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Reasons to move to Markham

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Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience. Sometimes, it can be so exciting, that we forget to do some of the basic things before we move. One of those things is actually researching the city or place you are moving into. To prevent that from happening to you, today we are going to talk about reasons to move to Markham. Moving into a new city is always best done with the help of professionals. Therefore, before you start going on this journey, consider hiring professional movers, like Number 1 Movers, to help you tackle the process properly. The way you approach and tackle the relocation process will determine your overall experience with it. However, if you want to tackle the process properly, you should start by exploring the area you are moving into. But do not worry, we are going to help you do it, as well.

Reasons to move to Markham, Ontario

Approximately 19 miles from downtown Toronto, in the Municipality of York, Ontario, lies the city of Markham. With a population of 356.000, Markham is the largest city in the York Region and the fourth-largest in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). In the beginning, the area was an agricultural center. However, with the development of Toronto, the area changes into an industrial municipality. Today, Markham is home to over 1.000 technological industries and businesses.

a drone shot of the city of Toronto, which is pretty close to Markham, being one of many more reasons to move Markham
Although Markham is a city of its own, the proximity to Toronto makes it even more desirable and ideal to live in

Due to the proximity, the city shares the humid continental climate with Toronto. This means that summers in the city are warm and humid, while the winters are cold and very snowy. The highest temperature in the city was 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest was around -31.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, nearly 80% of the population is made of immigrants. The largest immigrant population is Chinese, making around 47% of the population of the city.

The diversity

First, we are going to address the elephant in the room. Now, Canada having immigrants is surely no surprise to anyone. They have always been an open, inclusive, and diverse country. Well, it is this diversity that works in the favor of Markham. Cultural, as well as traditional, diversity, will always have positive effects on the area. With the majority of the population being immigrants, the diversity in Markham is no match. Furthermore, it is this diversity that allows people in the city to enjoy different cultures, traditions, cuisine, and much more. As we were saying, one of the largest immigrant populations in Chinese. So much so, that Cantonese and Mandarin languages are right behind the English language, as the most common mother tongue in the area. Markham might not be on the list of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, but its community makes the city worldwide.

A career and business-friendly city

If you are a career pursuer then Markham might be the place for you. As we continue to discuss our list of reasons to move to Markham, mentioning the job market is a must. Namely, Markham attracts a lot of different companies from different industry branches into the city. The overall vibrant industry has many inter and multi-national companies that attract professionals from all around Canada.

a man in a suit reading a business newspaper
Aside from being business-friendly, the city also offers great job opportunities for its residents

In fact, many people claim that Markham is “Canada’s Hi-Tech Capital”. The nickname is justified by more than 1.100 tech company offices that are in the city. Furthermore, these companies employ a fifth of the entire city population. Moreover, because of the job market state, it is also good to run a business in the city. Hence, if you plan on doing that, here is how you can reduce corporate moving costs. Finally, the city’s business districts and attitudes keep on improving.

If you love spending time outside, this might be one of the biggest reasons to move to Markham

People that love outdoor activities and spending time in nature will not easily move to any location. In fact, these people will almost always do the research and see if the area they plan on moving to has enough activities for them. Well, luckily, if you are one of these people, Markham is the right place for you. Namely, there are more than 50 parks in the city. For instance, one of the largest – Rouge Park, is a 123-hectare national park that is located right in the middle of the city. From wetlands, open spaces, forests, ponds, scenic bridges, and much more, the Markham parks offer residents a plethora of options when it comes to outdoor activities. Some of the most popular local activities are:

  • Hiking
  • Trailing
  • Cycling
  • Birdwatching
  • Camping and picnicking

History is always present

Picturesque buildings and historic sites are everywhere to be found in the city. Markham is a city that is full of well-preserved history and is not afraid to brag about it. From old neighborhoods to old homes that date back from the 19th century, walking through the city will leave you amazed by the view.

an old neighborhood with old houses and a rocky road
Old historic buildings, untouched 19th-century houses, museums, and much more await all the history buffs that want to learn

In fact, one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city is called Unionville, one of the oldest areas in the city, with buildings being older than 200 years. Again, you can also visit Markham Village, where historic buildings still stand in their original form. The Markham Village will allow you to see the world that existed before our, modern era. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with movers Markham and start organizing your relocation as soon as possible.

There is so much more to see and experience

A city like Markham is full of history. This means that the city itself has a lot to tell to the locals and those that move there or visit it. In fact, the city itself gives a lot of reasons to move to Markham, as it will always touch the explorer and adventurer side of you. Of course, there is so much more than the city has to offer. From entertainment, history, knowledge, to affordable housing, a good job market, and a successful business center, we cannot but wonder – why not move to Markham?