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Which are the most expensive cities in Canada?

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    Toronto skyline

    Canada is a country that is often on the top of the list when talking about the best countries in the world. The inclusivity, diversity, and the melting pot the country represents are just some of the reasons people love this country. Hence, moving into Canada will surely be a good choice for you. In addition, the overall stance of the Canadian community will make it easier for you to settle in. Now, moving into Canada means doing proper research. Today, we talk about the most expensive cities in Canada, to help you make your choice and understand where you are moving to. By knowing which cities are more, or less expensive, you can have a much more positive relocation experience. Additionally, a positive relocation experience can also be ensured by hiring professional movers, like Number 1 Movers. If you are moving to Canada, this article is for you.

    What are the most expensive cities in Canada?

    So, you want to move to the second-largest country in the world when it comes to territory? Spreading over 3.85 million square miles, the country of Canada shares the longest bi-national land border with the United States. The capital city of the country is Ottawa. In addition, the country has three large metropolitan areas: the Toronto Metropolitan Area, Montreal Metropolitan Area, and Vancouver Metropolitan Area.

    a Canadian flag on a mountain top with mountains on the horizon
    The country of Canada is among the leading nations when it comes to the quality of life

    Since the first settlement, Canada was and still is, a place for a lot of immigrants from around the world. Because of this, Canada is one of the most accepting and open countries in the world. The communities within it create a cultural and traditional melting pot, making its history unique and diverse. With a mixed economy, Canada has the tenth-largest economy in the world. More importantly, it is the least corrupt country in the world.


    • Biggest expense: Housing
    • Median home value: $1.157.840

    The first city we are going to talk about is also the most populous in Canada. Namely, Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. According to recent polls, there are around 6.9 million people that are living in the city. Now, logically, where you have such a large number of people, you must expect higher expenses. Aside from being the most populated, Toronto is also the most expensive city in the country. One of the biggest issues Torontians face at the moment is the scarcity of the housing market. Not only are they very expensive, but they are also very hard to come by at the moment. Aside from housing, moving to Toronto, with movers Toronto, will mean you will have to pay more than the average for commuting.


    • Biggest expense: Housing
    • Median home value: $1.230.300
    a panoramic view of one of the most expensive cities in Canada - Vancouver
    With an increase of almost 20% in a single year, the Vancouver housing market will drain the most out of your budget

    Did you know that Vancouver is the leading industrial center in all of Canada? Port Metro Vancouver is the largest and most crucial port in the country. Although this does wonder for the city’s, and country’s economy, it does not make it any cheaper to live in the city. Nonetheless, there are 2.6 million living in the city. In fact, housing will be one of the biggest expenses you will face in the city. Consequently, some recent studies confirm that the housing market in Vancouver experienced a rise of 17.3% in prices from December 2020. The average rent in one of the most expensive cities in Canada is around $2.150 per month. Commuting in the city is slightly cheaper. However, driving your car will leave you with higher expenses. Gas prices in Vancouver are the second most expensive in the country.

    Most expensive cities in Canada: Yellowknife

    • Biggest expense: Utilities
    • Median home value: $965.300

    Yes, technically, housing will be your biggest expense while in the city. However, housing will always be expensive, no matter what. On the other hand, utilities in Yellowknife are vastly different than in other areas. First and foremost, this city has a population of only 45.600 people. Furthermore, it is a somewhat rural area, unlike the bigger cities we were talking about. Now, to avoid any unexpecting problems no one told you about, you will have to know how to adequately prepare for life here. Namely, the main reason why utilities will be the biggest expense here is due to the constant heating the city residents require. Because Yellowknife is the only city in the Northwest Territories, it requires a lot of attention. In addition, the harsh weather requires constant heating. An average utility bill will come around $410 per month.


    • Biggest expense: Housing and commuting
    • Median home value: $1.110.000
    a view of the city of Toronto from the other side of the body of water where Missisauga is
    A lot of people claim that the exponential growth of Mississauga is the thanks to Toronto, which is nearby

    Although Mississauga is around 11% cheaper than Toronto, it is still one of the most expensive cities in Canada. In fact, this was not the case in the past. However, due to its position, Mississauga is very comfortable to live in if you are working in Toronto. Because of that, a lot of people have flocked into the city. Furthermore, the constant rise of the population increased the value of housing, transportation, and other necessities. The average rent in the city would be around $1.650 a month. Moreover, there are nearly 730.000 people living in the city. More importantly, due to the proximity to Toronto, the city is under heavy influence by it. One could say that the growth of Mississauga is mostly credited to the city of Toronto. If moving to Mississauga is what you want, consider hiring movers Mississauga.