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The Best Canadian Cities for Millennials

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Canadian flag in the wind

Did you know that Canada is on the top of the list as a millennial’s country of choice? Canada is very diverse hence, everyone can find a city that suits them the most. If you are looking to move to Canada as a millennial, the first thing you should do is: research the cities and find a reliable moving company. Number 1 Movers can handle your move since they are an experienced company that is familiar with all the Canadian cities. On the other hand, to help you with your research we have made a list of the best Canadian cities for millennials, so keep on reading.

A Canadian flag.
Canada has many cities that millennials choose to live in.

Toronto is undoubtedly one of the best Canadian cities for millennials

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is the economic capital of Canada and the center of the intellectual and cultural life of English-speaking Canada. For those moving their family home to Toronto, you should know that the city is quite expensive. However, there are many job opportunities. There is a high demand for employees in the tech industry who can assist in designing websites, improving software, and building apps. Moreover, healthcare jobs are always in high demand, especially since Covid. While the majority of jobs require a degree there are many opportunities in Toronto for candidates that didn’t go to college. Moreover, wages are generally higher than in other cities. Thanks to safety, cleanliness, and higher wages, this city is one of the preferred choices of millennials.

Toronto is also a city with many students and young people starting their careers. Therefore, it’s full of bars to go out and have a good evening. There are many shows: musicals, theater, dances, and opera. It is also a city where the sport and culture of hockey, basketball, baseball, and football are very present. There are plenty of sports activities that you can do in Toronto, especially in the summer. Go for a boat ride, canoe, or bike ride in the parks that you can find all across the city. Or simply go to the beach and play volleyball. With many different choices of activities, you can never get bored. Don’t let the big city scare you from moving here. People are welcoming and diversity is celebrated.

The aerial view of commercial buildings of the best Canadian city for millennials, Toronto,
Toronto has many job opportunities for millennials and the wages are in of the highest in the country.

Neighborhoods in Toronto have everything you need and more

Like in most cities in Canada Toronto has many different neighborhoods. Whether you are single and looking for some fun or family-oriented and looking for a quiet place to raise your kids you will be able to find the perfect place for you. Once you decide which place is the one that suits you the most you only have to call movers Toronto and they will take care of everything.

A fun fact about Toronto is that most of the time you don’t have to go to your office without going outside. For example, if you live in Yonge & Eglinton, which is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals, there is a high chance that your residential building is connected to the subway by giant undergrounds. Not only it’s connected to the subway but also to shopping centers, 24-hour supermarkets, sports center cinemas, etc. Everything is arranged to make your life easier. Toronto is a perfect millennial city. 

Hamilton – the city of waterfalls

Also known as a City of Waterfalls it is currently the 8th largest city in Canada.  The city of Hamilton has the best location. The city of Hamilton is located in the province of Ontario. It is only a short drive from Niagara Falls. Moreover, it’s only over an hour’s drive away from Toronto and Buffalo, NY.  Furthermore, an interesting fact about Hamilton is that it has more space than people. Also, it has lower rent prices compared to Toronto. Also, this is a safe city which makes it great to raise kids.

The city is made of several neighborhoods and every one of them has its style. The downtown is mostly composed of businesses and corporate buildings. If you go out of the business district you will find yourself in the charming residential neighborhood. It doesn’t matter in which neighborhood you choose to live you will have a huge choice of restaurants shops, and cafes. Hamilton is a fantastic choice for millennials who are looking for a city that has:

  • culture and history
  • outdoor adventures
  • variety of shops and restaurants
a waterfall
Hamilton is also known as the City of Waterfalls.

Hamilton has the best of both worlds- nature, and city

For millennials that love spending time in nature all year round, there is no better place than Hamilton. You get the best of both worlds, city vibes and nature. Green spaces are everywhere in Hamilton. If you want to relax, visit one of the 65 waterfalls within the city limits. Then, explore the walking trails overlooking the city along the Niagara Escarpment. 

When you move here you can take part in the Niagara Wine Festival, which takes place in September each year. During the summer you could take a tour of the Shaw Festival. It is dedicated to the presentation of works by George Bernard Shaw and his contemporary playwrights. It is almost impossible not to find one that you will like in this region. This is all thanks to the large number of activities offered in and around the city (less than half an hour by car).

The aerial view of on of the best Canadian cities for millennials.
Hamilton has the best of both worlds- nature and the city.

