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Things you should not pack in card boxes

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    Person sealing a box while thinking of things you should not pack in card boxes

    Cardboard boxes are the most common type of moving and packaging containers. They are convenient, usually cheap, and easy to get. After all, moving is not moving without cardboard boxes! However, while you could pack most things in cardboard boxes, some items are better off packed in other containers. Some for their good, others for the good of the items around them. Even though Number 1 Movers Van Lines┬ámostly use cardboard boxes, they also use other types of boxes. You should also look up to the professionals. So, let’s see which things you should not pack in card boxes.

    What are some items that can benefit from transport in other containers?

    You should invest additional time in packing certain items. While you’re at it, you should also pack them in other containters aside from cardboard boxes. But without exception, all items will benefit from hiring some movers Toronto Ontario. But if you cannot or won’t get moving help, at least you should know what things you should not pack in card boxes. That being said, some of those items are:

    • Documents
    • Extra fragile, expensive items
    • Liquids
    Picture of a man loading a truck
    While it’s a most common packaging material, some things you should not pack in card boxes.

    Documents are too worthy to be packed in a common box

    Documents are items that can cause quite a lot of trouble when moving. And they shouldn’t be packed in some moving boxes Ontario. First, these items should be transported in your vehicle during a move because you might need them. Second, some movers won’t even accept transporting important items like this. Third, documents are made out of paper, which is very susceptible to moisture damage, the same as cardboard boxes. So, if the cardboard box where your documents are gets wet, you can already start planning on waiting in line to get new copies.

    Extra fragile, expensive items should be handled with special care

    While you could pack fragile items in cardboard boxes with a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper, there is a better solution. Really delicate items often have special boxes made for them. For example, you could pack artwork in a flattened cardboard box, but the better solution would be to get a special fine art box. Always check with some residential movers Toronto if they offer this type of special box for your extra fragile possessions.

    Liquids are also things you should not pack in card boxes

    First of all, many movers don’t accept liquids as part of the moving inventory, especially if they are flammable. These liquids are mostly cleaning solutions and other hazardous items. But even if you decide to move liquids by yourself, entrust them to a cardboard box. If everything goes perfectly, your items will arrive in good condition, but no one guarantees that. Liquids can easily spill during transport, getting everything inside the box dirty and leaking onto everything around it through the cardboard. This may cause irreversible damage that you should endure. The better option for packing liquids is a plastic container with a lid. For extra safety, you can even put plastic wrap under the lid and put each bottle in a separate plastic bag.

    Picture of some things you should not pack in card boxes
    Liquids are better off in other containers

    Final thoughts on the things you should not pack in card boxes

    Some of the things you should not pack in card boxes are logical, while you might not think of others. One interesting thing that you should either pack separately or take with you is kids’ toys. Imagine having to tell your kids that their favorite toy got stained or broken because of a damaged cardboard box. Kids go through enough stress during a move already; save them from this one. Good luck!