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Fastest Growing Cities In Canada

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Canada's flag

Did you know that the population of Canada is expanding at a greater rate than that of any other G7 country? As is true in most other nations across the world, the majority of these new Canadians (both native-born and immigrant) live in metropolitan areas. As a result, the fastest developing communities in Canada face a variety of specific issues, the most significant of which is a shortage of suitable infrastructure. However, it is still one of the most desirable countries for a number of reasons. There is a plethora of job opportunities and entertainment in each one. Making Canada a great choice for anyone that still feels young in spirit. As part of this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 15 fastest-growing cities in Canada. We’ll also look at the vast building projects that are being conducted within them in order to accommodate this expansion.

Canada's flag over the town
Canada is one of the most desirable countries for immigrants.

Why Canada?

For a variety of reasons, people opt to relocate to another part of the world. The majority of them are looking for a brighter future for themselves and their families. While the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland are all attractive immigration destinations, one country stands out above the others. If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve both professionally and personally, Canada is one of the greatest places to relocate. It is regarded as a good location for people seeking a higher quality of life and financial security. To help you decide whether or not to move to Canada, we at Number 1 Movers have compiled a list of some of the best reasons:

  • It’s spacious. Second, only to Russia, Canada is one of the largest and most influential countries.
  • Canadians are happy people. In addition to their reputation of being kind and overly courteous, Canadians are also one of the happiest countries on Earth.
  • Excellent healtcare. You can apply for public health insurance if you are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. You do not have to pay for the majority of health treatments under it, as this universal healthcare system is funded by taxes. Even if you do not have a government-issued health card, all territories and provinces offer free emergency medical treatment.
  • Amazing education system. Compared to other industrialized countries, Canada spends much more per capita on education.
  • Low crime rates. If you look at other countries nearby and compare violence and crime rates, Canada looks like Disneyland.
  • Large job market. There is a plethora of job opportunities in Canada. More than 500,000 jobs are available in Canada, the majority of which are full-time positions.

Fastest Growing Cities In Canada

The COVID-19 epidemic has produced a shift in the preferences of individuals towards where they desire to reside. As reported by Statistics Canada, population growth in most significant metropolitan areas in the nation has decreased from July 1, 2019, to July 1, 2020, falling to 1.3 percent from 1.7 percent in a year earlier. This is in contrast to the same time the previous year, when it increased by 1.7 percent. However, the long-term trend of urbanization remained throughout that time period, despite the fact that other regions of the nation expanded at a slower rate. People are fleeing major cities like Toronto and Montreal for smaller metropolitan areas in the surrounding area. We’ll now share a few words for some of those fastest growing cities in Canada. Should you decide to move to any of these, feel free to contact movers Toronto for a smooth and easy relocation.

  1. Airdrie, Alberta

    Alberta is one of the most wealthy provinces in the country. If this is the case, it should come as no surprise that many of the nation’s fastest-growing cities are located within its borders. In recent years, the city of Airdrie has completed a number of large-scale development projects to accommodate its rapid expansion. Residential, commercial, and educational buildings are among the projects on the list. The city itself is pretty charming. There are a lot of things to see and do. It has something for everybody. Incredibly beautiful, Airdrie is a wonderful location to live and raise a family. With minimal violent crime and a wide variety of communities to select from, it’s a safe place to live in.

    A family walking in the field in Canada
    Airdrie is perfect for all young parents.
  2. Milton, Ontario

    Milton outperforms the rest of the fastest-growing cities in Canada when it comes to population growth. On Louis St. Laurent Avenue, a massive 10-year highway extension and urbanization project is now under construction and is expected to be completed in 2020. Italocon Building Company Inc and Everstrong Construction are two of the general contractors with their headquarters in Milton. This city is great for families as well. You can contact our movers Milton if you’re thinking about moving there. They can help you move your whole family in just a matter of hours.

  3. Oshawa, Ontario

    In addition to being a popular destination for sports and entertainment, it also happens to be located on the shore of Lake Ontario. It also has a diverse range of cultural offerings, as well as an abundance of parks and trail systems. According to the RE/MAX Housing Affordability Report for 2020, Oshawa is the ninth most affordable city in Canada to live in. Oshawa offers everything that the majority of people are looking for: close-by amenities, beautiful views, expanding infrastructure, and a resurgent economy.  Oshawa is only about an hour outside of Toronto by GO train or vehicle. So it is logical that that it’s becoming a desirable site to plant roots. If you want to join in the community of Oshawa, don’t be afraid to contact movers Oshawa for a quick and easy relocation.

  4. Kitchener, Ontario

    With a population of more than 240,000 people, the city of Kitchener provides big-city excitement without sacrificing its small-town charm and charm. The city’s profound Germanic origins and history are most visible at the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, which is the largest celebration of all things Bavararian outside of Germany and the largest celebration of all things Bavararian outside of Germany. Kitchener, which is located just west of Toronto, provides the culture and excitement of a large city while still keeping a charming small-town vibe. Kitchener is a city that is ideal for families and environment enthusiasts. It has a variety of parks and natural areas, excellent educational opportunities, central position, and a slew of free festivals and yearly events. If Kitchener sounds like your jam, Kitchener movers are here for you.

