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Movers GTA

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Decided to move to GTA? Greater Toronto Area is a great destination! And if you need reliable movers, Number 1 Movers is here to help you in distress. We understand that you may have a lot of doubts when it comes to relocation but with our help, you can just lay back and enjoy. We can move your apartment, house, office, both locally and long-distance. As one of the finest moving companies GTA residents trust and rely upon, we are committed to providing you with your ideal moving experience, tailored to fit your exact requirements. So, call us today, and get started with your move with expert moving help from the best GTA movers available to you!

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Greater Toronto Area is a perfect choice!

Hire only the best GTA movers!

Every move is a costly project. Thus, it is perfectly natural that you want to get the best for your money. And that is why we are the perfect combination if you seek great Ontario moving services for an affordable price. So, let your exhausting research of the best moving companies GTA offers end with us. At Number 1 Movers, we understand that it is hard and that is the reason why we will provide extra effort to fulfill your moving needs!

So, when we talk about the best, we do not mean only the moving part. There is so much more that needs to be done prior to loading the truck and relocating. Of course, the logistics process is hard but we are here to make everything possible for you. Certainly, you need a team of people that know what they are doing. Thus, with Number 1 Movers you can be sure that you will get the most professional movers you will ever encounter!

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Meet the most professional movers in Ontario!

As one of the best moving companies GTA, we offer a moving experience beyond your expectations

When we talk about moving companies in GTA, it is very important to offer diversity. Of course, you can’t offer everything if you do not have the experience. Hence, Number 1 Movers provides a broad specter of moving services, and that means only one thing. We have enough experience in the moving business to provide every one of the moving services on the list.

Your wishes are a command for us! We want you to be satisfied and only if you are, we are too. Our first goal is to be the best we could possibly be. The good thing, results are there and we believe in them! You can easily check our results on the website where you can read all testimonials and create a picture of us. From here, you can be confident that Number 1 Moving is your ideal moving partner in the area. Hence, put all moving worries aside, and tell us your preferred moving date. After this, the only effort you need to make is to mark it in your calendar. As for the complexities of your move, relax, and be amazed at how prompt and efficient our moving team is at resolving any and all of them.

Exceptional moving services at affordable rates for your easy relocation

What is it exactly that you expect from the finest moving companies GTA available in the area? Of course, willingness to accommodate your specific moving requests, courteous customer service, and steady support to dissipate your moving anxiety. Hence, at Number 1 Movers we do not provide all this to just tick it off the list. We do it with passion, and moreover, we take personal pleasure in moving you with a smile on your face.

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We have an established reputation of the finest among moving companies GTA residents confidently rely upon

Furthermore, we combine our superior customer service with an expert moving services with a focus on quality, safety, and your seamless moving experience.

Number 1 Movers is among the most dedicated and professional moving companies in GTA, and beyond.  Thus, we are diligent, careful, and efficient in our operations. So, look forward to benefiting from the punctuality and moving prowess of our movers in GTA when you partner with us. Therefore, put a blank over your moving-related worries with confidence now. Pick up the phone and give us a call. There is no need to stress about your upcoming move, as our friendly staff is here to dissipate all burdening feelings and answer all of your moving questions.

Local moving? Long-distance moving? We have your back.

At Number 1 Movers, we are very proud to have every moving service there could possibly be. It is all the result of the dedication and hard work of our movers. After all, the physical and practical parts of the relocation are the most important. It is vital to have someone that can pull off a long distance relocation with ease!

You are in charge, so you can ask everything that you want to. Besides, we are here for you anytime and you can be sure that we can talk about your every wish. Regardless of whether you are planning a local moving project, or need to endure a significant distance, Number 1 Movers is faithfully by your side. So, if you are happy with our service, our business will grow and we can help each other that way. Be sure to talk to us, we want to show you that we are worthy of all the praises there are! So, do not just take our word for it. Talk to us today, and see why Number 1 Movers is a premier leader among moving companies in the GTA area.

