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Top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals

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Being a young person with many talents and a good educational background is a great thing nowadays. As long as you are a hard-work and knowledgeable person, you’ll have no problems thriving in today’s world. Due to its many advantages, Canada is known as a country that has a high standard of living and that is welcoming for people of all ages and professions. While there are many cities in our beautiful country that are just perfect for youth in search of a good job, not a lot of them have to offer the same things as Hamilton. The top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals will make your life, and job, a true joy. After reading this article, we are sure you’ll quickly start calculating all the moving costs Ontario you are about to have and will be anxious to relocate to any one of these places from our list.

Countdown of the top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals

If you have just decided that moving to Ontario seems like the logical next step in your life, you’ll really want to pay attention to these neighbourhoods. Whether you are moving from afar or just a near-by county, we are sure plenty of luck awaits in these places.

A university sign on a building.
Want to get good education? Head to West Hamilton!

West Hamilton

The first thing you should know about West Hamilton is that it is definitely a university area. With plenty of colleges being located in West Hamilton and thousands of college students swarming around the neighborhood, you can rest assured that life will never be boring in West Hamilton. Even though West Hamilton is more like a village that has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores, it can’t be denied that this place has it all. But how does this related to the fact that West Hamilton is one of the best areas in Hamilton for young professionals?

For starters, you will always be surrounded by youth, and young people are always full of ideas. That fact alone will make you inspired, but it will also bring out your competitive side. And you know what they say – there’s nothing better than a bit of friendly competition here and there. Besides, with so many young and educated people in the area, West Hamilton is one of Canada’s best cities for job seekers! Businesses know that the secret of success is in good workforce, and there is no better place to get good employees than in an area that’s full of college students.

East Hamilton

If West Hamilton was a suburban part of the city, East Hamilton is as urban as it gets! This area is close to pretty much all the other important areas in Hamilton. We are sure you’ll love being right in the middle of the city, meaning you’ll be conveniently close to your place of work – wherever that place may be. So, that’s certainly a good reason why this area has made it on our list of the top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals. But what else can this place offer?

A building in one of the top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals.
East Hamilton has all types of properties, making it one of the best Hamilton areas for young professionals.

Some of the best housing options can be found right here in East Hamilton. You can have your pick among all types of properties. From single houses to semi-detached and detached properties, this area has it all. That will certainly make house hunting an easier process. Everything’s easy when you are gifted with plenty of options!


Every person on this planet has its own likes and preferences. With that thought in mind, we’ve wanted to create a list that would contain areas that suit different personality types. If West Hamilton suited those who like a more secluded life, and if East Hamilton is perfect for those who like to be close to all the important amenities of the city, then Kirkendall is the place you’ll want to be if hip and trendy nightlife is what you are interested in! This area has definitely been characterized as the ‘yuppie’ area of Hamilton. But, the area is a charming mix of laid-back and eccentric people, where the accent is on the two beautiful streets you can find hereHess Street and Locke Street.

Close up of a DJ in a nightclub.
Are you ready to have some fun in Kirkendall?

It’s rather obvious what makes Kirkendall the perfect place for young professionals in Hamilton! This is the area where you can enjoy life in a beautiful neighbourhood, you can pick great jobs, and love the surreal nightlife and overall experience. What’s not to love? And there’s no reason to stress about whether you’ll fit in or not. Going through a residential relocation in Hamilton is easy when you are moving to an area as amazing as Kirkendall!

Ottawa Street

The most important thing you need to know about this place is that it was named as the best place to buy a property in Hamilton! That by itself should speak volumes as to why this area is on our list. With average home prices being around $330,000, you’ll get an incredible home for somewhat affordable prices. But the benefits of living in Ottawa Street don’t end there!

Ottawa Street is one of the top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals because it has a status as a Business Improvement Area. This place is constantly invested in, meaning that Ottawa Street is most likely headed for greatness. With the government constantly investing in public amenities, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful parks, galleries, and so much more.

Have your pick of the top Hamilton neighbourhoods for young professionals – you can’t make a mistake

So how do you decide which area in Hamilton to live in? Why not visit them all? You’ll really get a sense of what life is like in each of them, and you’ll be able to make the best decision! Although something tells us that no matter which place you choose, you won’t make a mistake.