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Best cities for singles in Canada

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    Canadian flag illustrates the list of the best cities for singles in Canada

    Are you tired of being single and feeling like nothing ever happens? Perhaps changing a place where you live is a way to make a change to your relationship status! Moving to a bigger city might increase your chances of finding the life you are hoping for. After all, bigger cities mean more opportunities, and Canada is not short on options when it comes to choosing a great city to move to. Luckily, we at Number 1 movers van lines have created this useful guide on the best cities for singles in Canada to help you make a decision easier. Let’s discuss them in detail!

    If you’re single and looking for love, consider moving to Quebec City, Quebec

    If you’re thinking about moving to a big city to find love, Quebec might be the right choice for you. That’s because Quebec has the highest number of single females and males in the whole of Canada! This surely makes it easier to find the partner you’ve been looking for. 

    Quebec City, Quebec
    Quebec City is one of the best cities for singles in Canada

    Moreover, people see Quebec City as charming and romantic thanks to its European charm. That being said, this city has even been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, it comes as no surprise that the best long distance movers Canada have their hands full helping people move to this city! In fact, around 30,000 people move to Quebec City annually.

    You’ll love living in Toronto, Ontario

    With more than 3 million inhabitants and almost 30 million visitors annually, Toronto is the largest and one of most famous cities in Canada. On top of that, Toronto is also Canada’s main economic and financial center. Therefore, besides looking for love, plenty of people also use office movers Toronto to start business operations here. 

    Toronto panorama
    When living in Toronto, you can enjoy a date with a view of the famous CN Tower.

    Since so many people visit and live in this city, it’s no surprise many of them are not in a relationship. As such, Toronto may be the first city that comes to mind when talking about the best cities for singles in Canada. Moreover, Toronto is bustling with activity, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to attend various events where you can meet new and exciting people. And once you secure a date, you can enjoy a romantic trip to Niagara Falls or CN Tower.

    Mississauga, Ontario is a great place to meet new people

    Young professionals and single people may wish to settle down in Mississauga, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area and one of Canada’s main business centers. Mississauga’s city center has the best nightlife for singles to meet new people, reasonable housing costs, and a low cost of living. Moreover, it’s quite a safe city to live in, so more and more people decide to relocate here. If this sounds interesting to you as well, contact local movers Toronto to relocate to Mississauga as soon as possible!

    Montreal, Quebec is one of the best cities for singles in Canada

    Recent trends show that the number of people who live alone in Canada is on the rise. In fact, statistics show that the number of single households in Canada is the highest in history, especially in large cities. After Toronto, Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada, with a large population of singles as well. Luckily, meeting new people here shouldn’t be too hard since the city is very tolerant and multicultural. 

    Montreal is one of the best cities for singles in Canada
    Montreal is great for young singles and many people move here every year

    Besides being very diverse, with plenty of immigrants from all over the world, Montreal is also known to be one of the most romantic cities in Canada. Similar to Quebec City, it also has a European vibe and attracts many young people thanks to its numerous universities. Nowadays, people move to Montreal from different Canadian cities, even from Toronto. If you’re also one of those planning a move from Toronto to Montreal, make sure to hire long distance movers Toronto to help you settle down in this lovely city!

    Singles often move to Vancouver, British Columbia

    As a very important Canadian port city, Vancouver is a business hub and a cultural melting pot. It’s also an expensive but a very single-friendly city with a great quality of life. Namely, according to various polls, Vancouver is ranked third in the world for quality of life, right after Vienna and Zurich.

    Couple hiking in Vancouver
    Vancouver, which has hiking trails that are a great spot for a first date, is also one of the best cities for singles in Canada

    If you love spending time in nature, you’ll love living in Vancouver! This vibrant city has numerous beaches, parks, and hiking trails where you can go on a date or just enjoy some time alone. Besides, Vancouver has a vibrant nightlife and an amazing food scene. Keeping that in mind, plenty of people decide to hire experienced Toronto moving companies to relocate to this amazing city.

    Hamilton, Ontario has also found its place on our list of the best cities for singles in Canada

    Being more affordable to live in than other big cities in Canada, Hamilton is a true secret gem that is going through the best phase in its existence. It’s a port city with a population of half a million, but it is not too daunting or intimidating as other large cities tend to be for newcomers. Of course, many of those newcomers are single and looking to start a new life chapter in this city!  

    Moreover, Hamilton has many museums, galleries, and other cultural and historical attractions that attract tourists and locals alike. Hamilton also attracts plenty of people from other parts of Canada and different parts of the world because of its low cost of living and stable job market. And since in the last few years Hamilton has been experiencing a population boom, trustworthy GTA movers have their hands full.

    Consider starting a new life chapter in Ottawa, Ontario

    Ottawa is the capital of Canada and a great city for singles in Canada. By population size, it is the fourth largest city in Canada, right after Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. Today, Ottawa is home to many diverse ethnic groups, while many of them have English, French, Scots, Irish, Italians, and German origins. That’s why many singles claim Ottawa is a perfect place to socialize. 

    Ottawa, ON, one of the best cities for singles in Canada
    Ottawa is the perfect choice for young singles

    This mix of cultures in Ottawa means that single people have plenty of opportunities for dating and meeting new people. So, it is no surprise people move here from smaller cities in the Greater Toronto Area, like Vaughan. If you’re also one of those people trying to find your luck in Ottawa, then make sure you find the best movers Vaughan ON has to offer. They can help you with the relocation so you can have a great start to an interesting new chapter in your life.

    Calgary, Alberta is a popular metropolis for singles in Canada

    Although Calgary may not be the first city that comes to mind when considering the best cities for singles, this prairie community has a lot to offer. Believe it or not, but Calgary has been ranked as one of the greatest cities in Canada for young singles in the past few years. This could be due to the fact that Calgary has fantastic bars and restaurants. However, the great nightlife and dining scene are far from the only reasons singles move to this city. Namely, Calgary also has an affordable cost of living, with a one-bedroom apartment costing about $1,100. And if that isn’t enough, plenty of cultural events in the city will give you a chance to meet many different, interesting people.

    As we have seen, young singles can choose from many great cities in Canada. Each of them offers something unique, so you should do your research before you choose to move to one of the best cities for singles in Canada. Once you have settled in the city of your choice, it is time to meet new people and start an exciting new chapter of your life.