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5 Best Cities for Singles in Canada

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    Toronto is one of the best Cities for Singles in Canada

    Are you tired of being single? And are you thinking of making a big step to change your relationship status? If you’re living in a big city, the first step you could do is to move to a smaller town as researches show that it’s much easier to find a partner in a smaller place. Still, if you like big places and are not quite sure where to go, here is our list of 5 best cities for singles in Canada.

    Quebec City

    Are you thinking about moving to Canada from another country? Canadian cities with hundreds of thousands of residents are much larger than the European ones, which correspond to the North American standard. Big cities with their urbanized surroundings make up large chains of cities among each other. And one of the best for singles may just be good old Quebec.

    Quebec has the highest number of females and males that are single in whole Canada. This surely makes it easier to find a partner you’ve been looking for. If you decide to move be sure to check Ancaster movers. Still, don’t pack your bags just yet. Just because there’s a large number of singles in Quebec, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. High numbers of singles may just show that people who live here like being single – and lead a single life.

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    The most famous tourist centers in Canada are Niagara Falls and CN Tower; a 553 meters high tower, the world’s tallest building located in the largest Canadian city of Toronto. And in addition to being a well-known tourist center, CN Tower is an important telecommunications center that attracts about 2 million visitors each year.

    And, yes, Toronto may be the first city that comes to mind when talking about best cities for singles in Canada. Toronto is the largest Canadian city and the main economic and financial center, while also being the capital of the Province of Ontario. And thanks to a large number of people who live here, Toronto may be the place you are looking for. Still, living here may be pricier than you are used to, so be ready to spend some extra cash. If you are serious about moving to Toronto, you may want to check our moving to Ontario with ease guide that can help you with moving.


    Statistics show that the number of single households is the highest in history. And after Toronto, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Montreal was founded in 1832, and since 1860 it was the largest Canadian city until the mid-1970s of the 20th century. And most residents speak French, which is known as the language of love. Montreal is also known to be one of the most romantic cities in Canada. There are a lot of universities in Montreal and thus, lots of parties in the city and low rent apartments. As anywhere in the world, young people tend to marry later than the use to. Earlier the age was 25 for women – now it’s 26. For men, the difference is higher; men use to be 26 when they got married, now it’s 28. But if you have decided that Montreal is the right place for you and are looking for reliable movers, be sure to check Cambridge movers.

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    This is our list for best cities for singles in Canada


    Another pricy but single friendly city is Vancouver. Vancouver is the most important Canadian port that trades with about 90 countries annually. According to research, Vancouver is ranked third in the world for the quality of life, right after Zurich and Geneva. Probably because of the number of beaches, parks, hiking trails, mountains – you name it, this city has it. And it is true; Vancouver offers a crazy nightlife, amazing gastronomic scene and a lot of fun things to do.

    Just remember that some numbers show that being single can cost more too. Some researches show that average single person spends more than the one that lives as a couple. However, being single may only be a taken as a trend in modern societies. To some young people who like entrepreneurship, it may be a sign of success and freedom.

    Hamilton has also found its place on our list of one of the best cities for singles in Canada

    Being more affordable to live in than other big cities, Hamilton is a true secret gem that is going through the best phase in its existence. It’s a port city with a population of half a million, which makes it quite big to live in, but not too big. Of course, it has many museums, galleries and other cultural and historical attractions that attract many tourists. Not to mention a beautiful waterfall that can be a perfect spot for a date. That’s why it can be a perfect place to meet your soul mate and finally settle.

    As for the reasons to put off marriage, statistics show that some of the main ones are investing in high-quality education and additional financial requirements. It is true that single living is a bit expensive, but additional costs come with bigger apartments and children. Once you move here, here are our top things to do in Hamilton.

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    Ottawa is the capital of Canada. By size, it is the fourth Canadian city, right after Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. The city is located on the river by the same name, which is the border between provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ottawa has a rich history. After the war in 1812, Irish and Canadian French came to Ottawa from Quebec. Today, Ottawa is home to many ethnic groups and most of them are mostly English, French, Scots, Irish, Italians, and Germans. Many other languages are spoken in Ottawa in addition to English and French. That’s why it can be a perfect spot to meet many different, interesting people. This mix of cultures also set a dating scene to a whole new level. And who knows, you may meet the love of your life right here.

    Hope you’ll find your love among these best cities for singles in Canada. All of them have