Job opportunities are endless in the city of Hamilton

Moreover, the city of Hamilton has a very diverse economy, so you can be sure to find many job opportunities when you move here. Hamilton is today one of the main industrial centers of Canada. Its steel industry, which began in the 1850s, is the largest in Canada and produces the largest share of the country’s steel. Other sectors of activity include the manufacture of railway equipment, clothing, household appliances, and turbines, parts for motor vehicles, cables, nails, and confectionery. Also, McMaster University has many teaching and research programs positions to offer. Besides, the faculty of medicine is second on the list of Canada’s top 40 research hospitals. Hamilton is also a notable financial center. If you are looking to progress in your work field you will definitely be able to do it here in Hamilton.

These are all the reasons why Hamilton is one of the best Canadian cities for millennials. Whether you are moving here for a job or to start a family you will love it. There are many opportunities to grow as a person and carrier wise. Hamilton has everything you need and more. Hamilton movers are great and one of the best in their field. Whatever kind of move you need they will be able to execute it.

QUEBEC CITY- voted for one of the best Canadian cities for millennials 

According to the real estate portal, Point2 Homes Quebec City has been voted as the best city in 2021 for millennials. One of the reasons why millennials have a soft spot for Quebec City is because it has never lost its luster, despite the frantic urbanization that it has experienced throughout the twentieth century. There are six boroughs in Quebec City, and these six boroughs are themselves made up of 36 neighborhoods. Each borough has its history, character, and demographic profile. Therefore you can be sure that you will find a place that reflects the most your character. Once you find the perfect neighborhood for you, with good company you will be moving to Quebec City trouble-free in no time.

Quebec is one of the best Canadian cities for millennials.
The quality of life is what makes Quebec one of the best Canadian cities for millennials.

Quality of life is what makes Quebec one of the best Canadian cities for millennials

If you ask Quebec movers, what makes Quebec attractive to live in they will all tell you it’s because of the quality of life. There is a very low crime rate. The most common crimes are burglary and bicycle theft. Furthermore, in the city of Quebec, individual freedoms are important and laws and society alike condemn all forms of discrimination based on gender, race, religion, appearance, etc. Therefore, some like to call it the land of political correctness! Volunteering, mutual aid, a warm and spontaneous attitude are very widespread values.

But, before thinking about the quality of life, for some, it is necessary to think about health. Well, you should know that health care is generally accessible and affordable in Quebec. Furthermore, access to free, quality education for all and the high standard of universities attract many millennials to Quebec.


For millennials that love nature Ottawa is a great place to move to. If you are planning to move to the Ottawa area you need movers Ottawa. They know the area the best which will make your move way faster and simpler. The capital of Canada is the fourth largest metropolis in the country with more than 800,000 inhabitants. But Ottawa is nothing like any other capital city. It looks more like a good provincial town, slightly asleep, calm, and peaceful. We are far here from the swarming frenzy of large urban agglomerations.

Ottawa canal
Ottawa is perfect for the millennials that love nature.

Millennials who love nature love living in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa is surrounded by forests and nature. However, its green city aspect also comes from its internal organization: many trees, large spaces, and many green spaces. Ottawa wouldn’t be what it is without the illustrious Rideau Canal. This canal, built from scratch to link the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River, is indeed an essential relief, used in all seasons for leisure activities: cycling, jogging, or walking on the banks of the canal in the spring, in summer, and fall, ice skating in winter. During the cold period, Ottawa turns white and icy and the canal turns into a massive ice rink. 

In the summer you can spend time on the beaches that have been set up next to Dow Lake which is located in the town center. These are ideal for picnics, but also paddling, sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball, etc. Besides nature, another reason why millennials love Ottawa is its affordable housing. This is the main reason why many businesses have relocated to Ottawa, the office space is way cheaper than in the bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Furthermore, another thing that attracts millennials to this city is the fact that Ottawa has the best-performing labor market in the country.

Take your time to pick the city that suits you the most

The cities listed above are just some of the best Canadian cities for millennials. We all have different needs and expectations when it comes to deciding what the best means for us. However, Canada in general is a great place to live as a millennial. The best part of it is that you don’t have to choose nature over the city, since all of the cities listed have both. Whether it’s for a job opportunity or just a change of scenery, moving to a new location requires preparation and minimal logistics.

Once you have found your future home, you will then need to determine whether you are going to move on your own, or with a company specializing in moving. While the first two options usually save you money on costs, choosing a professional moving company for residential moving ensures that your belongings are safe from damage. Having good company to help you move to one of these Canadian cities will make your move a breeze. Also, you will have more time to explore the city that you want to move to.