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Tips for reducing corporate moving costs

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Corporate relocations often cause inevitable upheavals to both employees and your company. Workers who are relocating will experience a stressful period, as well as their families. Moving is a life-changing event for which you should prepare properly in advance. Besides, moving your business costs and also consumes a lot of time. That’s why reducing corporate moving costs is something you have to plan in advance. In this guide, we are presenting you with tips on how to regulate expenses during demanding commercial moves. Moreover, you can always come to us at Number 1 Van Lines for advice and professional corporate moving service.

a woman planning the best way for reducing corporate moving costs
Reducing corporate moving costs is an important part of moving preparation.

We operate as one of the most trusted and reputable moving companies in Canada. Furthermore, our team of experienced moving professionals works hard to improve the quality of services and keep up with fluctuating moving trends. That’s why your commercial move won’t lack in quality. Plus, you will have a reliable crew at your disposal from start to finish! So make sure to give us a call and get a free moving quote!

Make sure to reduce corporate moving costs on time

Moving your business alongside remaining employees always comes at a cost. At the same time, you are obligated to find a way to help your employees, as well as to keep your corporate moving expenses in check. Therefore, gather your team and plan the move ahead. Besides hiring commercial movers, other additional relocation services will be much-needed. Expect to rent spacious storage, professional packing services, and more. Plus, you mustn’t skip on moving insurance options! There’s so much to factor in when you plan a corporate moving endeavor. For these reasons, make sure to follow these steps and be on time with everything.

#1 Entrusting corporate move only to the top-level moving company will reduce corporate moving expenses

Your most cost-effective solution is hiring a reputable company that has enough experience with commercial relocations. Keep in mind that the search process will take some time. Since there are numerous movers out there, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between legit companies and fraudulent schemes. So first, make a list of licensed and verified moving companies. Focus on long-distance and full-service movers.  Next, compare long-distance moving companies in Canada. Although quality moving services are worth the money, there are still ways to get way more affordable deals. So don’t rush when choosing which moving company is ideal for your relocation needs. Cross-compare several potential movers, then give them a call.

a guy in a moving van
Only experienced and trustworthy commercial movers are capable to move your company.

Read carefully all terms and conditions before you sign anything. You have to make sure you won’t pay more than you should. Confirm all contract points with your movers to avoid misunderstandings. Also, don’t skip on insurance options.

#2 Quality indoor storage unit is necessary

You never know how long your move will take. Sometimes weather conditions or unexpected life events prolong the moving process. Nevertheless, a safe climate-controlled storage unit is your best solution. No matter how long your move lasts, your office inventory and equipment must wait somewhere. However, make sure to check each storage unit you consider renting. See if they are spacious enough, clean, and sanitized. Credible storage providers or moving companies will let you come and see for yourself. Otherwise, skip and continue with your search. You have to know in what conditions your belongings will be stored. Moreover, you don’t want your items to be held hostage while moving the company. Additional stress during the move is something you can avoid.

#3 Plan ahead relocation packages for your employees to track and keep corporate moving costs under control

As a CEO, you have a legal responsibility to help your workers when relocating the company. Make sure to cover at least essential moving costs for employees. Further, add more benefits to relocation packages for executives. It’s in your best interest to keep your best workers in the company and enable others a chance to continue working for you.  Once you estimate the number of relocation packages, you will have a better insight into a large portion of corporate moving expenses. On the other hand, relocation packages are a cost-effective way to provide your employees with some benefits. In addition, this makes it easier to keep moving expenses in check.

a person working on a computer
Take some time to plan relocation packages for your employees.

#4 Monitor all moving expenses

It’s not enough to calculate total expenses and call it a day. Relocation is the process where you have to be present. Although the movers you hired are trusted professionals, it’s your responsibility to keep track of everything. So make sure the money for the move is allocated as planned.

Take care of your well-being during the moving process

Whether you’re moving a company or household, moving is exhausting either way. It’s an important period that requires detailed organization. In addition, you have to monitor all activities while the relocation process lasts. However, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your health. People often forget to eat and rest while moving. That’s why a simple routine will make a big difference. You will avoid burnout and stay alert.

Start your day early in the morning

Spend at least the first hour after you wake up in peace. If you are more of an active person, then go for a short run or walk around the block. Have a nice breakfast with coffee or tea and then start your day. You will notice increased motivation and energy for your upcoming duties. These little things will ease the stress over reducing corporate moving costs. It takes time and a good team to complete all the tasks commercial relocation involves. Therefore, gather your associates and let them help you manage everything. That way, moving will seem less overwhelming. Just remember that a new chapter is around the corner. Further, you will settle in your new headquarter soon and thrive in a new business environment.