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Top 10 fastest growing cities in Ontario

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    Deciding to move can be a very complicated process. People usually move to a new place because of their job, or in search of a better living environment for the whole family. Some even move to bigger cities just because they can not stand living in a small community of people. However, whichever reason you choose for your move you will find it hard to decide which city is your moving destination. Before you even decide where to move, hiring a professional moving company can be helpful. This is because moving companies are always up to date with the latest trends and moving destinations. Therefore if you hire for example Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario you can tell them about your moving expectations. With all of these things in mind let us take a look at the top 10 fastest growing cities in Ontario, Canada.

    Which are the fastest growing cities in Ontario?

    Number 1 Movers are always up to date with the moving trends. Thus, they have a very thorough opinion about each and every city on the list. There are many factors by which we could frame the cities into a scheme to rank them from the top to the bottom. However, that would take a lot of time and effort for specific estimates. Moreover, the ranking on the list below is by its population. The top 10 fastest growing cities in Ontario are:

    • Hamilton
    • London
    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Mississauga
    • Brampton
    • Markham
    • Vaughan
    • Oshawa
    • Windsor

    Each unique in its own way has something to offer for just about anyone who chooses to move. In this blog, you will read about some of the key descriptions and attractions that these fastest growing cities in Ontario have to offer to the newcomers.

    the picture of the buildings during a sunset
    Ontario has many beautiful cities.


    Hamilton is a city with a port and it has a population of around half a million residents. Local movers Hamilton will be more than glad to help you move to this magnificent city if you decide to move here. Moreover, one of the key factors here is that Hamilton is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario because of the port. Due to that reason, there are a lot of business opportunities for everyone. And the city’s infrastructure has been on the rise in recent years. Thus, leading more and more movers to choose Hamilton as their new home. Another great thing about Hamilton is that the city also has a nice quiet area. The suburbs for families to enjoy a little peace and quiet outside the city’s noisy downtown area.


    Next on our list is London, Ontario. Many people seem to think that there is only one London in the world that is the city in the United Kingdom. However, London in Ontario is not such a small city as you would think. According to the Canadian census in 2021 the city’s population was around 400,000. The city is also known as a Forest City because of the beautiful greenery that the city is embedded with. Moreover, it has beautiful parks like Springbank Park which can be a wonderful place for a Sunday picnic with the whole family.

    The city is also considered to be a higher education center in Ontario. If you have anything to do with medical research, manufacturing, and technology, settling in this beautiful city in Ontario would definitely be the right choice for you. Plus it is very close to Hamilton.

    A girl reading a book in the park
    If you love the green outdoors London, ON is the city for you.


    As you probably already know Toronto is the capital city of the Ontario province in Canada. Apart from that, it is the most populated city in Canada. With a population of approximately 2.7 million permanent residents. Long distance moving companies Hamilton have seen a spike of interest to move from Hamiton to Toronto in recent years. Moreover, Toronto is famous for its CN Tower landmark which can be seen everywhere in the city. You can take a ride up and admire the beautiful city landscape Toronto has to offer.

    Being the capital city of the Ontario province it has one of the best infrastructures in Canada. Therefore, moving to Toronto in search of a new job opportunity would be a safe choice. Moreover, the city is filled with beautiful museums, parks, and famous sights. Moving alone or with a family and choosing Toronto as your moving destination will be a safe choice.

    Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario
    Toronto is the number one choice of many families.


    Located on the south bank of the Ottawa river is the city with the same name Ottawa. It is the capital city of Canada. Even though it is the capital city of Canada, it has a population of around one million. Which makes this city the fourth largest city in Canada. One of the perks of moving to Ottawa is that city offers really affordable housing. The prices of buying or renting a house here are much lower than the prices of doing the same in Vancouver and Toronto. Of course, the price also depends on the part of the city you choose and the size of the house.

    The urban lifestyle of this city makes it a great place to work and live alone or with a family. The city is filled with museums, shopping centers, adventure parks, parks, and other attractions. Therefore settling down in the country’s capital could be a great jump-start in your new career. And if you are moving to Ottawa from Hamilton our furniture movers Hamilton will make sure that your furniture is transported safely to your new home.


    This charming city planted on the shore of Lake Ontario has a population of around 700,000 people.  Which makes it the sixth most populated city in Canada. It is very close to Toronto. However, it is much cheaper to live in Mississauga than in Toronto. If you decide to move to Mississauga you should know that some of the best neighborhoods with green areas, parks, great walkability, retail, and fine dining are Port Credit, Streetsville, and Cooksville.

