wisely will bring you towards a more enjoyable moving experience!