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Moving Non Allowable Items: What not to pack?

Moving Non Allowable Items: What not to pack?

When it comes to relocation, there are some things that your movers can’t move for you. Moving non allowable items has strict restrictions and can have serious legal coincidences. It’s best to find out which items are on the prohibited list and which ones you shouldn’t pack. Continue reading “Moving Non Allowable Items: What not to pack?”

How to prepare your in-home estimate

It comes up to be such a common thing, nowadays, to relocate home to another place. Reasons for that may differ, but one thing is the same. That is- starting a new chapter in your life that usually makes a positive change. Overwhelmed with joy and excitement you should not forget that moving can be a challenging job, as well. Preparations for it can be time-consuming and stressful, but let that not put you down. If you make a good organizational plan and ask for some help, it might be a piece of cake. One of the things that you should have in mind while organizing a move is the estimation of your household items. That is the reason why we will pay special attention to it in this article. We will give you some useful advice on how to prepare your in-home estimate. Continue reading “How to prepare your in-home estimate”

How to how to write a review for a moving company

If you clicked on the title of this article that probably means that you’re one of those people who’ve just moved to your new home with the help of the professional moves from, and now you want to share your experience with others. If that’s the case, and you need help to write a review for a moving company, we will be happy to share some useful tips with you and assist you along the way. Hopefully, it won’t take you long to conduct a useful and comprehensive comment which will serve others make a decision whether they should opt for the same moving company or not. Continue reading “How to how to write a review for a moving company”

Do you know your moving rights

Moving preparations should be thorough and systematic in order to have a successful relocation. However, sometimes it happens that people experience something rather unpleasant which makes their relocation project a bad one. From planning every step to finding a reliable moving company to paying attention how to pack your belongings, all of these cause stress. One of the things that contribute to poor relocation experience is insufficient information about the rights you have when moving. And this is precisely why you should know your moving rights. We invite you to learn more about this serious matter and overcome your relocation the easy way. We are sure that stress-free relocation is something everyone is looking for when going into a project like this. Continue reading “Do you know your moving rights”

What should you know about the pick-up and delivery dates?

Relocation is a rather hectic undertake. Some of you might ponder the idea of opting for a DIY move. Luckily, we’re here to tell you not to waste your time, but rather pick up that phone and call a professional moving company. However, even if you hire the best movers in Hamilton Ontario, there are still things you need to familiarize yourself with. Things like pick-up and delivery dates of your furniture, for example. Well, the following few lines will be dedicated to explaining ins and outs of these intricacies.

How does one get pick-up and delivery dates?

Why, by asking for them, of course. When all is settled with your moving company, the mover ought to give you a date or spread of dates on your order for service and bill of lading. It is of the highest importance that you receive definite information regarding these dates. Failing to do so can and often does result in a delayed shipment. Furthermore, you must be open and upfront with your moving date. Just that date alone has many factors that affect it. Such are:

  • the closing date for your home
  • your travel time
  • the date you want to receive possession of your new residence

Discuss these details with your moving company as soon as the early stages of your relocation. So, now that that’s clear, let’s see how big is your delivery window. It’s important noting that it can vary depending on circumstances, most prominent ones being:

  • the distance between your old and your new place (more miles result in a long time spread)
  • the time of the year you chose for delivery (moving peak season is during the summer months, so it would be wise to expect a longer time spread)
  • the weight of your shipment (more items mean shorter time spread)
  • if they have other pickups or deliveries along the way
A wodden pedestal signage near a road
The distance the truck needs to travel will, naturally, have an effect on pick-up and delivery dates

What are your responsibilities?

Agreeing to the pick-up and delivery dates that are presented to you means that you are obligated to accept your shipment within that time frame. If it so happens that you are are not available, find someone you can trust to be there instead of you.

When it comes to the pick-up

  1. pay special attention to the bill of lading, and not just the inventory sheet. On it, you should find information regarding the mover held accountable for the transport of your goods. Look for his full name, mover’s address, telephone number, and “MC” number.
  2. you to be able to accept pick-up from the first date to the last one on your pick-up spread of dates.
  3. make sure to be present and oversee the loading of your belongings.
  4. take a good look at the mover’s description of your belongings on the inventory. It should contain damages that might have occurred during the transport. If you, however, do not agree with his description, make sure to have the items’ conditions listed on both his and your copy of the inventory sheet.
  5. double check that all of your boxes, furniture and other goods that you intend on shipping are listed on the inventory sheet.
  6. a copy of the bill of lading, inventory sheet, order for service/estimate, household goods booklet, numbers to call, and other important documents should be available to you at all times. It would be unwise to pack them along with your shipment.
A signed document and a pen
It is smart to keep important papers by your side, in case a need for them arises unexpectedly

