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Things to do in Lincoln

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    Things to do in Lincoln

    Moving to Lincoln might be the best idea of your life. This perfect town in the Niagara region on Lake Ontario is the perfect place for families with kids. With a growing economy, you will easily find a new job there, and your kids will have the best education. Therefore you should hire the most reliable Lincoln moving company, and start moving preparations. Once you arrive in Lincoln you won’t think about leaving it. It is simply one of the most exciting places you will definitely visit. It has so many vineyards, heritage sites, and natural attractions that you will feel amazed when you see it all. This is exactly why we have decided to prepare a short guide for you all – to help you experience Lincoln in the best possible way. So without any other ado, let us begin! Continue reading “Things to do in Lincoln”

    Things to do in North York

    Another move ahead of you. This time it is North York, in Toronto, Ontario. We suppose congratulations are in order. Each move is different in one sense, but also the same in the other. Things that make all the moves the same are the stress and the expected difficulties you can encounter. The number of months you need to dedicate to planning the move and the amount of money you need to spend. On the other hand, people move for various reasons, so in that sense, moves are quite different. One thing is common for all moves, and that is having a good and reliable moving company like Number 1 Movers. Working with pros is really a game-changer. We will focus in this article on the things that come after you actually relocate. We will talk about things to do in North York, once you move and settle down.

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    Transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines

    Most people think of moving as a task where you go from one place to another. This is not exactly the truth since there are a lot of other tasks that you have to finish in order to settle down. Of course, it is the main part of moving. You need proper moving services St Catharines of your choosing. On the other hand, transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines is one of those things that still play a role in the moving process. We all need utilities to survive so the most important thing for you is not to forget to transfer everything. A mistake will cost you a lot of nerves and that is not worth it. Learn how to do it with ease! Continue reading “Transferring utilities when moving to St Catharines”

    Things to do in Dundas

    Dundas, Ontario. This little town right on the border of Hamilton is truly a diamond in disguise. Whether you’re just visiting or moving here, you will have a lot to look forward to. The beautiful environment and all the quaint little corners combine into a comfy town, suitable for family and adventurous souls alike. The town is never short of fun and excitement. Therefore moving here is an excellent choice if you crave a bit of both. So give your Dundas movers a call and enlist their help. Things to do in Dundas are abundant, and you will need to save up a lot of energy to experience them all. Continue reading “Things to do in Dundas”

    Fall Events in Burlington

    No matter where are you living currently, if you are looking for a fresh start you will find this article useful. In this article, we will recommend a vibrant waterfront city you will love. We are talking about Burlington which is strategically located in the Greater Toronto area and it has a lot to offer. This unique city offers a high quality of life with great transit options, schools, recreational facilities, parkland, shopping, dining. Besides, here you can visit many festivals and enjoy the nightlife. There are just so many reasons why relocation to Burlington is a smart decision. Among those reasons are various contents suitable for spending weekends in the city. This article will help you prepare for moving to this lovely city. After you hire moving companies in Burlington and settle down, let’s prepare to meet the city. We will remind you of fall events in Burlington. Continue reading “Fall Events in Burlington”

    How to celebrate Halloween in Canada

    If you recently moved here, you will probably look for the best ways to celebrate Halloween in Canada. Luckily for you, if you love Halloween, Canada loves this holiday and you can be sure that you will not just have a great time, but also meet some new people. First of all, you need to make sure that you know about the tradition. Now that the Number 1 Movers moved you to your amazing neighborhood, you can start getting ready. Here, you can enjoy the holidays as much as anywhere else.

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    Things to know about Greater Toronto Area

    If you’re considering moving to the Greater Toronto Area, we’re delighted to say that you’re thinking in the right direction. Even though moving may seem like a big and intimidating move, we assure you it is simpler than you think. By hiring skilled and reliable movers GTA, your move will be a breeze and you’ll be able to relax. Aside from having the right moving company by your side, it is also good to know where you’re moving to. To make your move simpler and enjoyable, we bring you a few things to know about the Greater Toronto Area. GTA is a beautiful place, and we are sure you are going to love it. Continue reading “Things to know about Greater Toronto Area”

    Things to do in Richmond Hill after the move

    Regardless if you’re planning a move to Ontario, or you’ve just arrived, nows the time to ask the important questions. One of these questions is certainly: “What things are there to do in Richmond Hill?” We’re glad you asked because this cozy little town has so much to offer. With plenty of historic landmarks and parks, you will have your hands full exploring the beauties of Richmond Hill after your move. And you will have plenty of time to do so, too! Hiring one of the best moving companies Richmond Hill can offer means you won’t have to worry about a thing. They will take care of the entire move, while you relax by Wilcox lake. Continue reading “Things to do in Richmond Hill after the move”

    Things to do in Etobicoke after the move

    If you relocate your new home here with your family, it’s a perfect time to ask a question- What are the best things to do in Etobicoke, after the relocation? The good news are- Etobicoke is an amazing place, and there are many interesting things to do and places to see here. No matter if you are alone, with kids, married or with a pet, you will certainly find something that will make you love this amazing place even more. Number 1 Movers are the perfect choice for your relocation, but once it’s done, you won’t need anybody. You can just relax and have an amazing life in this amazing place.

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    Living in Grimsby: Things you need to know

    An interesting little neighborhood on the shores of Lake Ontario has an intriguing past. We recommend taking a detour to this curious little area the next time you’re driving down the highway between Toronto and Niagara Falls. The detour we’re talking about is at Grimsby Ontario, a city of about 25,000 people about halfway between Hamilton and the Falls. Just take exit 68 (Bartlett Avenue North) and head toward the lake. Or let Grimsby movers relocate you there! Take a left turn onto Lake and then right onto Betts. Here you may find that living in Grimsby reveals a charming world of narrow lanes with a collection of the cutest little Victorian gingerbread cottages north of Cape Cod. The buildings date back to the late 1800s when they were first used as summer cottages. But here’s a lit more about Grimsby! Continue reading “Living in Grimsby: Things you need to know”