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Sparked by the recent developments on federal and local levels, talk about housing solutions in Hamilton became a hot topic. The housing market in Hamilton is always hot and trending. It may be the most popular in Canada, for that matter, and that is not going to change soon. The city is experiencing a lot of good progress, and this is having an effect on housing. Even so, the future is still uncertain and can change at any time. Changes in the pricing of houses came faster than anyone expected, and they made the housing struggle bigger. With cheap movers Hamilton, you won’t have any problems moving. But first, you need to find a place to move to. Through years of work, things are starting to look better. As Hamilton grows, the solutions for housing grow with it, and the future is looking brighter.

So, in case you are considering Hamilton as your new home, you need to weigh your options. There are many neighborhoods to choose from, and they are all nested in the lush greenery of Canada. Your needs are defined by many factors. One of them, of course, is affordability. We will go a bit deeper into just what affordability is, and what you can expect. Also, we hope this blog will make you more familiar with housing solutions in Hamilton, and influence your choice in a good way.

white house under falling maple leaves
The house prices have been going up lately

Affordability, and how it changed over the years

In 2017, the average house price was around $500.000. This is twice as much compared to the average price of $240.000, back in 2009. In comparison, nineteen years ago, the average home price was close to $150.000. Analyzing the market has shown that in 2016, the prices of house sales ranged from $170.000 in the least expensive areas to nearly $900.000 in the most expensive ones. Hamilton’s home prices skyrocketed in the past four years and this shift was noticeable. Surprisingly, the amount of sold homes did not shift, so Hamilton moving services never had a decline in their business. An average Hamilton homeowner will on average spend 6 times their annual income on a new home, compared to 3.5 times, back in 2010.

Dundas – one of the best housing solutions in Hamilton

What was once an independent town, is now an affordable suburb of Hamilton, and it is an absolute treat. Commonly referred to as “Valley Town”, it is located at the very bottom of the Niagara Escarpment and is populated by roughly 200.000 residents. Because of it’s connection to other neighboring areas via the famous Bruce Trail, it has formed a strong bond with Hamilton. Dundas earned it’s intellectual status back in 1930 when it was seen as one of the affordable housing solutions for young students. With many schools, music academies, and universities surrounding Dundas, it piqued the interest of young learning minds.

a waterfall surrounded by brown leaves
Tew’s Falls are simply beautiful in the autumn

Dundas is one of Hamilton’s best areas for low-income housing. Not only that, but it is one of the most beautiful. Canada has an abundance of waterfalls and some of the most beautiful ones are right here. Tew’s Falls and Webster’s Falls make the Dundas landscape absolutely magical. “The Collins Hotel”, Ontario’s longest-running hotel, stands right there as well. The Great Western Railway runs through the part of Ontario, making for a wonderful sightseeing route. Buskerfest and Dundas Cactus Festival are annual events you simply cannot miss.

Waterdown – A rich and colorful history

Waterdown has something to offer to everyone. From beautiful landscapes to a stable local economy. It is home to many mills, which makes sense, considering how many waterfalls surround the area. Great Falls are the most famous of many since they used to power sawmills and flour mills. It comes as no surprise one of the first mills in Canada has been built right here. Many of those ancient mills are still standing as a monument to Waterdown’s rich history. The area’s history goes further back in time than mills, as several Aboriginal dig sites have been discovered here.

aerial view of housing solutions in Hamilton
The community is constantly growing in Waterdown

Waterdown is growing on a daily basis, and it has no intention of stopping. Builders and investors are pouring into the area and are working around the clock. The population of the area nearly doubled in the past 20 years. So, if you have a young family and want to raise it in a quiet, healthy, and thriving neighborhood, Waterdown is the place for you. The Waterdown By-Pass is currently in construction, which will be a shortcut for commuters trying to reach the highway. Education is nothing to worry about either, as there are many public and central schools.

Ancaster – One of the more curious housing solutions in Hamilton

This is definitely one of the more interesting neighborhoods of Hamilton. It offers a very unique and strange blend of an old steel town and a new age settlement. The community has been nothing but thriving since it was absorbed by the city of Hamilton back in 2001. The population of the area is skyrocketing, to the point where it has the highest growth rate in Ontario. Construction and development are constantly happening and new families are simply pouring into the city. The spike in population attracted a number of retailers to come and serve the new residents.

two barnyards at night
A mixture of old and new makes Ancaster very interesting to be in

There are plenty of job opportunities in Ancaster. However, most of the employers are in the surrounding areas. This is nothing to worry about, since the highway runs right by Ancaster, making everything within reach. Even with the growth, Ancaster remains a peaceful place, making it one of the better housing solutions in Hamilton. Ancaster is yet another city that has the Bruce Trail running through it, just like Dundas we mentioned previously. Tiffany Falls paired with the beautiful green landscapes and hiking trails make for a great relaxation spot.

In conclusion, the housing scene is always changing in Hamilton, but the future is looking bright. As we said before, even though the prices jumped a lot, the number of sales never changed drastically. We hope we were able to make you more familiar with some of the better housing solutions in Hamilton. Whichever place you choose, we are sure it will be your new dream location.