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5 Tips for Settling Down in St Catharines

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    person holding a maple leaf

    Trying to settle in and adapt to your new home after the move, only adds to the stress of moving. It is a long process that needs to be taken seriously. Moving to a new town with family and kids brings with it a period of change. For some settling down is easy, while others may have a hard time adapting. So, once you are done with the reliable moving companies St Catharines Ontario, it is time to start over. From shopping for new household items and appliances to fitting cables through your new home for a few more power outlets. This only gets harder when you are not familiar with the neighborhood. Settling down in St Catharines is important to finalize your move, and fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    When you want to send a file from one computer to another, you simply do it with a few clicks and it is ready to use. With moving, it is not all that simple. Sure enough, your items are traveling from one location to another, but there is so much more happening. Because of this, it is important to tackle the period after the move as best as possible. This includes unpacking all of your items and slowly start putting them in their place. The sooner you make a home feel like home, the sooner you will be able to relax. After this, it is time to learn about your surroundings and get to know the people that will soon be a part of your daily life.

    man and woman settling down in St Catharines
    A house starts to feel like a home when you organize it the way you want to.

    Settling down in St Catharines begins with your own nest

    Once you move in, say goodbye to your long distance movers Ontario, and take a good look at your new home, it is time to truly make it your own. Basic needs such as electricity, water systems, or cable tv are a common thing in every home. What makes your home different from the others, is how you organize it, and your routine in it. Because of this, it is very important to get back to your usual routine as fast as possible. Measure every room in your home, and see what fits where. If it makes you feel more comfortable, place everything as it was in your old place. Go through every room and check your inventory list, and start decorating. If you need to, consult a home designer for help and tips on how to best organize your home and feel comfortable in it.

    Discover your neighborhood and get familiar with it

    Keep in mind that the first step to getting settled in a new town is learning how to navigate it. Moving means stepping into unknown surroundings, so you want to make yourself familiar and comfortable with it as soon as possible. You can start by learning the general layout of the area, to help you navigate it easier. Discover where the essential locations are, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, and banks. In addition, it is also good to know where pass time locations are, such as libraries, parks, and restaurants. Applications such as Yelp can help you learn about the noticeable places in St Catharines. The best way to explore is by walking and talking. Don’t rely on your phone for information, but instead chat with people you meet along the way and ask for directions. Small interactions like this make a world of difference.

    people enjoying drinks in a garden
    Visit garden parties and garage sales to meet your neighbors and make friends

    Update all of your documents

    Settling down in St Catharines means fully becoming a part of it. This means updating your documents and paperwork to display your new address of residence. Documents such as your vehicle registration number, driver’s license, personal identification, and mailing address, should be updated as soon as you move to St Catharines, or even before that. This is highly necessary to avoid legal problems or issues with shipping and mailing items to you. In addition, you need a local address as proof for many different things. For example, if you want to get a new internet provider, or rent a car, the companies will most likely as you for your local address as proof of residence.

    Getting to know your neighbors is a big part of settling down in St Catharines

    If you step out of your house, you will surely find many events and activities happening in your neighborhood. Visit a block party, a concert in the park, or attend a garage sale. Show up with your family, and use this time to meet new people and potentially gain new friends. You can make a social gathering yourself by organizing a potluck party, where everyone brings their own dish to the table. Use this opportunity to break the ice and be a great host by organizing fun activities. Your goal is not just to make new friends, but to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. To stay connected with every one, take photos and upload them to social media while tagging your new neighbors. Organize new events with them and you will soon realize that even your old friends were once new ones.

    a family having a toast during dinner
    Strengthen the bond with your family by engaging into activities together

    Be active and do not isolate yourself

    The fact is, you won’t be very mobile during the first few days after the move. You will need some time to organize everything in your home and organize it the way you like. On top of that, you’ll spend some time trying to find your routine again. This, of course, doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. Regardless if you are moving to Ontario with a family or alone, isolating yourself can hurt your chances of settling down in St Catharines. Try to engage yourself in activities that can boost morale and strengthen the bonds with your family. Find a hobby or an activity that makes you happy, like exercise or building model kits.  Some journeys are easier, while others can be more challenging. Whatever journey you are on, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself through it.