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Things to know before moving to Ancaster

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A woman researching things to know before moving to Ancaster

Moving comes with a long list of tasks. One task you need to do before everything else is to decide where to move to. It will greatly influence all the choices that you need to make in the future. It will also influence your life, so you should think well before deciding. Canada is a big country, with many potential new homes for you. Depending on what you like, cities, towns, or villages can be a good choice. But if you have decided on Ancaster, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. But before you pack your bags, you should get an idea of what living in Ancaster is like, find a home that suits your needs, and hire reliable movers Ontario for easy relocation. Let’s see what moving to Ancaster will bring you!

Basic information about Ancaster

Ancaster is a historic town in Ontario that was founded in 1793. In the late 18th century, its population met a prosperous growth. After a steady period. In 1946 the town started expanding further. From that period until now, it just kept growing, increasing its population from 15,000 to the population it has nowadays, 40,500. And the population keeps growing, partially thanks to some residential movers CA.

Picture of a man with a baby after moving to Ancaster
For a long time, the population in Ancaster has been steadily growing

This town has many recreational opportunities, thanks to its amazing location that it has. This makes it a great place for families with kids, young professionals, or retired people. In short, it is a great place for anyone who enjoys being outside. But what else should you know before moving to Ancaster?

What are the downsides of moving to Ancaster?

As with every decision, there are both good and bad sides to this one as well. No place is perfect, and so is Ancaster. But even with its few bad sides, it is a great place to live in, if you don’t mind those few bad sides. And apart, the bad sides can be good for some people, and vice versa. One thing is for sure, using some special service movers in CA for your move can only be good, so think about it if you need it. Some of the bad sides of living in this town will be listed below.

Expensive housing

Even though there are many opportunities to choose from, as Ancaster movers can tell you, the majority of them are expensive. With the recent surge in prices in the housing market, it has become even worse. Buying a home is a dream for many, but if you don’t have your finances right before moving to Ancaster, you might be better off starting your life here by renting. It is not such a big commitment as buying a home, and you will be able to move whenever you want, without any strings attached.

Property tax

Compared to the neighboring cities, the taxes you need to pay for owning a property in Ancaster is higher. You would need to pay a few thousand dollars more for a $1 million home in this town, compared to the more affordable taxing system of other places. If you are used to living in places that don’t have a tax at all, then you might want to reconsider. Even though the town is surrounded by the stunning Dundas Valley Conservation Area, ideal for nature lovers, it might just not be inside your current budget range. 

The good sides of moving to Ancaster

This town is easy to get to, you just need to turn west off of highway 403. If you compare Ancaster with Toronto and Oakville, the housing opportunities are more varied here. And since it is an important factor in life, it needs to be addressed before moving. With this in mind, no wonder why residents from these communities are relocating to Ancaster daily, making some long distance movers CA very busy.

Beautiful outdoors

Being part of the Niagara Escarpment, its surroundings are simply breathtaking. Outdoor enthusiasts will love Tiffany Falls Conservation Area and its endless hiking trails which can be enjoyed by almost everybody. Besides, Ancaster Village offers a vast area full of historic buildings, shops, and restaurants that are attractive to people visiting and residents alike. Ancaster residents have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of a small town while living in an urban environment, where you can find almost everything you might need.

Woman hiking with a baby
After moving to Ancaster, you will have plenty of outdoor hiking tracks to choose from

After moving to Ancaster, you’ll love fast and easy commuting

One of the main reasons this community is so desirable and so many people are moving to Ancaster is its accessibility and equality. Wherever you want to go in Ancaster and the entire area, the Hamilton transit system will help you get to your destination fast, cheap, and efficiently. If you own a car, there are many roadways, highways, parkways, and expressways you can use to commute fast and fuss-free. And if you are looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly way of commuting, there is also a choice. Walking and biking are easily done, mostly on the main roads. You can find bicycle and walking lanes everywhere, and to make it better, all these streets are tree-lined, giving you beautiful shade for walking.

Hamilton’s modern public transit system is called the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). Amazingly, it has over 40 convenient routes. There are also two GO Stations in the downtown area, with additional routes planned to connect Stoney Creek, East Hamilton, Grimsby, St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls. Therefore, whether you own a car or not, and wherever you need to go, Ancaster has a way to help you get there. Since commuting is something that you will do daily, it is an important thing to think about. But if moving to Ancaster is your choice, it will be a pleasure to do this every day.

Fun and entertainment everywhere you go

Even though food and entertainment don’t seem as important as the cost of living, they also need to be thought about. Besides great restaurants in Ancaster, you can also enjoy the cuisine of Hamilton, especially downtown. No matter your tastes, you will certainly find something you like here. Pasta is a big favorite of the locals and everyone on a global level, to be honest. Italian cuisine is very popular thanks to its comforting flavor, and you can enjoy it in Ancaster almost at every corner. From breakfast nooks to cozy pubs, vibrant coffee shops,  interesting food trucks, and fancy restaurants, seems that Hamilton has it all. Here is a list of restaurants you shouldn’t miss:

  • Rousseau House Restaurant and Lounge
  • The Ancaster Mill
  • Cavallo Nero
  • Royal Pho
  • 33 Bowen
  • Aberdeen Tavern
  • Hamburger
  • Chicago Style Pizza
  • Caro
  • The Burnt Tongue
  • Berkley North
  • The Bedrock Bistro
  • Jack and Lois
  • Gorilla Cheese
  • Hutch’s on the Beach
  • The Ship
  • Salty Espresso
  • The Mule
  • Earth to Table Bread Bar

All the waterfalls you’ll enjoy after relocating to Ancaster

One of the biggest benefits of migrating to Ancaster is the waterfalls! Something is fascinating about watching the water cascading down the rocks, and let’s not talk about its relaxing properties. Hamilton is The Waterfall Capital of the world, and you get to enjoy them whenever you want. This area is surrounded by jaw-dropping waterfalls, and many of them are easily accessible and only a short drive away.

Picture of a waterfall
Hamilton is called The Waterfall Capital for a reason

There are plenty of waterfalls, that go hand-in-hand with Niagara Falls, which you can easily visit when living in Ancaster. It is a one-hour drive away, which would be a great weekend getaway with the family. What are 90 miles of driving when you will get to see one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world? And you will be able to see it as often as you want if you decide to move to Ancaster. Apart from this, there are others like Albion, Tew’s Falls, Webster’s, and Devil’s Punchbowl. The escarpment can appear a bit intimidating to newcomers. But you can be sure that, once you get used to it, you will understand that living near these natural gems is truly an honor.

Beachfront escape is always an option

No matter the time of year or even the weather, the Hamilton beachfront is always perfect for a weekend getaway. This little slice of heaven sits right on Lake Ontario and stretches all the way from far East Hamilton and Stoney Creek to Burlington. From mini-putt to go-carting, beach volleyball or just relaxing by the water, there is so much to do around here. Additionally, the beachfront is also home to the biggest water park in the area—Wild Water Works. You can ride your bike along the amazing pathway stretching from city to city; visit the Lakeland Center banquet hall for an event, drop by Hutch’s on the Beach for a burger, and enjoy the view. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy spending time at the beachfront, no matter your age.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to find decent apartment movers in Hamilton, choose your new home, and your Ancaster story can begin! We hope that moving to Ancaster will bring you everything you hoped for!