Specialized moving services provided by a premier moving company in GTA

Certainly, each relocation has a unique aspect. But there is nothing that Number 1 Movers cannot handle with success. Thus, we master the entire gamut of moving. Whether you own a delicate piano, or you need to transfer an entire industrial production line or anything in between, we have you covered.

So, apart from quality and dependability, we came to understand that diversity of GTA moving services our customers can get in one place is essential for an unparalleled moving experience. Besides, you should not expect anything less than the best moving companies GTA residents feel confident to depend on.

Number 1 Movers offers you a full range of specialized moving services, that are sure to fulfill the moving needs of even the most discerning of our clients. 

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From art galleries, museums, and trade shows, to lab and medical facilities, restaurants, and industrial equipment, Number 1 Movers has everything you need for a swift transfer of your inventory

You can count on us to facilitate your senior moving project while catering to your specific moving requirements with attentiveness and diligence. Besides, at Number 1 Movers we have the capacity to relocate schools, industries, and hospitality venues no matter the size. We are skilled and experienced with moving delicate inventory, such as electronics, lab equipment, and fragile art and antiques. So, it is up to you to tell us what exactly you need to relocate and count on us to do it expertly. 

Moreover, we make it easy for you to plan your relocation and budget. For your convenience, we offer free moving quotes available to you with no strings attached in just a few simple clicks. So, call us today, and secure your straightforward and uncomplicated moving experience with the best mover in GTA.

Expect only the best quality of packing supplies provided to you by premier moving companies GTA

As licensed GTA movers, we strive for greatness. The only way we can get there is if we are worthy of your attention and offer the best there is. Certainly, the packing supplies are almost as important as workers that will relocate you. They are there to protect your belongings and make the whole process much easier. You can be sure that you will find every packing material that you need. We offer a big number of materials like:

  • moving boxes
  • wardrobe boxes
  • plastic bins
  • plastic wraps
  • packing tapes etc.

Our packing services are the ones that you need if you want to protect everything! One of the worst things that can happen when moving is to find out that your expensive vase is broken. That is not going to happen because we care about our customers. All your belongings, from expensive vases to ordinary clothes will be properly packed and relocated. At Number 1 Movers we strive to maintain a leadership position among moving companies in GTA. Thus, you can rest assured that we do live up to our customers’ expectations at all times. So, do not put it off for later, and lock in the moving date for your ideal move.

Licensed and insured GTA moving company for your protection and peace of mind!

Do you want extra safety and protection? We are hoping that you are because that means that you know what you want and how to get it when searching for your ideal moving companies in the GTA. There are a lot of movers that can relocate you to GTA but Number 1 Movers offer the best deals!

Besides, insurance is very important since it protects and isolates you from any bad thing that could occur during the relocation. You will see that with our moving services you can be sure even without insurance. But, it is always good to be properly compensated if something bad happens. Moreover, you are the one that decides what kind of moving insurance you want. So, do not hesitate to ask anything that crosses your mind. It is important to be open if you want to get the proper service. Our kind call service will certainly ask any questions that you may have.

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Need additional packing protection for your items? No problem!

Is GTA the right choice?

Greater Toronto Area is one of the largest parts of Canada. A lot of people live there are for a good reason. There are several projections about the population in the next several years. The statistics show that more people will come here every year. There are a lot of opportunities for you here and you should definitely use everything that you can.

But do it right! It is vital for you to make the right call about the moving companies GTA since everything will depend on it. You can relocate stress-free or you can relocate with a massive headache. Choose the Number 1 movers and you will have no problems with the move!

Number 1 Movers – you can count on one of the finest moving companies GTA has on offer!

If you want to hire professionals to help you move, it is vital for you to pick the right GTA movers for the job. Moving is not an easy thing to pull off and that is why you will need all the help that you can get. And you can get a lot of help at an affordable price! Contact us anytime and find out what we are the best moving company in the Greater Toronto Area!