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Moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines

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building - Moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines

Every relocation is hard, no matter where is the final destination. There is a lot of stuff needed to be done, even if you move just down the street. Moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines can be even harder and there are specific things that you should do in order to make your move much easier. Besides searching through many moving companies St Catharines Ontario, you need to prepare yourself ahead of time. Let’s see what you should do when relocating into a high-rise apartment!

What to do when moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines?

There is no one specific thing that you can do and you will have the stress-free relocation. We have already said that every relocation is hard but fortunately, there are things that you can do to make it easier.

  • Find the proper movers
  • Declutter
  • Pack properly
  • Learn about building’s regulations
  • Clean the apartment
  • Secure parking spots
  • Secure building’s elevators


moving boxes - Moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines
Pack and label your moving boxes properly

Find the proper movers

The vital part of every move is the moving company. They are the core and everything spins around them. Finding one sounds easy but there are many obstacles that you will have to bypass. Of course, the price is the most important thing when deciding about the movers. In order to get this kind of information, you should get free moving quote so that you can see about how much would the relocation cost you. Be sure to get several of them so that you can compare and make the best decision.


One of the most important things that you need to do when relocating into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines is cleaning. More importantly, decluttering! Since you are going high, there will be some restrictions when going up and down all the time. This can be the cause of damage to your things. In order to prevent this, it would be best for you to declutter and lower the number of things that you want to relocate. By doing this, there will be fewer things to get damaged and you will have more chances for everything to go as it should be. Declutter before the moving day and avoid bad things from happening.

Pack properly

It is crucial for you to pack properly when moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines. The moving day will probably be chaos where you need to make that everything goes perfect. Labeling your moving boxes is one of the things that can help both you and your movers. They will know where to place your moving boxes and you will be able to unpack as soon as they go.

know the rules
Learn about building’s regulations and rules

Learn about building’s regulations

When moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines, you need to learn about the building’s regulations. If you have lived in a house, you did not have to worry about anything like this. On the other hand, living in a building is different because there are some rules that you have to follow. The most important thing that you have to find out is about the moving process. You can’t move whenever you feel like and disturb other people. Be sure to get familiar with this by asking building management about them.

Clean the apartment

The best advice for relocating into a high-rise apartment is to clean it thoroughly. What we mean by this is that it will probably be all dirty when you come. When you place everything and unpack, you will not have the chance to clean the apartment thoroughly. That is the reason why you should think ahead of time and be sure that the place is spotless. Of course, you do not have to do this. There are a lot of professional crews that will do this instead of you.

Secure parking spots

St Catharines is not considered a major city when we compare it to Toronto, Montreal, etc. On the other hand, you will still have problems with parking spots if you are not careful. Many people forget to do this and they have a big problem. It is vital for you to secure those spots near the building. After all, you will have fewer chances for something to break or damage if you are closer to your new apartment.

parking spots
Secure parking spots before moving day

Secure building’s elevators

Besides securing parking spots, it would be good for you to secure the building’s elevators too. The good thing about moving to high-rise apartments is that there are plenty of elevators for you to use. On the other hand, if you do not secure them by talking with the building management, you will risk someone else using them instead of you. That means that you will have to wait, place your things in the halls, etc. It is not a pleasant situation to be in and you should avoid it. Many of these buildings have freight elevators that can be used for special situations like this.

Move by yourself or hire professionals?

Many people have doubts about this. It is not always easy to decide because you can think that you can do it yourself. That is true and you could probably finish the move by yourself. On the other hand, the con of doing this is not having any kind of insurance if something bad happens. That is why it is always better to hire professionals and let them do the job. Besides having less chance for something bad to happen, you will have insurance!


As you can see, moving into a high-rise apartment in St Catharines can be done pretty easily. The only thing that you have to do is to follow these tips and we guarantee that you will have the smoothest relocation possible. Be sure to organize and plan on time. After that, you just have to let the pros do their job while you can relax and enjoy your moving day!