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Top outdoor activities in Hamilton

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    A girl that is hiking in the forest.

    Be it summer, winter, spring or fall, those who love being in nature will always find a place that can facilitate all of their needs. And Hamilton is one of those places which seem to be tailored to the needs of those who love breathing in the fresh air while still living in an urban area. If you are just visiting Hamilton and will be in the area for a limited amount of time, we have chosen four places we think are a must for a fun day in nature. After spending a leisurely day while admiring their beauty, we are sure the thought of calling the best moving companies Hamilton will at least cross your mind. And why not? You have nothing to lose – only gain! And with these outdoor activities in Hamilton, everyone ends up as a winner!

    At the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail, you can have your pick of the best outdoor activities in Hamilton

    Are you in the mood for a nice and relaxing stroll on a warm summer night? Would you perhaps like to indulge in a vigorous jog while watching the leaves turn orange? Maybe you’d finally like to dust off your bike and take it for a spin? Whatever outdoor activity that your heart desires, it will be able to fulfil it here – at the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail. The trail goes from West Hamilton to Branford and it stretches on more than thirty kilometres. There’s certainly more than enough space for your entire group of friends. And even if you are going alone, you’ll be able to find some good company on this trail – we have no doubts about that.

    Two girls walking on a trail, which is one of the best outdoor activities in Hamilton.
    A relaxing day you spend at the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail is a day you’ll remember for a long time.

    What makes this trail so appealing to visitors is that it is well-maintained, smooth, and mostly flat. And if you like horseback riding, we have some good news for you! The Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail is also perfect for horses which are animals most of us love and admire. With scenic views, rest areas, and a sanctuary park, the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail is one of those places that could have you reaching out for long distance movers Canada in hopes of them relocating you from your current home to your new home in Hamilton.

    Sherman Falls will be more than worth the trip

    If you want to get a bit (but not too much) of physical activity while admiring scenic views at the same time, we wholeheartedly suggest Sherman Falls. Sherman Falls is private property, but it’s also open to visitors throughout the year. All you have to pay is $5 for the parking, and you get to enter this forest with magical views. To get to the waterfall, all it takes is a short 3-minute hike through the forest. You won’t have any challenges in the physical sense if you are not in the best shape of your life.

    A girl sitting on the edge, wearing jeans and sneakers.
    You’ll need the right gear if you want to safely participate in Hamilton’s best outdoor activities.

    However, if you want a fitness challenge, you are very much welcome to try and get to the second level. Just remember to bring the right gear and footwear, otherwise, this trip could end up in injury. Sherman Falls is one of the main attractions in Hamilton that nature has given us. Of course, Hamilton is a wonderful city, and it doesn’t have a shortage of places that attract people. From Hamilton’s best movies theatres to beautiful landmarks and scenic views, this city promises to amaze.

    For some summer fun, give Hamiltonian Tour Boat a thought

    Do you love spending your time on the water? Well, clearly, you can’t do it all day, every day, but you can treat yourself to a nice day from time to time. And when looking for a place in Hamilton to indulge yourself, give Hamiltonian Tour Boat a thought. By doing so, you would be joining thousands of people who have been left in awe of the experience, and who now consider the Hamiltonian Tour Boat to be one of the best activities in the open in Hamilton.

    Besides the beautiful sights, what makes this tour so memorable is the ever so informative Captain. You’ll get a lesson in history while soaking up the sun. What more could a person need? Besides, by taking this tour, you are bound to realize just how lucky you are to be able to live in Hamilton. The city truly has it all! From unique pet-friendly restaurants to a bunch of parks and playgrounds, Hamilton has everything a person could ever need in a city!

    A tour boat.
    Welcome aboard – we are sure you’ll love it!

    Southbrook Golf & Country Club offers a unique experience, making it one of the best outdoor activities in Hamilton

    Sometimes, you just don’t feel like spending a day walking or hiking or doing anything strenuous at all. Sometimes, you just want to relax and perhaps feel sophisticated. That’s when you should head to the Southbrook Golf & Country Club. Need we say how this golf course and country club has everything you’ll need for a relaxing day? Just to be sure, we’ll mention it!

    One of the first things people think when coming back home after a fun day at the Southbrook Golf & Country Club is how they certainly got their money’s worth. The golf course is beautiful and well-maintained, and the staff members are polite and ready to help you out. There’s a restaurant with great food and even better service where you’ll be able to take a break before returning to the fun activities of the day. But what makes this club into one of the best outdoor activities in Hamilton are all the special events it hosts. From an Elvis Presley night to an Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser, you just have to choose the correct time and voila – you are bound to have the time of your life! Although, whichever time you choose, you certainly won’t make a mistake.