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Best places for young families in Ontario

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    Young father throwing his toddler up in the air with the intention of catching it.

    Whether you already have a neat little family by your side or are planning on making one, know that we salute your efforts of finding a good home for you all. Narrowing your search to Ontario makes the quest tremendously easier, seeing that a good half of the best places for living in Canada are located just there. However, how would you know to differentiate the best places for young families in Ontario from the ones that score a bit lower? By reading the text that follows, of course.

    A happy couple with two little kids standing near a big water surface
    If you resemble this happy couple even the slightest, you deserve to have a home in one of the best places for young families in Ontario

    Starting with a foolproof choice

    If you plan on moving to Hamilton, you have our full support. Let us elaborate. It is filled with young people who strive to make the best of themselves, putting you and your spouse in a good and motivating environment. Opportunities and jobs are plenty, so don’t worry about making money for those prestigious schools. Hamilton can boast about being a home of McMaster University, Redeemer University College and Mohawk College. And until you send your offspring to college and never see them again, trick them into joining you in a walk through Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, as well as the Bruce Trail. They might complain at first but will thank you later for a wonderful family experience.

    Think you are smart?

    Give Ottawa a try. It only has the most educated population among all Canadian cities. It also has the highest standard of living and praiseworthy low unemployment rate. And it’s not just the smart people you’ll be surrounding yourself with. Almost 25 of the population is younger than 18. So, you can be sure that the youth is nurtured. Besides having the lowest crime rate in the country, schools are also a major factor that put Ottawa on the list of best cities for young families in Ontario. Being the capital of the country, the city can boast in its libraries, science museums, and other child-friendly places.

    A long career of being ranked as one of the best places for young families in Ontario

    Now, the city of Oakville is not for everyone. Why? Because not everyone wants the best. People are like that sometimes. However, seeing that you are still reading this text, quality is what you appreciate, and Oakville has quality all over. Beautiful architecture and generous community are why people flock to this city. A diverse population is evergrowing. Now, it’s only fair to say that it’s not the cheapest town. However, what the city may lack in affordability, it makes up for in many valuable virtues. The commute to Toronto is quick and easy. This gives you the possibility of having a good job in a busy city while coming home to a quiet suburb. Some might call this ‘having the best of both worlds’, but we refrain from such comments. Oakville is a great place for any sports enthusiast, being that the city has a long history of sporting. Anything from the largest skating club in Canada, through¬†recognized professional soccer team, all the way to¬†Burloak Canoe Club are at your disposal.

    A piece of chocolate cake on a plate
    We prefer the expression ‘having your cake and eating it too’.

    Perhaps a surprise to some

    Brantford has made our list of ‘Best places for young families in Ontario’ for the reasons that follow:

    • 54.1% of Brantford’s residents aged 25 to 64 have earned either a Post-secondary certificate, diploma, or university degree, making this a great environment for a young professional
    • it is home to Laurier Brantford. The campus of Wilfrid Laurier University offers different and interesting programs at their downtown campus
    • Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the first practical phone was Brantford resident, making this place pretty cool for our standards, as well as a sound reason for moving to this city
    • Bell Homestead, Woodland Cultural Centre, and Canadian Military Heritage Museum are great for family leisure time

    If these reasons have sparked your interest, know that you can rely on Brantford movers to help you set your home up with the greatest of ease.

    Fun for all

    Fathers, in order to contain a screaming frenzy of your little princesses, it might be best to keep the following information to yourself: Stratford is home to Justin Bieber. However, know that knowledge is also power. You can utilize this information for making them pack faster. And why shouldn’t they? Stratford has fun for the whole family. Your prettier half will be able to enjoy the Stratford Festival, formerly known as Stratford Shakespeare Festival. The name change marked a change in the theatre that now offers more than Shakespeare classics. As for you, do not fall into despair thinking that this city has nothing to offer to you. Rather enjoy a game of quality hokey. Stratford is home to some of the more notable NHL players and has also hosted Tim Hortons Hockey Day in Canada.

    Two girls embracing while smiling
    See how happy they are? Well, they probably just found out that Stratford will be their new home.

    Home of the Big Nickle

    And it’s not just big, it’s the world’s largest. If that doesn’t have ‘a kid’s dream’ all over it, not many things do. You can find it on the grounds of Science North. It is an interactive science museum as well as Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction. And once you’re done with the tour, you can enjoy all the splendid sights the city of Great Sudbury has to offer. Any kid, no matter the age, is bound to have fun. However, when it comes the time to learn, rest assured that Sudbury delivers. The great educational system will only boost your child’s inner prodigy. One of the more important notes that may interest anyone who is looking for the best places for young families in Ontario is that the city has a good income to rent ratio. While not the most important factor in your decision, it is smart to take it into consideration whatsoever.