    Mississauga is one fastest growing cities in Ontario
    Mississauga is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario.

    Moreover, the city is home to the largest airport in Canada called Pearson International Airport. Therefore, traveling to far destinations will be easier than ever. If you want to be close to a larger city like Toronto but still have some peace and quiet moving to Mississauga is the right choice for you. And if you want to move your business from Hamilton there are many commercial movers Hamilton to choose from.


    The city belongs to the Greater Toronto Area also known as GTA. The city has a population of around 650,000 people. Moreover, it is the ninth biggest city in Canada by its population. One of the key factors that influence people to move to this city is its established community. Brampton has a fully developed and functional public transport making it easy to move through the city. There are plenty of schools to choose from if you have kids. Just like other cities, it offers amazing restaurants and retail shopping centers.

    Furthuremover, the city is famous for its Heart Lake Conservation Area which offers many activities for the whole family like fishing, zip lines, trails for hiking, and other fun outdoor activities. Thus, if you love a perfectly mixed combination of the outdoors and urban style this city just might be a place for you.

    A moving subway train
    A fully developed public transport makes Brampton a desirable city to live in.


    Another city that belongs to the Greater Toronto Area. It has a population of around 330,000 people. One of the main reasons people choose to move to Markham is its accessibility. The city’s infrastructure makes it very easy to get around the city no matter the means of transportation you use. This can be a great money saver. Because it will be easier to move around the city with public transport and save a lot of money you would spend on petrol. The city is rich with culture with many famous historical sights and museums.

    Another interesting thing is that it has a very modern and attractive golf course called Markham Executive Golf Course. Therefore, if you already play golf or if this is a passion of yours you would like to pursue moving to Markham would be an excellent option for you. If you hire professionals to help you pack you will also get some of the best moving boxes Hamilton Ontario has to offer. Movers will make your move much smoother and safer.


    Another city that is a part of the Greater Toronto Area. It has a population of around 320,000 people. An interesting fact to know is that between 1996 and 2006 this city was one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario. Its population increased by a whopping 80 % during this time period. Even though it is not as big as other cities on this list, Vaughan offers a great quality of life with consistent life costs. It is well known for how clean it is and it also has a highly developed and functioning public transportation system. Moreover, it has a modern healthcare system which is very good.

    This city is not lacking in fun outdoor activities to do for the whole family. The city is equipped with beautiful parks, green areas, landmarks, and rich history. Everyone can find something interesting to do in this beautiful city. If you plan on long distance moving to this city consider hiring long distance movers CA. They will make your long distance move smoother. You will definitely not regret getting professional help.


    Oshawa is located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario with a population of around 150,000 people. This is a great place for anyone who is looking for a modern city with not such a dense population as larger cities. The city itself has a wonderful landscape and its inhabitants are well known around the world for their welcoming attitude both to newcomers and tourists. Therefore blending in after the move will not be difficult.

    Moreover, it is also a very safe city. Therefore, if you plan on having a family or you already have one. Moving to Oshawa will be a safe option, the city has a great public school education system and wonderful parks to spend your weekends together with the whole family. If this is your option the next step you have to do is to hire a residential movers CA and enjoy the start of your new life in Oshawa.

    A dog in the street
    If you like the way of life in the suburbs Oshawa is the city for you.


    Windsor is a city in southwestern Ontario on the banks of the Detroit River. It lies directly across from the city of Detroit in Michigan. The population of the city is around 230,000. Being so close to The United States of America makes this city a desirable place to live. For example, if you live in the downtown area of Windsor you could drive to the USA in approximately 10 minutes.

    Even though it is a small city compared to others on the list. Living in a city that borders the USA you can find a lot of job opportunities. Moreover, you can even travel to work in Detroit and live in Windsor. This is great because the cost of living in Windsor is much cheaper while Detroit’s average annual salary is around 60,000 dollars while the average in Windsor is 40,000 dollars.

    Fastest growing cities in Ontario – Summary

    Reading the list of these fastest growing cities in Ontario can be overwhelming. Due to a lot of information about the cities. Deciding on which city you will move to can be a hard decision. If there is something that sparked your interest in one of these on the list. Your next move is to check the city’s official website for more detailed information. When you do decide make sure to hire a professional moving company with a long history and satisfied customers like Number 1 Movers. Best of luck with your move!