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Best Student Cities In Canada

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    Toronto is definitely one of the best student cities in Canada.

    Everyone wants to have a nice life, a good salary to support the family and help our parents when they grow old. Therefore, after finishing high school, most of the people think about what is the best university they should attend. Our parents were saving money for a good part of their life so we can go to a very good university, so we should try our best to not disappoint them. If you are planning to move and attend one of the best universities in the world, you should definitely go to Canada. Now, let’s see what are the best student cities in Canada?

    Best Student Cities In Canada

    As we all know, Canada is among the best countries for students. But, what we don’t know is what are the best student cities in Canada? Most of the cities in Canada are safe, beautiful, culturally rich and affordable. The other important thing is that people in Canada are friendly so you feel very welcome if you decide to move there and live for a few years while you are attending the university. Prepare yourself! Get moving boxes Ontario and start packing your belongings!

    However, despite the friendly and nice residents, the beauty of the city and excellent education, Canada, unfortunately, lacks interesting and fun activities. Even though you are here to study and to secure your future, you can also enjoy walks and visit malls or restaurants while you are on a break. Let’s see now what are some of the best cities for students in Canada?

    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Vancouver
    • Montreal
    • Quebec

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    Toronto is definitely one of the best student cities in Canada and one of those people most move to. It is recognized as one of the best cities to live in by Metropolis Magazine. Another resource said that Toronto is fourth on the list of the best cities to work and live in 2014. Also, Toronto and Montreal are also known as Cultural Capitals of Canada. As a student, you will definitely enjoy food in Toronto and high-brow fashion. If you like art and museums, this is a place for you. You will be able to visit a lot of historical museums. Toronto is also known by art because there is a large concentration of creative people.

    Toronto has 3 universities and the University of Toronto is on a 34th place in the world!


    Ottawa is also one of the best students cities in Canada. This is the capital city of Canada and it is ranked on 49th best places to work and live in. This is a multi-lingual city, with English and French being the two major languages there.

    If you want to study here, you should also know that City has 2 universities and they are ranked inside of the top 550 ones in the world. The University of Ottawa is in the 284th place as one of the best universities for students. So if you decide to move to Ottawa, don’t forget to get proper moving supplies for your move.

    Ottawa is one of the best student cities in Canada.
    You can choose between two excellent Universities in Ottawa.


    Same as the two previous cities, Vancouver is one of the best student cities in Canada. Latest reports show us that Vancouver is on the 13th place to work, live and study in. If you are one for the outdoor persons, there will be a lot to do in Vancouver. So, after one long day of studying, you can go skiing. Beautiful Grouse, Seymour and Cypress mountains will leave you breathless.

    Vancouver has two universities and the University of British Columbia is on the 50th place of the best universities in the world. Other, also highly ranked university, Simon Fraser University is placed in the middle of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. The surroundings of Both of the Universities is a beautiful nature and that will make your studying here fun and different.


    Montreal is also one of the best Canadian cities to work, live and attend the university in. The city moved from 8th place in 2015 to the 7th one in the latest list as one of the “best cities to live”. Interesting thing is that the city has cosmopolitan nature despite being a largely English-speaking country.

    The city has a wonderful transit system with a lot of buses operating on over 200 routes! Also, you will be able to use metro or train services if you prefer that more. If you need to store some items, choose a good storage unit. It will be easy to get to it thanks to the wonderful transit system!

    Montreal has 3 highly ranked universities and no matter which one you pick, you won’t make a mistake!

    Montreal during the night.
    Montreal has the best transit system in Canada.


    Quebec is another of the best student cities in Canada. It is in 55th place on the ranking list as the best place to live, work and study in Canada. The city is filled with items and statues of historic and cultural importance. You will be able to see over 37 historic sites of national significance if you move to Quebec. Don’t forget about important moving documents that you should always have with you!

    The city has 3 highly ranked universities with plenty of good courses that you can study.

    These were the best student cities in Canada! If you decide to attend any of the universities in Canada, you will definitely get a very good education and academic knowledge!