When it comes to delivery

  1. as with pick-up, the company expects you to be able to accept delivery of your shipment from the first to the last date of the delivery spread dates, you previously agreed upon.
  2. know that only the date on the order for service and bill of lading are binding. So, if your driver gives you any specific date, don’t hold him to his word, since it’s not reliable.
  3. Payment is usually required to be made by certified check, cash or money order unless prior credit card arrangements were made and approved by the mover.
  4. do not be surprised at the driver asking for payment prior to the truck’s unloading or even opening.
  5. if you haven’t previously made credit card arrangements, certified check, cash or money order are required as a mean of payment.
  6. if your belongings take up more than one truck, the mover decides whether he wants to collect charges for each portion of the shipment, or rather wait until all parts have been delivered.
  7. as mentioned with the pick-up, the driver will present you with a list of the condition of your shipment. Whether you agree or disagree with the driver, make sure to put it on paper. More specifically, make your list of the condition of your shipment. Make sure to mark any differences both on your and the driver’s report.

What company would suit you best?

Company’s flexibility regarding pick-up and delivery dates can depend on the distance of your move. Long-distance movers can sometimes move faster when presented with more shipments to work with. So, if you are moving to Hamilton from British Columbia, a major van line might be a better choice. However, it’s worth noting that movers can also wait until they have a full load going to a certain region or along a route before they decide to send a truck there.

A smaller moving company can be a better choice for a short-distance move. Having a lesser amount to work around enhances their flexibility. This means that they are able to accommodate your preferences for certain dates more easily.

A toy moving truck
A smaller moving company can mean a quicker service

Whatever company you go for, make sure to express your personal need for a particular delivery date as soon as possible. This will allow the company to offer a number of different dates, making your choice easier. Have in mind that most moving companies will make every effort to meet your needs. Nonetheless, be properly informed about their possibilities before you make the final decision. 

Your guide to deducting moving expenses

That moving is expensive, it a fact everyone is familiar with. Whether you have moved before, or not it is something you should prepare for. And that is why many are looking for different ways for deducting moving expenses in order to go through this project as cheaper as possible. And while it is not the easiest thing to become eligible for tax deduction, there are still ways how to manage it. It is just, you will need to be a good candidate for this type of deduction. Continue reading “Your guide to deducting moving expenses”

What is a bill of lading?

When it comes to moving, there are some things that many people did not hear about. If it is your first time moving, you will learn a lot of things and new terms somewhere along the way. Some of these terms are binding estimates, quotes, long-haul moving and other. You need to make sure to have everything under control. You need to get reliable movers, and these are kind of hard to find. If you are moving to Canada, you should consider hiring long distance movers Ontario, for they offer some of the best reliable services around. And make sure everything is done by the book. The most important document you make with your moving company is the bill of lading. And here is why:

Continue reading “What is a bill of lading?”

The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

So, you’ve decided to move. Excellent! Moving is an important step in a person’s life and leads to a fresh start. But, moving can be very stressful. After all, moving is pretty complex stuff. You have to think about a lot of things! You need to figure out how to pack all of your belongings or hire someone to do it. Then, you need to figure out how to transport everything. So, of course, it’s no wonder that most people turn to reputable professionals who can handle the whole thing with ease. But, even that can be stressful in its own way! It’s not enough to find reputable movers, you have to figure out a bunch of new terms. For example, if you ask a layman what’s the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes, who knows if you’ll get the right answer. So what do you do? Continue reading “The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes”

How to recognize fraudulent movers?

Moving industry has been on the rise over the past decade. Consequently, the number of companies that provide moving services has also increased significantly. It’s good to know that most of these companies run a fully legitimate business. However, there is a small percentage of movers that can truly make your life miserable if you make the mistake of hiring them. We call them fraudulent movers or rogue movers. Continue reading “How to recognize fraudulent movers?”

Should you tip your movers?

Are you all packed up and ready to move? Did you hire professionals to handle your move? Have you calculated moving costs, made a moving checklist and got your affairs in order? If so, you’re one of the thousands of people wondering the same thing: should you tip your movers? Well, it is customary to tip professionals, and real movers are professionals. It is highly important to hire reputable professionals to handle your move! After all, you trust them with your precious belongings, and you trust them to give you a stress-free move. There is a very good reason professional movers are highly sought after. So, don’t you think professionals deserve a little reward for their hard work making your life easier? Continue reading “Should you tip your movers?”