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Reasons for moving to Hamilton

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    When you’re moving, picking the right destination for you is very important. Have you thought about moving to Hamilton? Located in Ontario, Hamilton is a booming port city that’s far more gentle than imagined. While people call it the ‘Steel City’ or ‘The Hammer’, it is not the harsh city that that title implies. Instead, what you’ll find is a nature lover’s paradise, with beautiful neighborhoods and very affordable living. If looking to relocate in Ontario, Hamilton should be at the very top of your list.

    A pink marker checking off a checklist on white paper. Checking off reasons for moving to Hamilton no doubt!
    Research what you want out of your new location. It might turn out that moving to Hamilton is the right move for you!

    Moving to Hamilton means you can relax in nature as well as enjoy the city life. You will have the best of both worlds! Hamilton is moving up when it comes to public opinion. Recently, more and more people are moving there and calling it the best city in Ontario. It has many qualities to make it a very attractive moving location. So, what are you waiting for? Find decent apartment movers in Hamilton and start your move today!

    Moving to Hamilton for the beautiful nature

    Hamilton has the luxury of being near the Niagara Falls. It is located on the Niagara Escarpment, with needle leaf forests in the north as well as temperate forests in the south. That makes it a true nature paradise, with stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes. Waterfalls and nature trail pepper the surroundings, so grab comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle and get hiking. Hamilton has a lot of trails to enjoy. It is a popular vacation spot solely because there is a lot of nature trails to enjoy. And while snow and cold is a fact of life in Canada, Hamilton has a comparatively moderate climate. The typical temperature range is between -10 Celsius to 25 Celsius.

    A zoom-in picture of the beautiful picturesque Niagara falls.
    The Niagara Falls can be visited way more often if you’re moving to Hamilton.

    What can you enjoy near Hamilton?

    Hamilton can boast with so many attractions. One of them is the Royal Botanical Gardens Arboretum, a beautiful garden. It has a lot of very beautiful things to see. Avenues of trees that are interesting all year long, crab-apples, dogwoods, lilacs, flowering cherries, magnolias… It has something for everyone, all year long. It also has a great many indigenous plants, providing an educational opportunity.

    • If you’re moving to Hamilton, you can enjoy the Escarpment Rail Trail
    • Visit Tiffany Falls!
    • Visit Wild Waterworks!
    • The Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation is so interesting enough to be visited based on it’s name alone.
    • Visit Webster Falls!
    • Visit Dundas Valley Conservation!

    What is the Devil’s Punch Bowl?

    The Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation has two waterfalls. They are called Upper and Lower Punch Bowl Falls. The Lower Punch Fall is a classic waterfall, and the Upper Falls is a ribbon waterfall. They were created at the end of the last ice age and are very fascinating. The Punch Bowl was created by huge melt-water rivers at the end of the ice age. You can see a wide range of rock formations. There is a long trail through upper Stoney Creek.

    What are the Wild Waterworks?

    Wild Waterworks, at Confederation Beach Park, is the best place for summer fun! Get your passes and enjoy fun in the sun! There are Decade Music Fridays, that happen every Friday in July. Every Friday in July, a different decade plays while you enjoy the water park. If you wear the shirt of your favorite band of the relevant decade, you will get a small discount!

    What is the Niagara Escarpment?

    The Niagara Escarpment contains farms, sweeping cliffs, towns, cities, villages, clear streams and gorgeous waterfalls. It is also one of the world wonders, recognized by UNESCO. The site is very valuable for research and ecology. The diverse natural landscapes sustain so many ecosystems. There are a bunch of species of mammals and birds and lizards. Biologists have stated that the Niagara Escarpment is one of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet.

    Moving to Hamilton for the good neighborhoods

    Hamilton is a booming city. You can move to Ontario with ease, and enjoy affordable housing. While the beautiful Durand neighborhood is famous for being a historic district, there are many more neighborhoods that are equally pretty. The neighborhoods are approachable and affordable. There are lots of historic homes. Also, downtown Hamilton has a lot of bars, pubs, and galleries. The town has a lot of history and an active homeowners association. The city has a lot of easy access to other cities. Hamilton also has a lot of easy access to highways. That makes getting in and out of the city very easy.

    Moving to Hamilton for the good education

    Hamilton has five colleges and universities. Hamilton also has two schools that specialize in the arts, and most students come from outside the city. It is a very good place to start a family too. The city is so very accommodating to students. Many students are moving to Hamilton long distance for a good reason.

    Moving to Hamilton for the art scene

    Hamilton prides itself on a big art scene. The city has a lot of great talent. Downtown Hamilton has a lot going on. It is a major destination for music festivals, like the World Music Festival. There is also an abundance of nightlife options. Hamilton really bridges the gap between a busy city and a quiet nature life.

    A woman drawn on the wall.
    Moving to Hamilton means you’ll witness a fun art scene.

    Moving to Hamilton for the affordable housing

    Hamilton is a city, but it’s not super expensive. In comparison to Toronto, it’s very cheap! Housing costs are low, unlike Toronto. You can find an apartment or house to rent or buy for half as much as you would in a big city. Moving to Hamilton means you will not get in debt by trying to make rent!