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How much do movers cost in Ontario?

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Are you planning to relocate from, or to Ontario soon? If so, you must have wondered just how much do movers cost in Ontario, or in Canada in general. Number 1 Movers Ontario will try to break down this topic for you to help you make the best possible decision for you to minimize relocation expenses. When you hire professional movers, you’ll save time and energy, which will allow you to focus on other priorities in your life. But being informed about the current prices will help you know if a moving company is reliable, if it has realistic prices, or if it’s overpriced. To find out more about the costs of moving companies in Ontario, keep on reading!

What affects the cost of moving to Ontario?

Several things affect the cost of relocation in Ontario:

  • The type of items that you’re moving
  • The distance that needs to be crossed and the logistics that are included. Logically, the services of long distance moving companies Ontario cost more than local ones.
  • Presence or lack of elevators and suitable exits
  • Quantity of the items and, consequently, the time needed to get the job done
  • Type and number of services
  • Sometimes the timing of the relocation affects the price. If the movers are in the peak season, they might charge more
movers cost in Ontario
Numerous factors affect how much the movers cost in Ontario.

How to find out how much movers cost in Ontario

To find out the proper movers’ cost in Ontario and the moving companies that operate there, you should first compare the prices. To do this, send out free quotes and see what the average price is. For two-bedroom apartments, the price is an average of $900–$1000. If you have a 3-room apartment or home and you want movers to do the whole job, your bill will range somewhere between $2000 and $3000. The prices might be lower if the movers don’t handle the whole moving process. For instance, when calculating the overall price of the move, think about how packing your things yourself or having an overall more DIY-oriented approach might affect the final cost. Finding the balance between the two views on moving (“I’ll handle it myself” and “Let the professionals do what they’re paid for”) can make a significant difference.

Choose reliable movers – don’t go straight to the cheapest ones

When you’re looking for a moving company, make sure to get more free quotes and not immediately hire the first moving company that you come across. The chances are that their services aren’t satisfactory. Do the research and read reviews, especially the ones written on moving forums. Give the moving company a call and talk to them about the services, moving date, and prices. Don’t forget to check out the insurance options. Numerous things go into the price, which we’ll break down as well as we can in the next paragraph!

man taping a box
Research moving companies and find the best prices/quality of service ratio.

Average prices of several moving services

Let’s see how the various moving services that are available impact the final price. There are a couple of “hacks” you should keep in mind when planning your move and making sure your budget is in line with the situation on the market.

  1. The costs are significantly higher in the summer. That’s when many people have more time — yearly vacations, students moving to college, etc. This will increase the cost of the services and make the relocation harder because you won’t be able to choose a moving date too much, which will require additional logistics and storage spaces.
  2. The number of movers that you hire needs to be ideal to pay the least possible price. If you don’t hire enough movers, they’ll take longer to finish the job, which results in a bigger bill. For example, two movers cost, on average, $150 during the on-season and $120 during the off-season.
  3. Many companies have hourly minimums, which you should take into consideration.
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A thorough online investigation might help you figure out some of the most common fees and expenses.

Comparing different prices and finding what suits you best

After doing some research, you will most likely find that moving prices in different cities in the Ontario province vary depending on numerous factors, some of which are listed above. Namely because of that, just for comparison, we’ll offer some of the prices of local moving in some of Ontario’s biggest cities, having various circumstances in mind. Without further ado, here are some prices you may consider before you begin packing your stuff!

List of moving price examples:

  1. For a local move, you can usually hire movers Oshawa for somewhere around CA$1000
  2. Kitchener movers cost about CA$900 for small local moves (condos, Bachelor’s)
  3. Movers Etobicoke charge CA$800 for local relocation. Some preliminary calculations indicate that average costs of complete relocation within this city is CA$ 1501
  4. The common fee for relocating a one-Bedroom home with movers Milton is around CA$ 750
  5. When booking the best movers in Hamilton Ontario, hiring two professional workers with a vehicle for a local move will cost from CA$109.00/hour to CA$199.00/hour
  6. On the other hand, if you’re planning on hiring some of the many local movers Toronto, the price of manual labor per hour for every individual mover will be somewhere between CA$50 and CA$80
  7. Hiring two North York movers with a truck for a smaller relocation will probably cost you around CA$ 90 per hour
  8. If you are planning to hire movers Vaughan ON,  have in mind that costs per mover rarely exceed 60 to 80 CA$
  9. One interesting and useful piece of information if you are a musician, an heir of one, or you simply like a bit of an ‘aristocratic’ vibe to your home: if you’re planning on moving within Markham shortly – movers Markham ON usually charge CA$ 300 – 600 for moving a grand piano.

As you can see, the question “How much do movers cost in Ontario” isn’t an easy one to answer. There is a lot of ground to be covered when calculating the costs, but you have to start somewhere. Get a free quote or give us a call and start your relocation experience on the right foot! Meanwhile, good luck with your upcoming relocation!