  5. Beaumont, Alberta

    Beautiful Beaumont, Alberta, is yet another of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, in the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta. The Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre, which is planned to be completed in July 2020, is one of the city’s most significant development projects. With this $29.5 million project, the city of Beaumont is demonstrating how actively officials and construction businesses are planning for the city’s future. Beaumont also has one of the most affordable housing markets. This town is family-oriented as well. However, it lacks in diversity. But we can bet the situation will change in a few years.

  6. Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

    Although Alberta is the dominant state on this list, several of the fastest developing cities are located in Ontario. Many big projects are now underway in Bradford West Gwillimbury, including the Holland Street Reconstruction (general contractor: Ainley & Associates) and the South West Arterial Road (general contractor: Ainley & Associates) (SWAR). This city is extremely safe. The CSI (Crime Severity Index) for Canada as a whole is 72.9. And Bradford’s is much lower at 27.01.

  7. Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

    Anyone who is unfamiliar with the cities listed above (or their corresponding provinces) may be forgiven for not having heard of them. Vancouver, on the other hand, is one of the most internationally recognized cities in Canada. Major building projects are underway in the Vancouver metropolitan region on a scale that is impossible to quantify. Upgrades to watershed infrastructure and the enlargement of the various reservoirs are two particularly notable instances. We’ve seen many enterpreuners decide to move expand their businesses to Vancouver with the help of our commercial movers in recent years.

    Vancouver, one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada
    Vancouver is one of the more popular out of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.
  8. Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

    A little distance north of Edmonton, the city of Fort Saskatchewan is along the North Saskatchewan River. As part of their growth plans, they are putting up a list of pre-qualified contractors who will work on projects with a value of $50,000 or less. Several transportation infrastructure projects, among other things, will be supported by these contractors on the city’s significant projects list. Another reason why you might want to move here is taxes. Taxes are much lower in Fort Saskatchewan compared to other cities. Schooling is great and there are a lot of green places as well.

  9. Mirabel, Quebec

    Mirabel, Quebec is a city in the province of Quebec and is a suburb of Montreal. Some significant corporations have already established themselves in the city. At the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport, Bombardier and Bell Helicopters both have production facilities for their helicopters. Construction JF Trudeau, Duroking Construction, and Construction Génération Lacroix Inc. are just a few of the major firms currently working on projects in the city. The city is developing and expanding pretty fast. The vicinity to Montreal is the main reason why people want to move there.

  10. Langford, British Columbia

    The fastest growing cities in British Columbia are Vancouver and Langford, in that order. The building of rental houses is experiencing a significant uptick in the local region. Every month, one developer. The city is expanding so fast that it is unable to accept new projects because it is too busy working on existing ones. And that speaks volumes. You too can become a proud owner of a Langford house. Make use of our specialized moving services for the best moving experience.

  11. Saint-Colomban, Quebec City

    Since 2002, the population of Saint-Columban has increased by more than a factor of two. It is predicted to have a population of 20,000 people during the next ten years. The city, on the other hand, is woefully underdeveloped in terms of infrastructure to accommodate this expansion. For example, there are no high schools in Saint-Colomban, nor is there a municipal sewage system in the city. With that in mind, lawmakers and the construction corporations that will finally develop the necessary supporting infrastructure will have their hands full. However, more and more people choose Saint-Colomban to be their home every day due to its affordability.

  12. Leduc, Alberta

    Leduc, in the province of Alberta, is yet another of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. The development of an Amazon warehouse in Leduc County is one of the most notable construction projects to have taken place in the area in recent years. Almost without exception, the construction of this warehouse (which is scheduled to open in 2020) will result in more population increase and the need for additional infrastructure. Many people are opting for smaller apartments nowadays. It’s just much more affordable. So you may habe to consider some storage solutions if you’re moving out of a big household.

  13. Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Quebec

    This hidden treasure in Quebec is really the birthplace of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, a well-known former Canadian Prime Minister. St. Laurentides is experiencing massive transportation infrastructure renovations at the same time as several other of Canada’s fastest-growing cities, like Toronto and Vancouver. The construction of a 6km bypass in the city’s western section is critical to the completion of these improvements.

    A lake near Saint Lin Laurentides
    Canada has the most breathtaking nature.
  14. Winkler, Manitoba

    Winkler, Manitoba is a tiny yet formidable city in the province’s southern section, and it is the provincial capital. It is anticipated that Winkler, which is already a major commerce and agriculture centre, would have significant infrastructure expansion over the next five years, at an average rate of 3.2 percent. The Meridian Exhibition Centre, as well as a proposed four-line highway, are among the projects underway. Winkler has a pretty diverse population as well. Many foreigners are moving in. If you’re one of them, contact our long-distance movers and you’ll find yourself in Canada in no time.

  15. Steinbach, Manitoba

    Lastly, but certainly not least, we have yet another burgeoning Manitoba city on our list. It’s amazing schools are one of the main reasons why it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.  Mitchell Elementary School, one of Steinbach’s biggest building projects, is now under development. The contract for the project, which is worth more than $4 million, received a Gateway Construction award. This school will be of great assistance to the growing population of Steinbach, which has expanded at an annualized five-year pace of 3.2 percent over the last five years. Steinbach is also an extremely safe city. Night or day, you’ll be able to go for a stroll without any problems.