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Things to do in Dundas

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Dundas, Ontario. This little town right on the border of Hamilton is truly a diamond in disguise. Whether you’re just visiting or moving here, you will have a lot to look forward to. The beautiful environment and all the quaint little corners combine into a comfy town, suitable for family and adventurous souls alike. The town is never short of fun and excitement. Therefore moving here is an excellent choice if you crave a bit of both. So give your Dundas movers a call and enlist their help. Things to do in Dundas are abundant, and you will need to save up a lot of energy to experience them all.

Healthy living is (almost) non-optional in Dundas

Hiking is one of the best and healthiest things to do in Dundas. And it is readily available to anyone. The town boasts no shortage of hiking trails and waterfalls. It is also the home of the great Dundas Valley Conservation Area. While hiking in the conservation area, you may stumble upon the ruins of the Hermitage. This wonderful stone mansion dates from the 19th century. However, it is now rumored to be haunted. Which is perfect for thrillseekers.

hiking is only one of many things to do in Dundas
Nature lovers will have a blast in Dundas.

If flat trails are more to your taste, consider the Hamilton Rail Trail, an impressive 32 km in length, perfect for a long, contemplative walk. It is also one of the best biking trails in Dundas, completely distant from traffic and the noise ever-present on the roads.

There are always things to do in Dundas for arts and music lovers

After moving to Dundas with the help of some of the best local movers in Ontario, art connoisseurs will have a lot to look forward to. Dundas is a town full of culture. Therefore, there’s always some manifestation going on. All you have to do is take a stroll and take your pick.

Be sure to visit the Carnegie Gallery. Located in downtown Dundas, this charming building was once the old public library. Young local artists often display their works here. If you time your visit to the weekend before Thanksgiving you can join the Dundas Studio Tour. This tour presents the ultimate way of experiencing the talent and raw passion of the local artists and artisans. After the tour, treat yourself to some homemade ice cream or local tea.

If you are more interested in music, you’ll enjoy hearing the Dundas Valley Orchestra or the Dundas Concert Band performing. Both are ensembles of amateur musicians of all ages. They perform regularly in community venues so you will be able to enjoy their music free of charge.

Taking a stroll through downtown is always an interesting activity

You will find many quaint little shops, with trinkets and baubles on display in the storefronts. The main street is King Street West. However, be sure to dive into the neighboring alleyways. You might find what you’re looking for right around the corner!

One of the most amazing places to visit downtown is Beanermunky Chocolate – a cozy little shop right in the heart of Dundas. Beanermunky is a product of true passion, boasting artisan chocolate and confectionaries crafted by a master chocolatier, using only chocolate approved by the World Cocoa Foundation. And they also have vegan options!

Assorted chocolates
In Beanermunky, you’ll get one of the sweetest experiences in Dundas.

If you’re feeling adventurous, visit the Cabinet of Curiosities. Here you will find the strangest assortment of items you’ve probably ever seen. From antiques to taxidermy, to sideshow memorabilia, there is no shortage of variety in the Cabinet. It is also known that the Cabinet rents many props for movies and TV shows, including Hannibal, American Gods, and The Handmaid’s Tale!

Tired of walking around? Take a break at one of the many Restaurants and Cafes

Certainly one of the staples of Dundas is the restaurant and café scene, and a must-visit for anyone interested in fine dining or a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re looking for local or exotic cuisine, there is something for you right around the corner. For your exotic tastes, visit the Thirsty Cactus and get your fill of Mexican food. If you’re interested in Asian food, go to the Bangkok Spoon Deluxe, a Thai restaurant, well suited to everyone’s taste.

For the coffee lovers, take a stroll downtown and visit the Detour Coffee Roasters, a cozy little coffee shop which is an absolute must-visit if coffee is the most important meal of your day. There are fresh coffee and espresso available, along with freshly baked bread and desserts.

However, if you’re more interested in craft beer, visit the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company – a small craft brewery in Dundas, with a taproom, bottle shop, and a patio, with many products readily available for sampling and purchase.

Events and Festivals are abundant in Dundas

Events and festivals present the culture of a town in the most natural form of all. A moment in time when the inhabitants of the town gather to celebrate the lifeblood and history of the town, the memory of its previous inhabitants – all in one wholesome package. And if you’re moving to Dundas with family, you’ll be happy to know that most of the events are family-friendly.

If you want a bit of local culture in your life, attend the Dundas Cactus Festival. On the 3rd weekend of August, most of the town turns up for this festival, with many foreigners visiting as well. You can walk through the streets among the clamor of the festival-goers, visit one of the stages with live music or grab a bite at one of the many food trucks lining the streets.

Gingerbread cookies
The Dickens of a Christmas event is great fun for the entire family.

Also, of note is the Dundas Buskerfest, during the 1st weekend of June. This festival features, as the name hints, street performers from all corners of the world who gather to show their talents. Usually, there are many buskers, all performing at the same time, down the whole length of King Street. As always, there are food trucks, crafters, and vendors, waiting for you with a smile on their faces.

From the end of November through Christmas, Dundas celebrates with the Dickens of a Christmas event. You can enjoy the magic that is cinnamon apple cider and gingerbread, accompanied by carolers and the laughter of Father Christmas.

You’ll never run out of things to do in Dundas

Dundas, Ontario is truly an incredible town. There is something magical in its streets and sounds. Therefore, if what you’re looking for is a peaceful, tight-knit community, get in touch with your movers and start packing. With a cozy feel, beautiful nature, and many strange and exciting places, Dundas is an excellent choice for you.