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Unexpected moving problems no one tells you about

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    When you plan a relocation you invest your time and hard work into planning everything to the tiniest detail. Hiring professionals at Number 1 Van Lines is a good way to prevent any mishaps on your part. Still, there’s always a possibility something will go wrong. Most people know about the usual problems when it comes to moving day, such as the possibility of bad weather or traffic jams slowing you down. But, what are some unexpected moving problems that people don’t talk about? We are here to share some unpleasant surprises you might encounter on your relocation journey and ways to prevent them.

    Unexpected moving problems no one warns you about

    Ideally, your meticulously planned moving day organization would go by with no hiccups, but we all know life doesn’t always work that way. Moving brings along a lot of uncertainty and stress, and the best thing you can do is hire residential moving professionals to help you. Regardless there are some things to be aware of before moving day comes around. For example:

    • be wary of moving scams
    • make sure your new house is ready for you to move in
    • protect yourself from injuries on moving day by having enough people there to help you unload the moving truck
    • check whether you have all the necessary documentation for a move

    Moving scams

    Moving scams are usually easy to avoid, you just need to pay extra attention to certain details when booking moving services. The first thing you want to watch out for is unreasonably cheap moving estimates. When it comes to moving service cost- if it sounds too good to be real, it probably is. There are plenty of affordable movers around, and it is not impossible to get professional moving assistance and not spend a fortune.

    Get a free moving quote from at least three different moving companies and you’ll see that although some are more affordable than others, there shouldn’t be any particular one that sticks out as being way cheaper. In that case, try to get more detail about the relocation plan. If the movers are avoiding answering your questions, that’s another red flag. If they are not licensed and insured on top of that, it is better to skip them entirely.

    To avoid unexpected moving problems, choose reliable moving companies.

    House not ready

    Make sure your new home is cleaned before you move in. If there is dust and dirt everywhere on moving day, you will just spread it around even more. Take the time to go over to your new house for a quick clean before you move if you are moving locally. If you have some extra time you can also paint the walls before moving in. It will be much easier to do it then, than after you’ve unpacked.

    bucket and brush on the floor
    Clean your new home before moving day to avoid spreading dirt everywhere once the movers arrive.

    We hope that some of these tips will help you prevent unexpected moving problems in your upcoming relocation. To sum up, be careful when choosing a moving company. If you have the time hop on to your new house and pre-clean it so you don’t spread dust and dirt all over it on moving day. Also, check out some moving day tips in case you need some more inspiration for a stress-free relocation.