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Transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines

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    Most people think of moving as a task where you go from one place to another. This is not exactly the truth since there are a lot of other tasks that you have to finish in order to settle down. Of course, it is the main part of moving. You need proper moving services St Catharines of your choosing. On the other hand, transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines is one of those things that still play a role in the moving process. We all need utilities to survive so the most important thing for you is not to forget to transfer everything. A mistake will cost you a lot of nerves and that is not worth it. Learn how to do it with ease!

    Transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines – learn how to do it!

    • Organize yourself
    • Inform your utility providers about the move
    • See whether the HOA covers your utilities
    • Update the address
    • Pay what you owe
    • Conduct final meter reading

    Organize yourself

    The first thing that you have to do in order to transfer your utilities to St Catharines is to make a proper organization. What we mean by this is that you need to start on time so that you could do everything that you need to. Even though it sounds very easy, there could be a lot of problems for you.

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    Handle the transfer before the relocation begins!

    Before the moving day comes, you should learn about utility providers in St Catherines. The good thing about this is that you can find them all on the Internet. Be sure to call and ask everything that you find important. They will explain everything that you need to know about the transfer.

    Inform your utility providers about the move

    When changing your utilities when moving to St Catharines, you need to inform utility providers about the upcoming relocation. You can’t just move and expect everything to be done in an hour. This kind of job usually requires some time and it is different for different utilities. The farthest date you can avoid doing this is two weeks before the move. It is an optimal time for the workers to do everything that they have to.

    On the other hand, some utilities require extra manual labor, especially when moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines. We can include internet and cable services. It is best to inform your providers about a month in advance. They will have the time to make the necessary changes.

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    Call your providers and inform them about your move

    See whether the HOA covers your utilities

    Homeowners’ Association is very important for your utilities. There are many benefits that will make everything much easier. If the HOA covers your utilities, you are in luck. That means that you will not have to pay several different bills. You will have just to pay one and the rest will be taken care of. But the important part here is for you to inform yourself about HOA and see what is the best course of action.

    Update the address

    You need to update your address when transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines. You can’t go without this step so be sure not to forget it. It is very easy to do this so it will not take too much of your time. You just need to call your utility providers and tell them your future address. This way, you will get your next bills at the future address, not at your current one.

    Pay what you owe

    Before settling down in St Catharines, you need to check whether there is something that you owe. It can easily be overseen and the best way to find out is to ask. You just have to call your providers and see. The problem with this is that many people forget to do this. They are focused on the relocation and have no time to think about anything else. It can cause you a lot of trouble and cost you money. Never forget to pay what you owe and then you can move without stress!

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    Pay what you owe and move without debt!

    Conduct final meter reading

    Final meter reading is important for several reasons. The most important one is the unexpected bill. We all know that there are some very weird cases of people that got unexpected bills they have to pay. The good thing is that you can avoid all this just by conducting a final meter reading. You need to call your providers and ask them to do this. They will get a report of your consumption which you can use. You should make a copy of it and keep it with yourself at all times. This way, if an unexpected bill comes, you will have proof that came directly from your providers!

    Get the right movers for the job

    Besides transferring utilities to St Catharines, you need to pick the right movers. It is one thing to finish the job with utilities and another to move. You need to hire quality movers that will not have any problems relocating you, no matter whether you are moving locally or long-distance.

    The problem is that there are so many movers nowadays. Not all of them are good. You need affordable and reliable movers, like Number 1 Van Lines, that will not take all of your money and still handle the relocation properly. Be smart when hiring your movers since they can ruin your relocation!


    Transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines does not have to be a problem. All you have to do is to know what you are doing and why. Not all people know all of this, but we are here to help. You should follow the tips on this list and we guarantee that you will not have any problems after you get to St Catharines. Pay what you owe and have a nice trip to this beautiful city!