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How to pack furniture for your Toronto move?

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    Couple about to pack furniture for your Toronto move

    When moving, you will have to take the majority of your belongings with you. Small things won’t be a problem to transport, however, the bulky items might give you a headache. Heavy, oddly shaped, and big, furniture is a nightmare for any person who is about to move. But it is better to put a little effort into moving it than to live in an empty home. After all, if you don’t move your furniture, you’ll have to buy it. Both decisions have both pros and cons, so the choice is up to you. But when thinking about hiring movers, you should always go for Number 1 Movers Van Lines. In this guide, we will talk about how to pack furniture for your Toronto move, in case you decide to take it with you.

    What are the things to pay attention to when you pack furniture for your Toronto move?

    Furniture is usually made out of sturdy materials like wood, metal, and some kind of fabric, except for some glass pieces that can be found. This might give you an idea that furniture is difficult to damage and durable. Some pieces are, but even a small scratch will ruin its look. And the furniture is supposed to last, so you might as well pack furniture for your Toronto move the right way by using the help of some movers Toronto Ontario or by:

    • Clean furniture before packing
    • Use high-quality materials
    Picture of two furniture pieces before you pack furniture for your Toronto move
    Furniture is more fragile than you think

    Clean the furniture before packing

    You might think that you will have time to clean your furniture after you move, but let’s not lie, all you will want is to relax on clean furniture. For that reason, you need to clean it as the first step before moving with some residential movers Toronto. This is especially important if you have kids and pets. To avoid damage, you need to pick the cleaning solution that’s right for the material of your furniture.

    Use high-quality materials

    Packing materials are the one thing that will keep your furniture from getting damaged. Since moving boxes Ontario are the most important part of your packing equipment, you need to get high-quality ones. You won’t pack a couch in a box, but some disassembled pieces can be put into boxes. Make sure to label it so that those pieces won’t get lost. Bubble wrap and packing paper are your second-most important packing materials, so make sure to use plenty of them. They will prevent scratches on both your furniture and the walls.

    Picture of a wrapped furniture piece
    When you want to pack furniture for your Toronto move, you need high quality materials

    Conclusion on how to pack furniture for your Toronto move

    When you want to pack furniture for your Toronto move, you need time. If you want to do it right, it can take up to a month to pack everything. Also take your time with lifting those pieces, because furniture is the number one reason for moving injuries. You will either need some strong friends and the right lifting techniques or professional furniture movers that know what they are doing. We wish you good luck!