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The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Canada

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Moving is a new and exciting chapter in one’s life. And when you are moving with your little furry friend, you want your new home to be welcoming for him too. Canada is famous for fascinating nature, cold weather and warm people. People are that friend that you really shouldn’t doubt that place you are moving to is pet-friendly. But just to be on a safe side, let’s see which are the most dog-friendly cities in Canada.

Modern in Montreal

Montreal is definitely Canada’s cultural capital and certainly deserves its high position on this list. This city is known for its amazing gastronomy, exciting festivals, and its friendly attitude towards our four-leg companions. Most noteworthy, there are some beautiful places to walk your dog, including Parc Lafontaine and the Lachine Canal. Mount Royal is also a popular spot for dog walkers, although you will need to keep your buddy on a leash all the time. There is even Montreal Dog Blog that keeps local dog owners up to date on the latest pet events in the city. You can write a review yourself and hear some useful advice and interesting opinion pieces from other pet owners. Due to all these amazing parks and events, Montreal is definitely one of the most dog-friendly cities in Canada.

Dog on the mountain in one of the dog-Friendly Cities in Canada
Kelowna offers many places where your buddy can run and play of the lash.

Of the leash in Kelowna

The privilege of being one of the most dog-friendly cities in Canada goes to Kelowna, BC. This amazing city sits on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake. This is really not a surprise since this lovely city combines the best of two different worlds. It has all the attractions of an urban center, with an iconic scenery of nature at its doorstep. This includes beautiful pine forests, lakes, and sandy beaches. One of its biggest advantages is probably the best air quality out of all the Canadian cities. What your furry buddies will adore is that Kelowna has a great number of parks where he can run and play free of the leash.

If you search online, you will even find a nice brochure, complete with maps, and available to download on the city website. Both residents and their little companions can enjoy the rich and active outdoor lifestyle. Despite the cold climate, your dog will never get bored here.

Festive in Toronto

Besides the fact it is Canada’s largest city, Toronto is also home to some of many dedicated dog owners. The city is filled with forested walking routes for you and your buddy, lovely dog-friendly shops, and designated dog parks. It has around 60 parks and green spaces with off-leash areas for them. You think it can’t be better than that? Well, it can actually! There are many beautiful beaches dedicated entirely to our furry friends. Toronto is full of clean, well-maintained, and enjoyable spots your dog will truly enjoy. Famous Cherry Beach is one of the largest off-leash areas, with 11 acres of land for you and your dogs to enjoy. Additionally, it has stunning architecture, busy nightlife, and great job opportunities. Therefore, chances are that you will both enjoy living here.

Toronto is one big-heart city that definitely a city that loves its dogs. Have you ever thought of why there are no festivals and parties for our little companions? That is really such a shame. Except that there is a festival for dogs, and it takes place right here in Toronto. It’s called Woofstock, and yes, it is a Woodstock for dogs! It is a bi-annual festival, that gives local pets the opportunity to experience a real festive spirit. This is the largest outdoor doggy event in North America and it attracts tens of thousands of dogs and owners each year.

Dog covered in snow
Our four-legged friends enjoy playing outdoors, especially in snow

Vibrant in Victoria

Victoria is British Columbia’s capital city and home to Pacific Oceanfront communities. It is full of amazing nature, forests, sandy beaches, and wildlife. It a perfect place for a dog to grow up and live. Hence, no wonder it is in the top of our list of the most dog-friendly cities in Canada. It has a great number of pet-friendly restaurants, shops, and accommodation.

And apparently, veterinarians think it’s a great place to put down roots too because there are many of them available here. You won’t have to worry about your dog’s health, there will be always plenty of experts to help him out. With an eight-month frost-free season, plenty of dog-friendly spaces to run and play, and vibrant downtown, this historic city is a wonderful place for you and your furry companion. Interestingly, due to all these amenities, Victoria is also one of the best cities for millennials in Canada.

Go green in Ottawa

You should be aware that moving with your dog requires some extra paperwork. The best way to be prepared is to consult both your veterinarian and Dundas moversStart collecting documents on time and talk with your movers about the safest and most comfortable way to move with your pet. And while still choosing your new home, you should definitely consider Ottawa. This city really has some great dog-friendly amenities. It is home to lots of dog-friendly businesses including pet sitters, pet photographers, and even cleaners who specialize in cleaning up dog mess. But most importantly, Ottawa is the city with the highest number of green spaces. this means plenty of space to exercise your four-legged friends. One of the most popular spots for dogs is definitely Bruce Pit. Bruce Pit is a gigantic dog park with plenty of lovely forest trails for your dog to run through and play freely.

Dog on the beach
Victoria and Toronto offer your dog the opportunity to enjoy the beach

Healthy in Guelph

First of all, the University of Guelph is home to Ontario Veterinary College. Therefore, it makes perfect sense why this small city is one of the best student cities in Canada and home to many happy dogs. This place is amazing for them, especially when it comes to your dog health care. When living in Guelph, you will never have to worry about your dog getting sick and not having someone to help and take care of him. Furthermore, this small town has plenty of great trails, and more than enough open spaces and parks for your dog to run and play freely.

The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Canada are waiting for you

Hopefully, our suggestions will help you determine a new location for you and your four-legged roommate. Reliable Oakville movers will help you with all regulations and technical matters regarding your move. And you can focus on your dog and his adjusting to a new environment. He will be probably a bit confused in the beginning and that is perfectly normal. But at the end of the day, he just wants to be with you, because you are his home. Dog-friendly cities in Canada are waiting for you, so good luck!