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Best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals

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    Toronto is one of the best cities for young professionals, a city of many opportunities. If you are a carrier-driven person then Toronto is definitely for you! No matter where you are moving you want to have a good moving company in charge of your relocation. Since you are moving to Toronto get movers that know the area well. Movers Toronto, know every street and corner by heart. They will relocate your stuff in no time. But before you move you must choose the right neighborhood that reflects your personality. In Toronto, you get the best of worlds, great nightclubs, and great job opportunities. But what are the best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals? Keep on reading to find out!

    sky view of Toronto
    If you choose the neighborhood according to your personality you can never go wrong.

    What kind of neighborhood are you looking for?

    You got your moving estimate, and now you need to choose accommodation. Moreover, since you have never lived in the city of Toronto, you have no idea where exactly you would like to live. How to choose your neighborhood? Several solutions are available to you. If you have time, take a tour of the city over the weekend, a day or more, depending on the distance. Furthermore, this is the perfect way to find out which part of the town is the most suitable for you. Also, if you have to be in Toronto for your job interview in the future firm use this time for spotting cool neighborhoods.

    The easiest way is to ask residents: what are the shopping districts? Hip and fun districts? Residential districts? Moreover, identify the criteria that are important to you and ask the appropriate questions. However, if you don’t know anyone who lives there, you can ask your acquaintances to put you in touch with their friends who live there. In addition, this will allow you to start building a network on the spot. Furthermore, make sure to have enough time to hire residential movers that can conduct your relocation on the date that suits you the best. However, if you are not able to go to Toronto and see for yourself here are some of the best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals:

    • Yonge and Eglinton
    • Distillery District
    • Liberty Village
    • Fashion District
    • Harbourfront
    • The Junction
    • Yorkville
    • Financial District

    Some of the Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals

    Yonge and Eglinton

    The nickname of this neighborhood says it all: Young and eligible. Also, if you don’t want to commit to a bigger place then Yonge and Eglinton is perfect for you. Here you will find a lot of apartment buildings and condos for rent. There are many bars and restaurants in this area and you are only twenty minutes away from the Union station. This trendy has everything a young person needs. Moreover, there is Eglinton Park nearby with tennis courts, sporting fields, a playground, and an ice rink in the winter.

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    If you love going out you will love Entertainment District.

    Distillery District

    This historical district located east of downtown used to be a whiskey distillery. Since then, it has totally transformed. Now, this is a residential and commercial area. Besides, it has numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants. There is always something happening. If you like festivals you will love Distillery District.

    Liberty Village

    Liberty Village is filled with youthful energy. Production facilities, tech firms, and many agencies are operating in Liberty Village. This is THE neighborhood for young professionals. It’s a perfect mix of fun and work. Furthermore, the non-other neighborhood is as close to the grocery and entertainment options as Liberty Village. And if you are into fitness there are plenty of gyms and fitness studios to choose from.


    Even though it’s known as the top destination for families, this is a great place for young people also. This hipster area has many businesses located there. Moreover, there is a Beer Fest in the summer and many other block-party events. It’s located between the beaches and the downtown which makes it a perfect place for those who prefer peaceful places.

    Fashion District

    For fashion addicts will adore this place, perfect for a creative person. You can still find some wholesale shops in which you can find clothes and shoes at a discounted price. Moreover, there are many local designers and fabric shops. In addition, close to this neighborhood, there is Entertainment District filled with clubs, art studios, galleries, and tech offices.

    Harbourfront is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals.
    The beautiful view of Lake Ontario is one of the perks of living in Toronto’s Harbourfront.

    Toronto’s Harbourfront

    Whit a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and many parks, what could you ask for more? If you want more of a calmer neighborhood, Harbourfront is the one. Moreover, with many parks, you have the opportunity to spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities. Also, one park that you are most likely to love is HTO Park, an urban beach created in 2007.

    The Junction

    For those who are into festivals this part of Toronto is no secret. However, for those who are not familiar with Junction, you should know there are two festivals in the summer: The Junction music festival and Summer Solstice Festival. Additionally, the prices of the apartments are pretty affordable compared to the rest of the neighborhoods we listed.


    Perfect for a bougie person! If you love spending money this is a place for you to call home. Amazing stores, restaurants, and bars for you to choose from. Moreover, if you have a job downtown this is the perfect location.

    Toronto’s Financial District

    Let’s not forget the Financial District! This is the place where every work-driven person looking to succeed wants to live, office movers Toronto can attest to that. Financial District is a fast-paced environment with many job opportunities. Furthermore, Financial District is home to many corporate, stockbroker, and accounting firms.

    Take your time to decide which one reflects best your personality. You have a big choice of Toronto neighborhoods for young professionals. Like in any city you will need some time to adjust, which is normal. In fact, even the smallest relocations are hard. Moreover, the biggest piece of advice someone can give you is to choose wisely your neighborhood and your moving company.