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How to calculate Ontario moving costs?

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Okay, you’ve decided that moving to Ontario could be a great idea. We’re with you on this one, obviously – we truly believe you’re on the right track! However, you shouldn’t pop out the champagne just yet – there’s a lot of work ahead of you before you relax in your new Ontario home. And while no one likes to talk about it, naturally, money is also an issue. No matter how well off you are, you shouldn’t go on a big spending spree when it comes to moving. You really can’t predict how expensive the transition will be if you’re not careful. That’s why we’re here, to help you calculate Ontario moving costs!

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Moving to Ontario is great – but definitely calculate your Ontario moving costs first!

First and foremost – is moving a good idea?

So, you’ve got it into your head that you want to move to Ontario. You’ve gotten yourself all hyped up, already hellbent on making the perfect moving checklist. Now, it’s important you realize we’re not trying to be spoilsports here. We definitely think moving is something that everyone needs to do from time to time. Everyone could use a change sometimes, we really get it. But also, it’s really important to ask yourself – do you actually need to move, and can you afford it?

Observe your finances

First of all, make sure you take a good, long look at your current finances. But also, more importantly, take a look at your short-term financial outlook. While you may have saved up some money, is it really a good idea to use it for a move to Ontario? Can your savings take that? Don’t just think about this on your own, certainly. Talk to your family members, your friends, maybe co-workers. Try to get a feel for how others close to you perceive your financial situation before making a decision. This will help you get an objective look at things, which is really crucial when it comes to momentous life decisions.

A woman trying to calculate Ontario moving costs by writing in a notebook.
Make sure you do your due diligence before moving to Ontario!

Choose a location before you calculate Ontario moving costs

If you’ve definitely made up your mind about moving to Ontario, you should look ahead! It’s time to begin planning your move, and all the obligations that come with that. Most importantly, you’ll want to calculate Ontario moving costs well in advance if you want to save some money and move to Toronto with ease. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to save cash? Especially when it comes to more expensive purchases and decisions like moving.

So, what’s the key to calculating how money you’ll need to spend on moving? If you want our advice, you should know all the variables first. But before you decide when you’re going to move, and what moving company to hire, there’s something more important. Really, it’s the most important decision during a move. Simply put – where exactly are you moving? Ontario is, to put it mildly, a pretty big place. And your chosen location will wildly influence your moving costs. Yeah, it may seem obvious, but many people overlook this. Indeed, it doesn’t cost the same to move to Toronto and Kitchener.

Hiring a moving company

After you’ve decided where you’re actually moving, here comes the next momentous decision – are you going to hire a moving company? As we’ve previously mentioned, if you’re looking to calculate Ontario moving costs, it means you’re very rational. Really, it stands to reason you’re looking to save money by making good moving plans in advance. So, it may occur to you that you don’t need a moving company at all, especially if you’re not moving long-distance.

If you’re asking us, we believe this would be a big mistake. Once you think harder, you’ll find that there are lots of ways to save money during a move. But not hiring moving professionals is not a good one. While it may look like you’re slashing a huge cost to you momentarily, during the move you’ll see this isn’t actually the case. In reality, a move is a more complicated process than you’d think, and it’s best left in the hands of professionals. Otherwise, any missteps you make will mean additional costs you might not have thought about. On the other hand, you can hire professional movers. This way, you’ll save yourself the stress, time, and other costs that come with doing everything on your own. Instead of spending a fortune on moving by yourself, you’ll be able to visit the famous CN Tower restaurant.

A view of the Toronto skyline from Toronto Island.
If you hire the right moving company, you’ll be enjoying Toronto in no time!

Timing is important for cost efficiency

Have you decided on your Ontario location, and managed to get a free quote from a moving company? Great! Lastly, we’re moving onto one of the most important factors for your Ontario moving costs – the timing. You may be surprised to learn this, but the timing of your move will greatly affect your budget. That’s why we’ve got some tips for you regarding your moving schedule:


  • Picking the month for movingWhen it comes to the moving industry, you need to realize something. Everyone wants to move when the weather is the nicest. That’s why the warmer months of the year are the busiest for moving. And consequently, it’s more expensive to move during the spring and summer than the fall or winter.
  • Choosing the weekIt’s also important to choose the right week within any given month. The beginning and end of any month are busier because that’s when rent leases mostly end. So, moving in the middle of the month is cheaper.
  • Finding the perfect dayFinally, you should know that everyone likes to move over the weekend when people have the freest time. So, if you can somehow fit your moving into workdays, you’ll find some more affordable offers from moving companies for that period.

We hope our little tips will be of use to you when you start planning your move to Ontario and calculating how much it will cost you!